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  1. How do I view another league that I've loaded up( seria a,spanish league). Can't seem to find this. Thanks
  2. thanks. Thought I'd ask early as I think others will ask today as looking through different forums, there is a lot of people who are unhappy. Here's hoping for today.
  3. i know, but if you don't ask you won't get!!. Are/can patches be released on Sunday's?
  4. What's the chances of the patch coming out today? Would love to be able to start my long save, live football on sky, f1 and fm15 with a nice Sunday roast and new patch for pudding, perfect. Please si, don't make us wait too long. Today?
  5. echo celts1888 comment. If people are saying they can't start a save until March, and celts1888 isn't the only one, then 'Houston we have a problem'. Constructively, I've noticed a lot of goals conceded from either crosses or corners, gk parrying the ball a lot and defenders not tackling. Like I've said before the ui is very good in my opinion, like the scouting, tactics screen weren't as bad as I feared and the look ofthe m.e is better than last year. A patch that resolves these issues with no knock on effects is needed quickly before people lose faith in the game. March might be too late thi
  6. wasnt rude, didn't insult anyone. What I'm saying is si must do better and maybe because they have the market to themselves they have got a bit stale. You can't keep releasing a game every year that is not complete because of the m.e having flaws. The m.e should be as perfect as possible because it's the main part of the game.
  7. feeding back through a rant. after months of optimism I feel very let down. If my rant is taken as a message that si must do better and stop letting people down with bodged/broken m.e's then good. What would happen if there was a competitor who produced a fotball management game. Maybe these problems would stop happening as si would need to up their game. We all get stale when we are not pushed.
  8. ouch. I remember that tactical plan from moyes. Cross, cross, cross, if that fail boys, cross it again. If you don't follow my instructions I'll be, you guessed it, CROSS.
  9. Any news on a patch update? Once the issues with crossing/gk are sorted I think it will be a great game. Just a bit dissopointed that the major part of the game (m.e) is still not great upon release, it's not as if si have only had this match engine for a few weeks, they've been developing it for probably nearly 12 months. Like I've said, the rest of the game seems really good, just wish that the m.e was better upon release.
  10. I swear that every goal I concede is either for a cross or go error. I'm not the only one to notice it. Come on si, please sort it out!!!!!!
  11. Going out to buy fm15 this morning. Always buy the disc version as a matter of tradition. Reading through this forum I hope that I'm not dissopointed as many people are still reporting ridiculous high scoring games. For me this should've been fixed as a matter of urgency as having most games finish in the region of 5-1 etc is unrealistic and frustrating. Is there going to be a fix out today? I hope so!!!!. Please si don't make us wait till February to have a game that is enjoyable, playable and as realistic as possible for a game. As for the rest of fm15 I enjoyed the demo, me looked good, ui
  12. she knows that come Friday she will get nothing out of me. Think I've got to take her out for breakfast in the morning(via game). After that she can sod off.
  13. My wife just asked me ' would you divorce me if I stopped you playing football manager?'. I told her to stop jabbering in my ear as I'm talking to the board of directors about affiliated clubs. Women!!!!!
  14. After downloading the demo this evening and playing for about an hour ish my 1st thought are positive.took a bit of getting used to where everything is but it does make sense,just. The tactics threw me a bit. I was looking for tactics wizard but couldn't find it and presume it's gone this year. The me looks decent. Only thing I saw from a couple of games was that players seemed a bit slow on the ball. All in all a good start to fm15, and with more patch updates this could be the best fm yet. I am interested to hear SI comments on why me/patch version is different on demo as opposed to beta. I
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