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  1. Thanks, I removed him in the summer as he hadn't been mentioned anywhere. I've heard he's working part time with youngsters but not had an age group confirmed.
  2. Has this been reported or commented on anywhere? I've just encountered it in my 2nd season.
  3. I wouldn't say he's doomed to fail as every test I've ran he's won the championship and then done ok in premier league. I do however agree he's not a park the bus manager. This isn't something I set but will be an accumulation of his attributes and tendencies on first look I can't see how he's ended up as park the bus but I'll speak to the rest of the Scottish team and see what can be changed.
  4. Thanks for the comments, I've had a look at what's happened with some of the squad numbers and it appears when I've been changing Ginnely's I've set his Preston number to 30 and not ours this may have caused Wighton's to be wrong. Ross Stewart is set as 13 and yeh I noticed a few younger players had different squad numbers from last year against East Fife but i'll get that looked at for Jan update. Kits are signed off by SPFL so i'll ask and see what can be done for away keepers top.
  5. I can remember meaning to add this when he filled in under Stendel. We were short of a ball winner in there with Haring goosed and the whelan debacle , Clare was also flying at rb if I remember correctly. Can't see him being used this season in there but as he is with LB I'll get him competent when possible..cheers.
  6. Decent point to raise. I'm unsure when this would have been added he wore it at Kilmarnock then Norwich guessing it was Norwich and I've never picked up on it. His birthday is the 14th of September so may have came from that.
  7. Just a little heads up anyone looking at the Hearts squad/data...Zaliukas has been made a fav person. Some of the backroom staff have moved on Lombard, Brenkel and Berry off the top of my head they have been removed and their replacements added. I missed the cut of for this data but it should make it for the proper release date. Liam McFarlane and Bailey Dall are the same as above both should feature in the youth squad come the 24th.
  8. I'm a researcher for a club and have been testing the BETA last few weeks will I be able to proceed with that BETA or wait for my free copy from FM to start a proper game?
  9. http://www.very.co.uk/msi-nightblade-b85-intelreg-coretrade-i7-processor-16gb-ram-2tb-hard-drive-256gb-ssd-desktop-base-unit-with-4gb-dedicated-graphics-pre-over-clocked-blackred/1458206577.prd Only a 350w power supply how much will this affect the PC and is it easy to upgrade?
  10. Is there a thread like this for Desktops? If so i'll move this there. needing a desktop and I've got a budget of around 700 but could stretch it if it's not enough as I'm out of touch with what specs are needed and worth buying these days. http://www.ebuyer.com/666513-yoyotech-nine-i3-gaming-pc-eb1014-ninei3 http://www.ebuyer.com/666515-yoyotech-nine-i5-gaming-pc-eb1014-ninei5 http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/gaming-pcs/lenovo-erazer-x310-gaming-pc-10108863-pdt.html#cat-0 These decent?
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