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  1. it should run very smoothly, 6GB of RAM is good and although processor is only an i3 it should be fine for the interface
  2. Yes that should run it fine, I have 4GB of RAM and although it isn't the fastest it runs it fine without crashing
  3. I am encountering a glitch where when a foul or something that results in the game stopping happens the player just stand around and nothing happens and the timer just keeps on going and nothing happens at all until half or full time, this happened in the 2nd minute when I was Chelsea vs Atletico and they fouled me in the center of the pitch and everybody just stood still until half time and I had 99% possession and there were no shots in the whole half. Strange glitch.
  4. Why when creating an online game is there no longer the option to make all games be played on the same day for teams, ie every staurday and wednesday so that the waiting time is lower?
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