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  1. I think it would be great to have the option to have recurring regen players. All too often, I spend 10+ seasons in a save, to then try my hand on another challenge. However, all that work learning the regens on that save has gone to waste. It would be a good option when starting a game to decide if you want to use the same regen players every save- a reward for playing long enough to know who comes good. Obviously some people love the unexpected nature of the youth intakes, but it'd be great to have the option (so I could always have Kevin Coleman or Facundo Illa...).
  2. I dream of a full game like this. Bigger than the Football Chairman app, and run in a similar fashion to FM. It would be a lot of fun.
  3. Inplay team talks are ok, but they're a little limited. It would be great to have reaction buttons on the side/top/bottom to instantly react. It could be easily focused at specific players or the whole team e.g. -Goal scored: Great finish/Let's get another/Don't lose your heads. -Goal conceded: Keep your chins up /Focus!/ What was that?! / That's your fault (select player) -Good passage of play: Great pass!/Stop messing about/ Get the ball to (player) Tonnes of others you could do, all as a simple shortcut to affect the player's morale and mentality.
  4. I wouldn't mind as side portion of the game that includes private life matters like this. Maybe i want to invest in property, and it all goes t*ts up. The press get wind of it, and start focusing on that in media confrences... Would rather they spent time on fixing more important bits though, that's a BIG expansion.
  5. because that's how the board had apportioned it. We've got £1.1bn in the bank, so a board request to invest in the feeder club, or to pay for away fans tickets after a big loss, has a whole host of benefits and are potentially real lift replications.
  6. Right click - drag. I miss this. It was so much simple, and an easy view to see mentalities and directions of play.
  7. I've got a shed load of cash in my transfer budget. Wouldn't it be useful to have the option to ask the board to spend some of the money -upgrading feeder club facilities, like training or youth recruitment. This way your players get better training when on loan, or you get better youth prospects coming through. -providing a better matchday experience for the fans -supporting a local charity (improve public perception etc)
  8. This used to be an option, but it's bugged out on the most recent version for me. We once had the option of things like 'start counter attack with long throws'.
  9. Absolutely THIS. I buy a lot of Argentinians who only need 2 years in Spain. Trying to specifically loan out to that country becomes a pain.
  10. I think there's an opportunity for a wider range of staff to employ. It's great we now have sports scientists and data analysts (though, might I had, it's INCREDIBLY difficult to understand the best attributes for each, and they should really have their own attribute like Physios do), but we could have more like -A press officer: you could ask them to ban certain journalists, or arrange a press conference about a certain matter. Even ban certain questions if you want to be like Trump. -A sports psychologist: Specifically to help with mental aspects, like determination and concentration. Much more realistic than just relying on coaches and tutoring. -A nutritionist: To complement the fitness coaching Could be others I'm missing, but I think these would all add an accurate representation of the modern game.
  11. Nope, just recent chats with players I'm starting to think it's a black hole...
  12. Thanks for the reply. It only shows recent ones (e.g. lack of playing time, so promised loan). Not ones I made when signing, e.g. assign penalty taker, play in cup matches etc
  13. Where in the blue blazes can I found out how much I lied to my new signing (a.k.a promises made when signing)? Berahino is being whiny , and claims he wants to leave me because I said I'd 'change for the better', but I can see specifically what I said to him,
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