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  1. Bozanic had only player around about 30 minutes for us before the deadlines for player attribute was getting locked so he's pretty much exactly as he arrived in my file, as with everyone else he'll be looked at for next update. Vanecek is the same I've not seen him yet so his contract would have been sorted at the other end I'm guessing. I queried Berra's injury and didn't include it originally not sure if it was added in by head researcher I'm not sure how this works in the game as Murphy from Rangers has his included.
  2. Good spot with the surface, I'd forgot to add that in. Thanks. Rankin is currently with Clyde as a player and can't have cross clubs duel role so that can't be added just now. The training camp isn't set it must just be randomised at the start of the game..I've seen us go to Spain and Nothern Ireland aswell.
  3. I'm a researcher for a club and have been testing the BETA last few weeks will I be able to proceed with that BETA or wait for my free copy from FM to start a proper game?
  4. It would be nice if like when you hover over a teams WDL on the stat page you see who they've had wins losses etc against if you could hover on the goal scorer and see who he scored against
  5. My under 20s have just entered the world youth tournament, first time I've seen this anyone care to give me the run down on how I've got into it?
  6. I'm useless I've downloaded helvetica and it's not got the in match reveal so I've located the panel bit and I can't find the correct bit to edit to fix it, there is a bit with id rodu but it's not a debug thing I removed it and it's done nothing. Does the latest Helvetica have the reveal?
  7. Ah see i've no idea about skinning or how to edit the files where's best to get some help before I try. It's all nonsense to me. I can find the file but I've no idea what to open it with to edit it.
  8. I had a look at Vitex and it wasn't there, do I have to edit it myself?
  9. I was hoping to buy my better half a cheeky FM widow T-Shirt or something similar for her Christmas, has anyone seen anything like that or similar?
  10. Been trying all morning to get FC Santa Claus into the Finnish first division with no luck so far, the reset date for Finland is the 25th of November.
  11. Was there once a challenge were you took over a big team with a minnow nationality and tried to win the world cup with players who'd came through you're youths?
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