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  1. Platforms like the 2018 iPad Pro are becoming more powerful. There should be an option to include more leagues and players and take off the “3 leagues” limit to expand the game universe. On a similar note the ability to make use of higher resolutions would be nice too. Have to agree with the inclusion of the Editor pre-game and in-game. Designing your own team from scratch is one of FMs many pleasures.
  2. That's really kind of you Bigpole. In the end I just duplicated 151988 and created a Harchester team from that (and that works fine) I don't have the original file anymore but the problem is very easy to reproduce. If I make another team I will send it to you. 1. Using the editor, Search for the Harchester club in the database (id 151988). 2. Add some database players to the club (or create new ones of your own) 3. In "competitions" swap Harchester with a team in one of the leagues like the English Premier League (e.g. swap Cardiff for Harchester) 4. Start a new caree
  3. Has anyone encountered this problem because I always seem to come across it?... If I take the existing Harchester United Club in the editor and then add players and staff (and assign a league, country etc) then when I come to start a new career then those players and staff are not always present. However if I duplicate the club and call it "Harchester" and add the same players and staff then this new ID version of Harchester has all my additions, staff and players. Does anyone know the reason for this? I read another user having a similar problem saying that going to the Advanced o
  4. How about an option where as a manager you can have 2 or 3 "team boards" simultaneously like Alex Ferguson was noted for doing. So that the team XI could be known for the next 2 or 3 games. Combine that with better man-management player interaction so that you can say: "Son, I'm resting you this game but get yourself ready. You're playing as [insert position] in the game after." or "There's too much emotion in the next game. I'm leaving you out but I need you in the game after." Or even being able to just say to a player in between games: "I want to see you working h
  5. Hi, I see some strange behaviour and it's probably something simple but does anyone see problems where the extra interface settings for the "human profile picture" in your Preferences > Interfaces option is not showing up? It's really strange but the manager profile panel preferences.xml is in the panels/human folder so it should appear right? (Bare in mind I've untoggled the skin caching options) Is this a version 17.3 thing where the programmers at Football Manager have just removed this completely so that skinners can no longer add this extra option back into Interface Preferences
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