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  1. I'm still looking the "right" tablet for me and i would like to hear from you guys is there significant difference on FMT19 performance between these two Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 vs ipad 2018?
  2. Any new news on this Mediapad T5 compatible with FM19 Touch version? I was thinking maybe to buy this tablet.
  3. Any news why FM18 needs over double the disk space than FM17 did (3gb vs 7gb).
  4. If i buy from steam FM16 for pc do i still get FMT16 or do i have buy FMT16 for pc instead if i would like to play it?
  5. So no one knows what's wrong with these tactics? Makes sense but it doesn't matter anymore as i got sacked before first xmas like every carreer in fm i have started.So far what i have noticed 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 tactics doesn't work in fm14 like it worked on older fm's. Anyone else finding this fm14 impossible difficult?
  6. I have started FM14 with Ebbsfleet United from England Skrill South. So far i have created three tactics as described below (4-4-2 balanced control / 4-4-2 balanced defensive / 3-4-3 very fluid attacking). I would like to have recomendations about how could i improve these tactic to use better poacher ability. So far looks like TM is the man of attack and my poacher just runs there without ball and any effect. What do you guys think my tactics? 4-4-2 balanced control Player Instructions: DCR/L - Close down more DR/L - Cross from byline MR/L - Get further forward, more direct passes, cross aim target man STCR/L - More direct passes 4-4-2 balanced defensive Player Instructions: STCR/L - Move into channels 3-4-3 very fluid attacking Player Instructions: MCR/L - More direct passes MR/L - Get further forward, more direct passes, cross aim target man STC - Hold position STR/L - Move into channels
  7. Okay so it's a bit challenge then because board only allows scoutting in same country. Must use trial offer to know players.
  8. In FM14 currently i play with North Ferriby in Skrill north and live in day 15th of january 2014. When i can start offering contract to other teams players that are contract expiring in 6 moths? If not totally wrong i remember at fm12 or fm13 i was able to offer contract other team players at 1st of january.
  9. Is the patch 14.3 release today? Rumour says it is today.
  10. But if want to assign this hire/fire DoF to someone which one these is the best to do it and why Chairman, Managing Director or Director? Does these three people have dirrefent skills and does it effect on hire/fire of DoF? Personally i thinks insane to let player to choose from three of unknown dudes to hire someone without knownin what are their skills even handle it's own job properly.
  11. Who should i choose to hire/fire director of football? There's four people to choose from: A) Manager, me my self i know nothing what are the main things to look for so not an option B) Chairman, which skills i don't know and isn't visible C) Managing Director, which skills i don't know and isn't visible D) Director, which skills i don't know and isn't visible Help me
  12. Two questions: 1) How is the scouting reinvented? 2) How is the training reinvented?
  13. Currently i have computer: intel i5-760 2,8GHz, 8gt ddr3 1333MHz, sata2-WD7200rpm HDD and radeonHD 6850. I've been thinking to update this computer to something that uses i7-3770K and has sata3-SSD. Which of these would make biggest difference to the use speed of FM12 or does this make any sense to update computer?
  14. What that actually really means and are there really any change i should see? Wage budget total is still the same as before this and number coaches is still the same as before.
  15. One question to lnc-file can i change safely these to UEFA Europa League so they would be like this or will my saved just going to crash? -->
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