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  1. Thanks for the Leishman update I've struggled to find much info on him, Williams had been added. Park I've left for now and I'll wait and see what happens with new manager and Rankin I can't add due to his role at Clyde but he's not played so far this season there so hopefully come Jan I'll be able to add him. Baur is in a different club file but should be sorted along with Stone and King, I seen Petkov 3/4 weeks ago v Raith and he played centre mid so I'll leave him as he is he's pretty comfortable cb dmc or cm. I've spoke with Logan and I've added Hearts to his profile and hope Cowdenbeath can look at Hamilton's profile for me. Sean Docherty is in the Hearts file so if he's old enough he'll be in the squad. Thanks for the other youth/reserve back room staff I'll see what I can do for update. The reserves and under 18s being able to go on loan and still play in our teams makes it difficult to manage in FM. Can't see how the game could make this realistic.
  2. Thanks I assumed that was the problem and changed the dates on it.
  3. This may be a bug s It's not what I'm looking at in my file. It could possibly be I need to set it yearly and let it auto renew every year so the 1.4 million comes in annually.
  4. Also for the FOH payments I've got it set at auto renew so it should just keep going not sure what you've seen in the game, also for the surface I can't see that in my file so could be something for Stuart Milne?
  5. I was pretty happy with Hickey for now and planned to re assess him for Jan update as he’s only played a handful of games and with our defensive injuries it’s not clear if he’ll play in front of White and Garuccio when they become fit and Smith returns to right back. His PA is good so should develop nicely. Clare is around our 11th 12th best player in the game so I feel that’s about right and have decrease his bravery and work rate since the beta. Bozanic looks fine to me I don’t see him as a ball winning midfielder he’s all a bit of nothing tbh. Since I last had the file I’ve increased Smith a little decrease Berra and MacLean and changed a couple of things for Periera and Meshino.
  6. So 3 DOB online for Henderson 20th 26th and 29th Hearts website says 29th but has Aaron Darge listed as 26th April when I've had a twitter chat with him and he said he was born 23rd April so Website does seem to be a bit all over the place. I also had a conversation with Strang and he told me he was 11/11 and I've listed him as 1/11 so my fault there. I have requested Kavanagh but he's not arrived in my file as of yet hope him and Nwanze can be transferred over from Irish clubs they were at. Uche should be about 15 stone reckon I've missed this when he's arrived in my file start of last season thanks for pointing it out. Rankin I've highlighted but he can't have a duel role so he's stuck at Clyde for the time being Clevid and Naysmith I'll check that might not be till I get the file back for Jan update. I'm expecting a bit of a clear out now Levein has gone and a new manager may want a few faces in, How do you feel the squad attributes are?
  7. Thanks for that, not had a chance today to get in and look at Those contracts but sure you’re right. Same goes for DOB I spoke to those players so should have put the date in correctly again I’ll double check today. Leroy told me himself that’s where he’s born so that’s correct. Halkett at 6 foot 6 is a mistake I’ve missed from his Livi file sorry about that.
  8. I'm a researcher for a club and have been testing the BETA last few weeks will I be able to proceed with that BETA or wait for my free copy from FM to start a proper game?
  9. It would be nice if like when you hover over a teams WDL on the stat page you see who they've had wins losses etc against if you could hover on the goal scorer and see who he scored against
  10. My under 20s have just entered the world youth tournament, first time I've seen this anyone care to give me the run down on how I've got into it?
  11. I'm useless I've downloaded helvetica and it's not got the in match reveal so I've located the panel bit and I can't find the correct bit to edit to fix it, there is a bit with id rodu but it's not a debug thing I removed it and it's done nothing. Does the latest Helvetica have the reveal?
  12. Ah see i've no idea about skinning or how to edit the files where's best to get some help before I try. It's all nonsense to me. I can find the file but I've no idea what to open it with to edit it.
  13. I had a look at Vitex and it wasn't there, do I have to edit it myself?
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