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  1. I think they played the same as me. A 4 3 3 with a DM. My plan B is to increase the width and increase the line of engagement. Then increase the mentality to Attacking for last 20mins.
  2. Bottom of the league...6 shots...I don't have work ball into box...what is going on!?!?!
  3. thanks for the words of encouragement...I do understand it is difficult to win the EPL but I would like to have got something by now. (Also if i was the real Chelsea boss i would have probably been sacked by now!) I think my problem is, I am not scoring as many goals as i would like and so when i do concede i find it very difficult to turn it back in my favour. And so far i am played 18 won 9 drew 9...so i am undefeated but miles away from where I should be
  4. Ugh.... Beginning to lose patience with this game, keep conceding goals from through balls. Also, what should I do when I go behind? I have tried to be patient with my formation and it doesn't seem to work. Then I go more attacking and the game just passes by.
  5. Thanks for the idea, are you getting enough goals outwith your IF? I had a 0 0 draw against Fulham there and now have drawn 6 won 6 in the league...not ideal!
  6. So now its 4 seasons without success , lost in the CL semi final to Man Utd 4-3 and finished 3rd behind Liverpool and Man Utd (again!) Continuing into 5th season and also continuing with the formation above but also created a more structured one for tough away games as per below: Standard Away formation I managed to beat Man Utd away and drew 1 1 with Spurs away as they scored a last minute equaliser. However drawing 2 2 at home to Norwich when i was 2 up with 6 mins to go was really disappointing. Also drew away to West Ham and Wolves even though I was leading in
  7. Thanks for all your feedback, I will make small tweaks for the big games, especially the TIs. Yeah usually happens to me...but i now have that problem with Man Utd as well... Man Utd have from the outside a really unbalanced players (De Jong at CB, Pogba and Bentacur as their 2 in a 4 2 3 1), have OGS still as manager...but have won more or less everything! 🤷
  8. They are home games, I do okay with those ones...this season I have lost away to Man Utd, Arsenal, Spurs, City...also to Villa and Norwich as well. Managed to scrape a draw to Liverpool is my highlight from big away games 😃🙈
  9. Thanks for the advice, I will certainly try this in any upcoming games I have. I love the game and do appreciate you can't win every game. But I do lose a lot of the big games and there is a sort of inevitability about them now. I don't think I am too far away from glory but it is sore to put so much effort in with nothing to really show for it thus far ☹️
  10. I know it is normal but winning one or two would be nice. I am thinking I need a more stable defensive formation for away games like @frukox mentioned. With the team I have I do think I should be dominating the league, especially as the majority have been here for 2 to 3 seasons. So I don't think my results are within my expectations anyway
  11. Yeah it was and I have played some good football with Silva and Fati scoring lots of goals. Unfortunately at the crunch time of the season, I lost to Spurs away ☹️ Also just got beat 3 1 away to Utd in CL away game. Season 5 I will need to find a way to win the big away games. I think I will need to create a tactic purely for those games.
  12. A quick update with the changes I have made using the feedback here. Below is the formation and probably my best 11 currently. I added Force Opposition outside as I was losing lots of goals from through balls. Overall the results have been good, couple of disappointing draws but they are tough games. Good results v Arsenal and away to Real Soceidad. Long may it continue
  13. Taking all the advice on board, I believe my tactic does not suit my players, especially in midfield. Also as Barcelona came in and offered 130m for Tonali and he made a fuss, he had to go. Therefore, I have decided to move to a 4 3 3 (my usual preference anyway!). The aim is to be solid defensively with a high press with a split block, play possession football with my WBs providing the width, movement provided by the CMat, IFsu to support the DLF. Looking at my CMsu role i have replaced Tonali with Barella (Camvinga would usually be DMd and now looking for another DM to cov
  14. Thanks for the advice, I will certainly have a look at it. @olegmelnikov hasn't been happy with Moriba but i think my stubborness has left me saying he will work at DLP! I definitely have issues with player selections as I thought Camavinga or Tonali would be suffice to cover the defensive side of the team. But I am probably wrong and now wondering if a more standard 4 3 3 would be a better shape for my preferred style.
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