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  1. Neil brock when this will be fixed? I'm very unhappy that the game was released and the bug is still there! How i'ts possible that a football manager game doesn't allow you to make individual marking?
  2. this is not solved yet! will it be fixed in the release game date?
  3. Thanks for good assistence and quick reply's! Hope see it working soon
  4. On the opposition instructions i put tight marking in all players (i have already that saved to do every match to all positions) and with that it doesnt crash. But when i put the individual marking player by player it crash.
  5. It's done! I've put it on the game saves folder. I'ts "Sporting CP 1ºsave FM15". In any game that i start, if i put individual marking in every player of the opponent team and do "confirm", after the game made the tactical changes it crashes. Thanks for the help and for quick reply's!
  6. Dont know what you mean with this, sorry for my bad english. I'll try to explain what happens. When the game is happening i go to player instructions to set individual marking on the opponnent i click confirm and after the game made the tactical changes, it crash.
  7. Hi there! Whenever i try to make individual marking the game crash dump. It give me crash FM 2015 v15.0.3.569609 (2014. Fix this issue please!
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