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  1. This is fantastic! I made my own personal one for 2015, tried to make it as close to real as possible, with the addition of a few teams. I made a couple of teams called The DMZ (De-militarised zone) and the Freedom Fighters. I also included the second division, so had a promotion/relegation system (hence why I made a couple more teams, to replace the reserve teams within the 2nd division).
  2. LOVED your 2015 one, did a fantastic world management before the game finally corrupted. Took me around the world, most successfully in Tahiti! My time in Syria however, was a disaster! Would love to see some of the Middle Eastern countries, SE Asian, Caribbean and Pacific Islands!
  3. Had one in FM2010, was a terrible player, but signed him wherever I went....Didnt even know the possibility existed at the time!
  4. Thanks Nine_Iron, thats really useful!
  5. I was aware that Crimea would mess up the European national system UNLESS another european nation was moved (asia for example). But there are people who know far more than me. It would annoy me, but the plan would be to replace a nation with very limited impact on game anyway (Andorra is in mind)
  6. So is it better just to replace an existing European Nation perhaps, to save on the hassel?
  7. New to editing so please forgive if basic question! If I am creating a new nation, and replacing CIS or Pre-1922 Ireland (I am assuming Crimea still doesnt work), does this new nation enter into World Cup/Euros, and do the clubs enter into Champs League/Europa league? Are there any other limitations? Thanks!
  8. I understand theres been issues with saving times, but its taking me literally 20/21 minutes for my current game to save. Surely thats more than most?? Cleared the cache but no help. I have a lot of leagues load, including edited ones, downloaded, and self made ones, but been similar amount of leagues the whole time, so i imagine it shouldnt really effect it... After the recent update, it dropped dramatically, but is not just ridiculously long, and sucking the enjoyment out of game. Thanks. EDIT: Last save took half an hour....
  9. Haha, yeah! I've had two tycoons ALMOST take over teams in North Korea (made my own very basic version of the league). Was dying for it to go through!
  10. Be incredible if you break the Guangzhou monopoly in China. What are the past winners looking like in China, I imagine its liike 90% Guangzhou, with Shanghai/Beijing the rest?
  11. Wow! Crazy scoring record for him. How did City get him so cheap as well?! You sticking at CSKA for now, or going to move on straight away?
  12. Very much so. I dont know if theres an option for it, but perhaps something where the teams start off fairly normal, but with a HIGH chance of being bought by Tycoons? Gives a more natural and realistic flow into Middle East? Or is it just assuming they all have rich arab owners? Either way, very interested!
  13. Was hoping to put in a couple of requests for extra leagues! Hopefully you can do them. Know you said you'd struggle with the North Korean one, but hopefully it can get done in future! Otherwise: DPR Congo; Ethiopia; Burkina Faso; Pakistan. If possible! This would be amazing, and your work has already made FM15 100x more enjoyable! Thanks
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