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  1. I know it's not on the recommended tablet list but I was wondering whether fm touch 17 would work on an iPad 2 with ios10 installed? i don't have any of the recommended tablets and would be gutted if I can't play this years game, I don't really enjoy the mobile game. would appreciate any opinion/feedback on this ps sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. Cheers
  2. Now that they have a "highlights package" in the new FM (from what I've read, haven't actually purchased the game yet), surely this would be a perfect time to re-introduce the audio commentary?!
  3. I don't know how to upload a screenshot from my iPad but basically this is my formation; ---------------------GK(d)----------------------- WB(s)------CD(x)---------CD(d)---------IWB(s) --------------BWM(s)------CM(d)--------------- RMD(a)-------------SS(a)----------------RMD(a) ---------------------DLF(s)---------------------- I've not had any problems with the two issues you have mentioned. The main issue I seem to have is that the support striker has been much less effective since I have changed my top striker to a DLF as opposed to a AF. I need to look into this more thoroughly as the tips in the game suggest a SS works better with a DLF, which seems logical to me as you would expect the SS to move into the gaps created by the DLF coming deep. However it may be that last season my AF was stretching teams with pace and giving my SS more freedom "in the hole"? Worth also noting that my two central midfielders (Matuidi and Bender) are very strong and have excellent tackling and work rate attributes. I think that's important when playing with RMD's as they need to cover a lot of ground to make up for the lack of defensive responsibility of the players in front of them.
  4. Also had a nice 4-1 win over Bayern Munich in the league, with Oxlade Chamberlain scoring a hat trick
  5. I haven't had a chance to play much lately but I have played 7 games with the two RMD's and I have won 5 of them, drawing 3-3 away to Man City in the CL and losing 3-1 to Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. Converting Costa to a deep lying forward role has improved his game considerably, he's scored in 6 of the last 7 games and his hold up play has been excellent, allowing the two RMD's and support striker to find space around him. I also gave my two full backs more cautious roles and one of my midfielders (Matuidi) I have changed from a CM(s) to a BWM(s). My other centre mid, Bender, is my holding midfielder CM(D). I have actually conceded less goals playing with the two RMD's than I did before; so far it definitely looks like it can work.
  6. The only player I ever remember buying who did step overs constantly on Football manager is Javier Pastore, can't remember which version of the game it was but I think it was about 5/6 years ago, he was absolutely unstoppable.
  7. Surely they're not expecting existing owners of FM15 on other devices to fork out another £15?! Good news for future versions of the game though...
  8. So just to confirm, this tactic is working well despite the fact the opposition forward keep going clear towards your goal with no opposition defenders near them and not being caught offside? How are you not shipping 20 goals per game?
  9. CHanging Benteke's role to target man will result in your team automatically playing more directly up to him.
  10. Yeah that's what I was getting at really. This is the tactic he is using http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/412697-Mr-Hough-FM15-Tactic-Thread. some of the results people are getting with it are ridiculous. The reason I'm just pointing this out is that some people (myself included) don't use the plug and play tactics and read these forums wondering how people are winning the premier league with smaller clubs, it can be quite frustrating to see. But as mentioned above a lot of these tactics exploit the match engine and produce outrageous results! For me personally I don't see the fun in that, but each to their own, people can play the game however they wish!
  11. Absolutely he can play the game how he wishes, I'm just pointing out that the game is a lot harder when you don't use a pre-loaded tactic which is clearly very successful, given that he won the league with those players and Assomabalonga got over 50 goals. Also some of the average ratings are ridiculous, especially Eric Lichaj!!
  12. Could it be that you only have one attack duty in your team?
  13. This all looks very impressive apart from one thing.... You're using someone else's tactic. The game becomes a lot harder when you try to use your own tactics!
  14. Cheers.... Admins might as well close this one off!
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