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  1. Thanks for reporting! Will be fixed before FM25
  2. One of the derby's must have been removed since then - only one of them is in the internal database. If they're both there after the winter update, please do let me know! I misunderstood you regarding the text background color originally. Thought you meant the text itself. You´re indeed correct in both cases, will be fixed for a future update. Regarding the favoured personel, I would have to redirect that to @Ben Rosier
  3. Thanks for reporting! You´re correct about favored personel have been removed for some clubs. That´s unfortunately not up to me. There is only 1 derby between FCK and Brøndby in the database. Maybe you're using a custom database file in your save? The colors mentioned for FCKs and Hobros second kit is both white, which is the same color as the squad no. on the back It´s unfortunately too late for the FCK third kit to be updated now You´re completely right about Lyngby's third kit! Good catch with rivalry descriptions, you´re indeed correct.
  4. That´s a League Rules issue indeed. Please report it here instead
  5. Sorry, I apparently completely missed this! I ́ve looked through FC Nordsjælland's transfers the last 10 years on Transfermarkt. All African players (Mostly from Ghana and Ivory Coast) have basically all been from their Right To Dream Academy. The few exceptions have been from other non-african clubs. The Right To Dream Academy is primarily reflected in FM, by FC Nordsjælland getting more players from mostly Ghana/Ivory Coast in their youth intake - which is working. I do however agree that the tendency for buying African players for European clubs could be better reflected in general. AC Horsens have for example bought in quite a few African talents this transfer window, after they´ve recently gotten a new owner. But I don't think it would be the right thing to do, to make a special case for FC Norsjælland. Perhaps @Zachary Whyte would be able to provide some further input on the subject?
  6. I completely understand what you mean by "motherclubs". Something is already in place to prevent "motherclubs" to prevent being promoted into 3. Division from DS. Will be looked into, when the groups rules team get a chance - I have reported it to them
  7. Thanks for reporting! The vast majority of those dates have already been fixed. Pretty sure you reported most of them for FM23 Both Anders Nymann DoBs mentioned is wrong - it had already been fixed to his correct one luckily though.
  8. Sønderjyske dropped the "Elitesport" hence also the capital E in October 2022. Good spot with the 2nd team, I´ll get that corrected for a future data update
  9. Thanks for reporting! It´s intended, that Avarta is not in the 1st round of the cup. They will automatically qualify for next season, no matter what position they achieve in 3. Division I´ll get the "motherclubs" issues logged on our internal tracker. I can´t really answer the rest, as they´re more league rule issues. Maybe @Zachary Whyte would be able to answer you better
  10. Thanks for reporting - you´re indeed correct with both Will be corrected in a future data update.
  11. "Egenkaptial" is not equal to the amount of cash the club have in the bank, it´s the value of all their assets. You´re however right that Brøndby is too high, will be looked into for a future data update
  12. Thanks for reporting! I´ll make sure it´s being looked into
  13. For some reason, FM seems to hire Anders Juul for Lyseng over and over again with very few days in between. He was already hired in another job at Lyseng before this, so perhaps that´s why the hiring doesn´t seem to go through properly. It´s an inbox item that you keep getting about it, when you´re without a job yourself. Note: This is have kept happening since & he have now been hired over 15 times - without actually being properly apointed
  14. Thanks for reporting! Michael Sjøquist seems to be a person generated by FM, so this is not a data issue. I´ve seen problems like this in FM23 as well, with both newgen players & staff. However it´s of course an issue - but could I get you to report it under All Other Issues instead? Then somebody from SI will see it instead
  15. Thanks for reporting, good catch! Will be corrected in a future data update.
  16. You must have misunderstood the creator then. No leagues below Københavnsserien, Sjællandsserien, Fynsserien or Jyllandsserien is in FM by default. Vinding Sportsforening is in FM by default, yes. But it´s in the "Danish Lower Division"-league, which is just an arbitrary league for teams which is below the level of leagues add in FM by default. Whatever FM users decide to do with that data, I have no control over
  17. Football Manager does not have "Serie 1 Fyn" added. You must be using some sort of user-made database, probably from the Steam workshop
  18. Good catch, you´re very much correct! Will be corrected in a future update
  19. Thanks for the feedback, will be looked at for a future data update!
  20. Thanks for letting me know, it still haven´t been fixed! As Spezia & Casa Pia is the main affiliate, I unfortunately can´t fix it on my end. I did let the appropriate people know & assumed it would get corrected. I´ll make sure it´s fixed for a future data update
  21. Thanks for reporting! Will be looked at for a future update
  22. Regarding Peter Villum Berthelsen Transfermarkt (Which you linked to) has him as Right-Footed. He also takes Free Kicks and Corner Kicks with his Right Foot. Youth Players have negative PA's, meaning their PA change within a certain range from save to save.
  23. Thanks for reporting! Will be looked at for a future data update
  24. Regarding Cho Gue-Sung & the national team, please report that under South Korea data issues instead
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