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  1. Just noticed my scout numbers dropping ie knowledge potential and ability scouting, anyone else noticed this before.
  2. when ive downloaded a tactic from file front and ived saved it into my downloads on my computer, how do i transfer it into the game. mant thanks.
  3. yes ive done ten in a row, my strategy was that i bought lots of cheap players from the english conference league(thats all i could afford and they were the only players prepared to take a career step down)and then i just went on holiday for ten years..easy.
  4. Wow just slid the disk in and bang within ten minutes im playing the game. ps: using boxed version authenticating through steam. many thanks si.
  5. Aussie Players

    The reason you aussies have to wait is so you get a taste of what its like to come second........hahahahahahahaha
  6. this for me is the main issue with the game, i hope its been sorted as its unplayable at the moment.
  7. bloody hell steady on the locking of threads, it looks stupid down the left side. it wont be worth coming on here soon.
  8. i was going on holiday to disneyland paris and went out and bought a sony vaio(800mhz top of the range then) and took it with me for the coach, trouble was the game only ran for 15 minutes on the battery and it was like hauling a paving slab around with me. those 15 minutes were great though!!!!!
  9. I Have the Game!

    dont play the game without the patch. its worth waiting
  10. i hope these small changes will turn pompey back into a good club instead of something a tramp would scrape off his shoe!!! 0 transfer budget, i know times are hard but we havent turned into rab c nesbitt over night.
  11. you can turn of the 3d by going into preferances and go into display and sound. i turned it off on the demo, to see if it stopped the freeze ups(no it didnt). enjoy
  12. the fatal crash dump

    are you on a laptop.
  13. Freezing!

    i posted something like this yesterday and ive solved the problem, this is on laptops using wifi, when youve loaded the demo switch wifi off asap, i think this is causing the problem. not had another freeze up and ive been on it all day!!!!!!
  14. i found the game crashes even when away from matches, one time it crashed midway through offering a friendly game to a lower league club,. it does it on our home pc aswell, please tell me im not the only one getting freezing and crashing!
  15. searched the forum and i just wanted to know if the game crashing and making me remove power and battery from computer is known and is anyone else experiencing this. ps. i think the one on ones bug is back...(i,ll say its my tactics now to save you the time) cheers