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  1. I'm asking to football manager director, executive, administrator, manager... this image looks normal? I think not, but you think "yes, it's". You tried for 3 or 4 years for this property, for 3d but this is disgrace. There are a lot of mistakes in the game but you tried for it, for this disgrace. and we are plays fm with a lot of bugs. why? 3d because... ALWAYS 3D! Congratulations Sigames, Keep it up! impossible is nothing! Good luck!
  2. I think SI will be improve the sounds in fm for next time. Maybe generally plays with listen music or watch TV in game, but if, improve the sounds, they will plays fm with sound in my opinion.
  3. Guys, I know how can i off sound and i already plays quiet fm but I thought and "why don't improve the sound?" and wrote here. maybe moderators will consider it i thought.
  4. Why? I don't want play fm with playlist or other. I want play fm with supporter atmosphere and this is my right. I give money to football manager and I want to improve this game.
  5. Hi Football Manager community, I've been a new member here for this thread. And I have a question to football manager moderator. Do you think the change football manager sound? If you will the change it, fm players will be happy i think. Because this is the same for years and boring. You can change it for the diversity and atmosphere. I hope it. Thanks.
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