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  1. Just started a game with Rangers, will post updates etc in here once I'm through a notable period of time. Looking, as like everyone else in here, to develop a strong Scottish core to the squad with no major earners. Will be doing what I can to develop at the moment but will be needing to ship a few players off at first to free up wages to bring in better coaches.
  2. I Will Take It The Only Problem is trying to keep the players at your team and have a big enough squad as you have no youth teams :O
  3. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Huttons tackle was a great tackle, he won the ball and only got booked cause Clark started crying and rolling around on the floor. Clarks was terrible cause Hutton had already knocked the ball past him before Clark had got to him and his tackle was up at his knee. Ferguson was playing peacemaker with the McCulloch situation as you see Fergie running towards him then after hes landed he holds McCulloch away from everything else after hes battered into Severin, also, i think he does miss the Old Firm cause he will miss Motherwell, play against Hibs, then probably miss Celtic and Gretna.
  4. *OFFICIAL* FMS Challenge 2007 #2 - Pole to Pole by Peacemaker7

    I will give this a shot, hopefully i wont get bored with it like all my other games and maybe their will be a story on this.
  5. The All New Mod Requests Thread

    Thanks Faramir
  6. The All New Mod Requests Thread

    Could you please delete or close the thread 'Can Villa be great again?', thanks
  7. Started with route 1 and Institute, only club i have heard of that i could go so thought why not, loads of clubs after Sproule and Ogilby.
  8. FMO Help - Need advice? Ask your question here!

    Hey Im tryin to create a new network game with my mates for the first time, but everytime we try and connect with the ip adress it jus says "unable to connect server", any 1 know how to fix this, if so can u email me
  9. *OFFICIAL* FMS 2006 Challenge #4 - Auld Alliance by Terk

    Can u have different nationalitys in the reserves