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  1. I'm cloud saving already in order to continue the same game on both machines, so no issue there ... thanks for the info on longer games though, I'd genuinely never given that any thought.
  2. interesting Eugene, I'd never considered this ... does the game get 'slower' as you progress through multiple seasons then ? Due to increased numbers of players (more regens than retirements etc) ? If so I may have to stop playing on my old laptop at some point !!
  3. As many as you like, with the obvious caveat that the more you add the slower the game will process stuff ... only you can decide what you find acceptable really. I occasionally play my game on my old Core 2 Duo laptop, circa 25 leagues ... it's 'slow', but fine for me for those times I want to sit on the sofa and watch TV etc. An i5 will be significantly quicker.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised at the 'extra couple of pounds', because the difference in weight between is not even close to that ... Standard laptops do not generally weigh 4 pounds ! I say again ... if weight / thickness are the primary consideration, and money is no object. then a MacBook may well be a good choice. If you need to use specific apps that run on MacOS, then likewise. For performance / gaming / value for money, I'd personally look elsewhere.
  5. It doesn't really defy the common knowledge though does it ... only if size / weight is the most important factor can the MacBook really compete at all on price (I for one am strong enough to carry an extra half a pound or so around without issue). If you look at performance you'll find machine's for hundreds of pounds less that are at least on a par.
  6. To be fair, the OP probably assumed it was common knowledge that there were multitudes of laptops on the market that are faster and cheaper than a Mac Book Air ? if weight / battery life are important, take a look at ultrabooks ... if it's performance, well, you have literally hundreds to choose from.
  7. No, you've misunderstood how this works Eugene. The 8Gb SSD will not be utilised as a separate drive ... it will be acting as the cache for the HDD in 'hybrid' mode. Think of it as one drive, but with better performance than a single standard HDD. General system performance will be improved, disk reads / writes etc, including loading / saving FM15 (but just not as quick as a full dedicated SSD). In a situation where the main use of the laptop is to play FM15, it's likely that the game files / saves will be often be cached on the SSD, so the performance benefit should be noticeable (at leas
  8. I haven't seen the laptop in question, but I would assume that in reality the machine is using those 2 x drives in conjunction as a 'Hybrid SSD', and not as separate drives. The NAND SSD is definitely relevant, as that configuration should offer good performance in comparison to a standard single HDD.
  9. Thats all fine, opinions are opinions ... but you've made a specific claim (on multiple occasions) about constant overheating under load, that the processors will routinely underclock themselves to cool down etc, and stated it as FACT. That's what I'm specifically questioning; This is odd, as a) lower powered processors run cooler, and b) I've seen far more anecdotal evidence of faster chips overheating in laptops (as they use more power and therefore get hotter. So where is the evidence to back up the above ?
  10. Oh dear ... *ignore* This is the bit I don't get Eugene ... you say this like it's the standard operating procedure of all 'u' chips, but my understanding is that this will only happen in a situation where the build quality of the laptop is poor and sufficient CPU cooling isn't built in (machines / manufacturers that should be avoided anyway I would suggest) ? As a general rule I'd expect a low power CPU to run cooler, not hotter, no ?
  11. This again ?! That laptop will run FM15 absolutely fine from a processing perspective (3D graphics on lower settings I assume), and it's within his budget. If you think it won't, you have no idea what you're talking about and should not be giving advice in this thread I'm afraid.
  12. The Dell is currently £399, inc VAT & delivery; http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-3542-laptop/pd?oc=cn54228&model_id=inspiron-15-3542-laptop
  13. Oooh, good find ! That discount code can actually be used against any Inspiron laptop, so you can get the non-touchscreen version for £350 ... this one; http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-3542-laptop/pd?oc=cn54228&model_id=inspiron-15-3542-laptop Monty.
  14. Hmmm, steady on ... I never said it was 'the best'. And your second point actually reinforces my point ('m' is not always a better choice than 'u').
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