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  1. Jordan Robertson was signed by Bromley FC in the skrill south, as well as Duncan Culley from the even lower leagues. I know Robertson was in last years game. Any chance he could be put in the Bromley squad? I know it's hard because non league always change their players, but Robertson had amazing stats last year and I want to do a Bromley save.
  2. Mods if you'd be so kind, could u move this thread please? Thanks for the response mark
  3. sorry didn't read the forum rules, is there anywhere else I can post links?
  4. Hi guys New to the forum and youtube. I'm currently trying to get Charlton back to the top of the English Pyramid. Here's my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4v_rtm5X4FqvlK0cBXt3QQ Episode 1 Episode 2 Episodes will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have any feedback please let me know and if you liked the video, like and subscribe.
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