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  1. I used to holiday between a lot of games to try and speed up a season on FM; Touch didn’t quite do it for me (though I appreciate the effort) so I’ve stuck with the main game, but obviously by holidaying I’d miss a lot of decisions such as player interactions, job offers, new contracts, etc. In the settings I found the “timeout” feature that progresses the game without your input - I have mine set to instant - and it’s really opened the game up for me. I’m whizzing through seasons but keep up to date on team news and making important decisions as and when I need to, rather than reading every single news story (it gets a bit old 20 seasons in!). I took control of an international team in my career game and it made the experience much more responsive, rather than sitting and waiting for the holiday to finish Yes, it’s an old feature that many already know about (I only found it 3 months ago), but I wanted to make sure Si Games know that it’s an appreciated feature. 😊
  2. Am I able to bring the team up to full fitness, curing injuries, etc, in one click like I can with the editor in the full game? Or do I have to visit each player individually?
  3. tl;dr - It works fine, the Macbook gets very warm, no slow-down or sluggishness. Macbook specs: i7 1.4 (turbo up to 3.4), 16GB's RAM, 512GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 615 1536 MB. In an effort to answer questions before umpteen topics are made, thought I'd make this and share what I have. Very. Not uncomfortable but certainly noticeable on the keyboard. I countered this with a cooling fan which I use anyway since I use Final Cut Pro and Garageband quite a bit. If your Macbook gets too hot then it will shut down automatically to avoid damaging itself - this hasn't happened so far and, from what I have read, hasn't been close to. What I will say is the temperature gauge I use from iStatMenu reads between 65-80C; around the same I saw on my iMac, which regularly started the fans up. No, not at all. It flies along. I'll update as I go through my save if anything becomes sluggish. The main game (FM17) however is quite sluggish and slow. I'm using 5 leagues and got 4.5 stars on the speed rating. See the attached screenshot for more details. I found myself giving my staff most of the work for stuff like training, team talks, media handling, scouting etc. Upon learning that FMT does all this for you, it seemed sensible to switch. Also, life. I didn't. Had a 2012 iMac but hated being chained to the desk in my hot office at home. I bought a Macbook Pro but didn't like the form factor, the weight or the touch bar. Changed for a Macbook Pro without the touch bar, still didn't like it. I need Mac OS for Final Cut Pro, primarily, and Garageband. I've owned various Chromebooks over the years and loved the portability, so I bought an all-singing, all-dancing Macbook for much more thsn is sensible. Hopefully this answers most questions, though if you have any more then feel free to ask.
  4. I don't use the match engine I'm afraid, just the text commentary.
  5. Cool, thanks. I'm on the 12.9" Pro myself and like the performance.
  6. I think that to have the menus scattered with in-app purchases, having just paid £19.99 for the iPad version, is a bit much don't you think? At least have an option to remove them from sight or make the base price much cheaper if these IAP are going to a permanent feature going forward. My only other requests would be to remove the max leagues playable or increase how many you can run con-currently on more powerful devices such as the iPad Pro. And to streamline DoF roles in the staff screen, rather than having to request that they intervene in contract negotiations on the actual contract screen. Other than that, really enjoying playing FM on the move with my iPad and looking forward to future versions.
  7. I give the players the day off before and after a match, it keeps the training level to medium. I don't get many injuries during a season, only really when their condition is quite low due to a run of games in a short space of time.
  8. It appears to be very good, and the cloud save feature works well too. Theres a few reviews on the App Store that say the latest version wiped out game saves, I can only assume that these were saves local on the iPad and not the Steam cloud. *Edit* the game seems to forget the last save after an update and shows as blank, however pressing on "load game" on the title screen brings up all of your files.
  9. No, I can't see a way of changing resolution on the iPad Pro.
  10. Can I ask that the editor be able to affect multiple players at once/the whole team? The steam in-game editor lets you heal the team, improve their morale, maximise tactical knowledge etc, whilst on Mobile FM I need to visit each player individually.
  11. Thanks Jack, I'll head over there now. Sorry about making a duplicate thread; I didn't read the info first-time round about threads needing approval.
  12. On the Steam version the editor lets you clear all injuries, maximise morale etc with one click; I remember a few years ago the mobile editor required you to visit each player individually. Is there a team option for this now? Just hovering over the "buy" button in the app store.
  13. Hi everyone, Have the game on my iMac but the machine is starting to fail. Going to use the Mobile version instead, however is the editor just like the Steam version in that I can maximise team morale, tactics knowledge and heal injuries in one click, or do I have to visit each player seperately?
  14. Hi Fuss, I used your 2013 442 tactic to great success; bookmarking this for when I eventually get FM15. Glad to see your tactics still going strong.
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