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  1. @Novem9 For balance you might wanna combine 1 attack and 1 support duty on each flank ( FB and Wing ). In your case for example you can do RB sup + W att and LB att + IF sup and then switch the places of the DLP and BBM, and also you can try to put the striker on att and the AMC on sup, that way you can keep 4 men midfield for more stability because the Winger wont help so much in defence. Another way is to have both full backs on attack and both flanks on support, keeping the AMC att and striker supp, it becomes a more attacking version of 4 4 1 1 and I find it very effective
  2. I can confirm the problem is not the CPU but the high GPU load, even though the GPU rating is 5 stars, the game starts lagging in menus and in match after a while of playing.
  3. I dont know about 14 but I think 18 is better than the current 20 patch in many aspects, maybe you should wait for next patch and try 20 then.
  4. Maybe because we have to wait months for big issues to be fixed? Don't give me bs like some ppl are happy some are not, its the same issues for everyone if you like it maybe you dont even understand how it should be.
  5. My feedback is work is needed mainly on the ME like most people say, bad defence resulting in a high amount of chances and on top of that strikers cant score like 90% of the time, either hitting the keeper straight or missing the goal completely. These issues make it unenjoyable and I think too much effort was given to redesign menus of things that were already in the game. If we have to wait till march every year for obvious problems to be fixed, why even buy it full price in november, maybe I should wait 6 months and buy it then. This update model with only 2 big updates for the whole year is gonna drive people away, cause too much time passes between the updates and when theres things making the game extremely unrealistic its frustrating. Much better would be to focus fully on the ME and roll out update every week if possible for the first month ironing out at least the big problems and after that we can wait the march update with finishing touches and transfers. Thanks!
  6. Yeah same thing with me, they score like 1 in 5 CCC... 4-3-3 would be nice too but maybe we will have to wait more patches again.
  7. Sadly no, Isnt the 10m sign on im offering him the same as the psg loyalty bonus? I managed to get him with a maxed out offer, 450k per week, 25m sign on and most bonuses maxed out. I dont know about tax differences but I think it shouldnt override almost double wage, bonuses, higher playing time promise and especially his personal preference, all combined. I mean if a player dreams about playing for a specific club and league he could even take a lower wage just for that reason otherwise whats the point even having preferences or short/long term goals. Thanks
  8. Hello, let me guide you through the process: I'm playing with Barcelona and I saw that Eriksen's contract is expiring soon, so I decided to try to sign him on a free contract in january. Lets look at some screens first - Here we see three teams have offered him a contract (Barca, PSG and Real) Now lets look at his profile information, where we find that his short and long term plans are to play in a higher rated league, in particular La Liga and even more specifically for Barcelona. So far so good. I make sure to offer a very lucrative deal anyway so there will be no chance involved, also notice the STAR Player promise. And a few days later we get this extremely shocking news Not only he turned down his preferred club AND the other club in his preferred league, he accepted a lower playing time contract with MUCH lower wage and bonuses in a lower reputation league. I tried 3 times to go back on the save and offer different terms, and always get the same result. How can this happen, its ridiculous? I uploaded the save, its called "Jose Cuervo - FC Barcelona - Spain.fm", a few days before he makes the decision.
  9. Yeah It's really been in the past 2-3 games, the last column will increase in width when u change screens, Gonzo has shown exactly the problem. Temporary solution is that some types of columns dont move when the width is increased so you can still see them. For example my last columns is "Fitness and Injueris -> Overall Risk" and you can see the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom that you can move but all the columns are still on the screen. Also you can export and save the current view so you can just load it if anything changes.
  10. Anyone found a fix for this? Or how can we edit the skin to show the panels we want by default?
  11. Another modified neub skin variant guys, a mix between the original and Khalev's version. Based on my preferences and also more suited for lower resolutions. I use 1440x900 with 85% zoom out, but should work good enough on some laptops with 1366 x 768 res zoomed out as well. Download
  12. Sry but actually the latest update performance comes largely from the throw in bug, because players are not marked and half the goals scored come that way.
  13. Hey, nice tactics as always, i've been a fan since FM 2015. I wanna ask if u can create a successful 4-3-3, something like Barca and City style, also Chelsea this season? I was able to create the possession style very well, getting 60-65% every game but they just don't score many goals. A lot of games the opponents go in deep defence and even some of the best players in the game can't break them, even though statistically they get 15-20 shots but low clear chances and goals. Thanks!
  14. Actually fluidity does not change with mentality. It all depends on the player roles, for example if you use a supporting DM instead of defending one, you will get a more fluid formation. I think that was the original intention of it in the first place, but most people never got it right, that's why they've made it to automatically tweak when you set the roles.
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