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    There are a total of 168 playable teams, and I've included all 42 teams from the scottish league setup in those numbers.

    Thanks for the interest guys. I know this is taking a long time to complete, so I am going to upload a taster version, a sort of beta test if you like, in the next day or two. There will still be some major changes to make, but it will give you all an idea of how the finished version will look. Plus hopefully you can all give me some feedback on it!!! Keep an eye out!
  3. Just missed out on promotion. A decent international record though for Donnelinho! I assume he's still at Racing, I can't see a transfer since. How did they do? They don't seem to be on the update.
  4. SI, what's different about the scottish league set-up...

    The number of teams in a division cannot be changed as it is hardcoded into the game, so unless you have 12 in the premier division and 10 each in the other threee then it will not work.
  5. SI, what's different about the scottish league set-up...

    This can be done if everything is changed correctly, i.e. current & previous leagues, extra competitions, nationality and so on. I have a db which works where the entire Scottish setup is filled with Brazilian teams and it works fine. The scottish teams are in brazil, as I am creating a British/NI superleague. See the UK Super League thread for more info on that.
  6. Strange

    This was an occasional bug in the original game iirc. There are topics on it in the main pc discussion forum. I would suggest searching england and "copa america" in there for more info.

    I am really really sorry to anyone who is waiting to see this, that it is taking so long fior me to finish. Unfortunately circumstances has meant I have had no time to work on this for the last few weeks, which is why it is taking so ling to complete. I am hoping to continue and will post an update at the weekend. Again, sorry to anyone waiting to see the end result.
  8. How is the foot corintinano? Is the sign up continuing? (Apologies if you've said elsewhere it won't be!!)
  9. Good updates ridley. KUTGW! Good to see I made a contributuion to gaining Champ. League action in my first season. This isn't a complaint as such, but I was interested to see Goldie Kinikinilau champion of the first, despite not scoring at all in the same division as me, but by way of getting international status I suppose Donnelinho will just have to try harder to break the Portugal team!!
  10. Wow - moved to Spain. Give me a chance to play against the big guns now!!!
  11. Can you tell me if Donnelinho played many in the first season? How did Vizela finish?
  12. 1. When your save game dominates the majority of your dreams at night 2.When you are watching the FA Cup Final irl and load up your game to see which of the two teams knocked you out. (I have done both of these in the last 13 hours!)
  13. It is possible to change them around, but without seeing your db I couldn't really say what has gone wrong. From what you've written it sounds like it should have worked though. I have a db where the whole scottish structure only has Brazilian teams in it and that works no problem.