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  1. Yea you still need examples? This is a huge bug thats been happening for a month now and no fixes...
  2. Another modified neub skin variant guys, a mix between the original and Khalev's version. Based on my preferences and also more suited for lower resolutions. I use 1440x900 with 85% zoom out, but should work good enough on some laptops with 1366 x 768 res zoomed out as well. Download
  3. Yeah but many tactics are abusing this and braking the game completely cause a ton of goals come from throw ins I think this should be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks!
  4. Sry but actually the latest update performance comes largely from the throw in bug, because players are not marked and half the goals scored come that way.
  5. Yes I see it doesn't change that's why I made the thread, then what's the point of having these sliders for tempo and passing that change in length when you switch mentality and different settings if they don't actually reflect it like they DID in the last few FM games. It doesn't make any sense... I'm sorry I don't want to be harsh but I'm not satisfied with this explanation cause I know how it used to work and now its really different. It could be just the UI not showing it correctly and I would have accepted if you said that instead of trying to convince me that everything is working great, and then maybe this topic should go to the UI bug section. Thanks for your time!
  6. ...but it does, see the third and fourth photo it did make the slider go up. In FM 2018 when you tick it the overall passing directness in the Team Instructions goes down to shorter because the defenders individual directness goes down. And it's always been like that up to the current release. There is another completely different setting to make the keeper pass the ball to defenders. Can you at least do your home work before answering my question? P.S. in this video just before the 25 minute mark you can see how it changes in FM 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTNcZOu6jyQ
  7. Hi, I think there was a topic on this but I can't find it and it's not fixed so I'm bringing attention to it again. Basically the TI "Play Out Of Defence" does not change the passing directness of the defenders at all when you use "Standard" directness as a Team Instruction. When you select "Shorter passing" TI the defenders decrease their passing range but then if you tick "Play Out Of Defence" they increase it instead of decreasing it further like in previous FM games. Am I missing something or is it completely backwards to how it is supposed to work? Here are 4 photos with the different Team Instructions:
  8. I uploaded the file on the cloud, the name is intbreak.fm
  9. Weird yes, could be the stats showing incorrect info because I have seen only 1 overhead kick in my saves. Also from your photo it seems the curled shots are too low.
  10. Hello, I just saw a very weird decision to call an offside and disallow a goal for a player dribbling, pushing the ball past the keeper and then kicking it into the open net (all by himself one on one with the keeper). Here is the match and the minute is 13:22 Paris Saint-Germain v Sevilla.pkm
  11. Hi, I got a problem with a cup match scheduled during an international break, so almost all my players (PSG) are not available to play and I must play with youngsters. Here's a photo:
  12. I could give you many examples of this, especially if you play a possession style with slow build up the strikers and IFs just go inside the box and wait for some magic to happen so they can score. And I mean supporting strikers and supporting IFs who should act like playmakers. That basically renders possession tactics useless because they can't break through defences while remaining static inside the box between a few defenders. Formation is 4231 with striker as DLF support, 2 IF on support and 1 AMC on attack. Also interesting is that the attacking AMC generally stays deeper than the supporting striker which I think should be the opposite, because that is the purpose of false nine tactics, the supporting player should open space that the attacking player could use to go forward and score goals. Edit: Also due to this many times my 2 CMs are the only ones in midfield and just pass the ball to each other 10-20 times in a row until they make a bad touch and give the ball away for a counter. Here's a few screenshots to show what I mean (they are from 2 matches but this happens every match): In all the photos you can see the striker and ifs (again all on support) just staying inside the box waiting and in some photos you can see the "attacking" AMC staying deeper.
  13. Never mind I found the problem, the injured player forced off in the 109th minute was actually one of the 3 subs who came on in the 63rd minute, which is why we can't see it in the photo, Zaza seems to be the 4th sub made in the 93 minute.
  14. Same problem for me, at the moment I find the more possession I get the less goals. It's a big problem because teams like Barca and City always dominate possession and their quality allows them to break defences with ease. That is not the case in FM, I also use some of the best players and get 65-70% possession barely scoring 1-2 goals and sometimes even 0, with 20-30 shots per match. The problem is the AI teams go ultra defensive and park the bus every game waiting for a counter and they even score sometimes with 1-2 shots per match. Temporary solution I think is to use a more direct tactic with less possession so you can score more on counter attacks and have more space forward in general. But I think something should be changed to allow creative players to break tight defences with through balls or one-twos, which I very rarely see.
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