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  1. Suspending my career for now.

    I'm holding off too. I tried really hard to love the game, but after a while nothing I did worked. I would have a great tactic for 5 games and then suddenly it would become completely useless. Not just a little bit worse, completely useless. Suddenly teams would start scoring screamers and my defenders wouldn't defend. I don't mind if there's something tactical I'm missing, but in these situations, there is nothing you can do but blindly change things around. The most frustrating part of any game like this, is when things go wrong and there is NOTHING you can do about it, and no where in the game that tells you why it is happening.
  2. Well I'm done with Arsenal I think. I can't take the inconsistency, the fact that tactics become obsolete after about 5 games,etc, etc. I just don't think I'm fated to do particularly well with Arsenal, so I'm going to work with some different teams and see how that goes. I've played about 5 seasons with arsenal on different saves, and on every single one I've done poorly in the league, no matter what formation, tactic or personnel I've used, so it's time to give up and move on for the sake of my health. Maybe in a couple of months I'll come back to it but I want to try things with different teams, because then I'll be able to tell if it's just me being bad, or just Arsenal.
  3. I beat liverpool 2-1, they are top of the league and the best team by far at the moment. Next match, I played Man Utd away from home, lost 7-2 with the same team and the same tactic, I made it slightly more defensive but still...what am I supposed to do about that?
  4. The inconsistency problems really need to be addressed IMO. I don't mind if the game is picking out things that will make you inconsistent, but it's not really fair ATM because no one has a clue why it happens. SI/someone needs to explain how consistency works, because at the moment there's nothing anyone can do about it, and it makes for quite a frustrating game.
  5. One thing I do which works great is to go looking at the big clubs when there is a new intake of youth. So when I see that I've been given a bunch of new U18's, I always go and look at United, Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, the big brazilian clubs, basically anywhere that has a top class youth academy. You need to act fast, but if you get scouting all of those players, you'll be able to see the attributes they've got, and you'll see some that really stand out. I signed a GK from Man United (they always seem to have 1 or 2 absolutely qualty regens after the first season) who already looks to be almost as good as almunia, and he's only 17! I could tell that he was going to be absolutely class, so I went straight in for him. This strategy won't really work for players who start crap and then become world beaters, but you'll be able to spot the players that are very quickly going to become the best in the world. I prefer this way because the players are normally good enough to start in Carling Cup, early FA Cup, and easy european ties, so they gain experience much quicker than if you had someone who wasn't even close to a first team standard, but had potential to get there one day.
  6. I've bought some unbelievably good looking regens, along with Mertesacker who looks fantastic. I hadn't looked at him before, but he's seriously got everything going for him. I've had difficulty getting rid of some of the crap, and I've found it impossible to sell diaby, djourou, or silvestre. I've sold bendtner for 14m to villa, which is probably not the best deal, but he wasn't getting much game time and I have youngsters who are already looking to usurp him and have a higher potential. My squad is younger and more exciting than ever, I'm just hoping we can win a tropy and grab a place in the top 3 this season.
  7. I started a new arsenal save, deciding to do things like wenger and just mainly sign youth, I didn't have any transfer budgets in the first window, and I only made a couple of youth signings in january. Had a bit of a nightmare season to be honest. Came 5th in the league, and bottled all of the cups completely. The whole season was a struggle, and I just find tactics on this game to be a complete mystery. I've tried various different tactics through the creator, but I just lose way too many games.
  8. How did you do with your arsenal team, have you tested it for a season with arsenal?
  9. Thanks, very interesting. I'm considering starting a new save, with a very "wenger-esque" philosophy for transfers, with a couple of small signings but nothing major. What sort of success have you had with the strategy above? I've still never found a tactic that's been successful for more than 5 games before it becomes too inconsistent.
  10. It's really up to you, depends where you want to sign players from/manage. I normally just pick Italy and Spain because I move to them if I get bored of the Premier League. France might be a good idea as you're arsenal, maybe some south american countries if you want more players to choose from there. It doesn't matter all that much though, to be honest.
  11. did you tick "no transfer budget in first window"?
  12. Arsenal_4_life, very interesting! I've been thinking about going that route as well. Can you take a screenshot/tell us about your main settings, eg. philosophy and player duties.. thanks
  13. eurgh, as much as I love FM10, it's really starting to try my patience. One minute I've won 9 league games in a row, the next I lose 3 and draw 2. It's as if I'm supposed to predict that my tactics will suddenly fall apart. Ridiculous. I'm normally OK with this kind of thing, but it's happened 3 seasons in a row now, and there is simply no reason for it. There's no loss of motivation, no injuries, nothing, it's just a serious problem. Who knows what's going to happen to my season now, it seems it's up to FM10 whether I'm allowed to beat Wolves or not, no matter what team I put out...
  14. I managed to sign Igor Akinfeev for a little over 25m, which I think is a good deal given that he is incredibly good, easily worth 7 or 8 points a season, if not more, which is all I need to take me to the title. Pique has had a good start, but has been sent off twice, and has spent about 4 or 5 games suspended. So far, I'm 10 games into the league, and I've only dropped two points (a draw against Man U). The most important thing, however, is that City have had a horrendous start to the season and I've opened up a 10 point gap over them already. It remains to be seen whether I can keep it up, but my defence is much more solid than last year so I'm really hoping this is our title-winning season! I've been able to kill off games much earlier, which means that my youngsters have been able to come on and finish off the poorer teams, which is great experience and also very helpful to avoid comebacks.
  15. I've kept a very similar starting XI, along with a few of Wenger's youngsters, but the fact is that there are better players around than traore, diaby, ramsey, etc.