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    Playing for years and lost girlfriends because of this drug!

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  1. Are you married? If so, how much do you value your marriage? Wives and girlfriends have both come and gone but FM stays with us !
  2. It's great to see isn't it. I am amazed too
  3. Fantastic! I will come to you for help and advice on tactics and players just like younger managers do with SAF Keep going mate..
  4. You know, I am actually quite pleased and surprised to see people aged between 17 and 68 playing the game. I honestly expected ages of 10 - 25 or something. I am 39 been playing footie games since Tracksuit Manager I think, I remember playing Peter Beardsleys Football too and Footballer of the Year! I think my first taste to this series was Championship Manager, then Championship Manager 97/98. It's nice to know that I am joined by fellow 30 and 40 plus members
  5. That is a great question: I have played FM drunk on plenty occasions and woke up the next day and can't remember signing/selling players etc and my teams usually struggle after a few beers. It's good fun though
  6. I am working, watching TV, playing the game and on here..........all at the same time :o Dunno how. But it's really pleasing to know that there is no age limit and we are big kids really.
  7. Multi tasking whilst playing FM? OMG....I couldn't do that
  8. Love it...some blasts from the past there. Tracksuit Manager was quality and the first half decent game at the time
  9. Wow, you have lost a wife! I have lost a girlfriend over this game. Going back a few years and playing Championship Manager 98 I was always late for our dates, because I played just one more game!!! (that famous saying hey!)
  10. Happy days everyone...I no longer feel guilty about spending hours, days and weeks. Off to Steam I go...
  11. You have a few years left then So you started back in the day, did you ever play Tracksuit Manager too??
  12. Guys I've been playing the game for many years now and sometimes I wonder how much of my life FM has taken up! How old are you and how long have you been playing for? What age do you reckon you should stop??? Not saying that I am an OAP, far from it but just wondering to I hang my boots up or carry on for a couple of seasons! Rgs.S
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