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  1. That's exactly what I'm still working on, though the standard tactic seemed to work fine against big teams as well with Southampton. I always use standard tactic as match prep and don't use any opponent instructions. You can use more creative midfielders, but I can't promise that that will lead to the same results. I've had the best results with three ball winning midfielders. Trust me, if you put all three of them on support (supposing your team is strong enough to pull that off), they will get a lot of scoring opportunities. Even if you give the central midfielder a defensive role, the two others will still bag their share of goals. Hope it goes well for you!
  2. Like USMNT10 said, your training schedule should be designed to best fit your players. As for your other questions: I do not use any opposition instructions and have not yet altered the pitch size. As the tactic seems to be working away and at home, I concluded that pitch size didn't really affect the outcome. Logically, a smaller pitch would be expected to benefit the mifielders, because it would lessen the ground they have to cover. On the other hand, a smaller pitch might also restrict the attackers in their movements. Great to here, I'm very glad it's working for you! Good luck and let me know how it goes.
  3. The original tactic was with all three midfielders on support. However, I was then playing with a team that was at least as good as the other top teams in the league. For the Southampton experiment, I decided to pull the center midfielder back a little by putting him on defend (I was conceding a bit too much to my liking). This makes the attacking moves a little less flowing, but gives more defensive stability. I noticed that, against teams who have the tactical ability to outplay the high pressure (or are just better than yours), you are too vulnerable if you lose possession and your midfield is too high up the pitch. So the choice is up to you, depending on the team you're using it with and who you're playing.
  4. Hi guys, I have been experimenting with different tactics left and right. I tried to come to a conclusion on what works in the current ME for different teams and in different leagues. Eventually, I came up with the following tactic: Kira's Suffocation 4-3-3 - ME 1534 The idea is quite simple: it's a possession based 4-3-3, with supporting full backs, three ball winning midfielders and two false nine's and an advanced forward up front. The idea is to put as much pressure on the opponent as possible. Then, when we conquer the ball, we try to keep possession and put players into good opportunities. These players will be all three attackers + the two most wide midfielders. The midfielders will also pressure the wingers of the opposition, so you won't be as vulnerable against crosses as you might think. The tactic works best with two pacey players as false nine's and an advanced forward who 's good in the air. In midfield, put your most creative midfielders in the left and right position. They will have a lot of opportunities to score and you will want to capitalize on that. The defence is quite standard, though it's a plus if your full backs can cross a ball or go past a defender. The original game in which I started using this tactic, was with Anderlecht. The results there were as follows (last tweak was in game v. Mechelen): Today, I started a Southampton game, just to see how it went with a subtop team in a top division. I went on holiday until the first game of the season and then played the first 19 of them, commentary only. The results were as follows: I plan on repeating this experiment with other teams, though it would be nice if you guys test it yourself. It might need a little tweaking here and there, depending on your team, but I think it's an excellent start in the current ME. Last note: please actually play your games. I have simulated and have found that the difference in results and match stats vary A LOT between games on holiday and actually played games. Have fun and let me know how it went! Kira24 DOWNLOAD: http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/5634971/file.html
  5. 1 out of 5 goals conceded is still 20%. I'll datamine some more tomorrow to see how much % of headers/tackles my defenders are winning now to see how unrealistic it really is. That said, I'm finding it much more enjoyable this way than conceding goals against which you can't do anything.
  6. I logged in to comment on the hotfix. I must say that ME1534 is a lot better than the 1531 one. Passing is smoother and defending better. I've checked my tactic analysis and came up with this: Conceded 1 goal from cross in the last 15 games, so my defence is finally doing what it's supposed to do. They finally started heading some balls away and marking the attackers. So I'd like to thank SI for the quick fix. I might upload my tactic for those interested after I've tested it with some other teams in other leagues.
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