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  1. fair enoug... was a bug. I do not know if they are my tactics, but... someone here can post any player who plays in the central zone which is their leader of assist? excluding goals from corners. kind hard I think, the assist leaders 95% of the time are the wingers. or not? to be more specific, thinking of great teams: 4-2-3-1 - Real Madrid - James enganche, Bale winger? 4-3-3 - Barcelona - Iniesta or Suarez/Neymar? 4-2-3-1 - Arsenal - Ozil or Alexis? Bayern - 4-1-4-1 - Douglas Costa or Thiago? I do not know if you guys understand my point of view, but in FM all Wingers will give more assist. It is very difficult to place the player of the center to assist a lot and I think it's the little number of through balls.
  2. last FM with nice through balls was FM12. From that, the cross dominates, even opting to play for the central zone, where is the entrance to the area they open the game to the side to make the crossing, never through ball.
  3. Yes, I have Spanish league active. WOW 10 Ballon D'ors for Messi!!!! this is insane!!! :applause: thanks for sharing, peoples!
  4. http://imgur.com/DsVawvR Hello people! I wonder who the winners in your saves? just for fun... I'm guessing the choices a bit unrealistic, even more by the numbers and titles of the winners.
  5. FM12 for me. there were more through balls in the middle and dribbling with speed!!! several beautiful goals, for me it was perfect.
  6. top video man, we could think of Highly Structured TI and IP: IF / S with stay wider and Get Further Forward?
  7. okay, "Sometimes subjectivity Affects perception" I swear I'm working on it, I will keep doing tests and try to change the ways I see things, especially about Messi. thanks for reply...
  8. let me get this right: for Messi does "Messi's things" my Barça need to play more fluid without control,"forgets" the ball possession, with creative freedom in excess. In other words, i choose who will play well, Messi or my team? Why Neymar Neymar does so many individual plays with these same IT and Messi is locked in field?
  9. Hello guys! I have a problem with Messi, oddly enough, he always takes the easiest decision, almost never makes any dribres, alwaysalways tries the short pass, never try long shots, never enters the area to get the ball. they play AP-A from AMR position, and sometimes as IF, Neymar on the other hand, any Roles I lay it does not lose its characteristics, runs, dribbles, kicks away, enters the area dribbling ... Messi is with a media 6.8, does not appear in the game ... someone is going through or went through this problem? any hint regarding Roles, PIs, and individual interactions are welcome. TI:Control/Structured, Play Out Of Defense,Push Higher Up, Close Down Much More,Retain Possession, , Lower Tempo, , Prevent Short GK Distribution. Suarez = F9, shot less Rakitic = B2B Iniesta = RPM Neymar = IF/s
  10. no friend, is exactly what I'm talking about, much that is said are interpreted the wrong way, that question his now is a good example of misunderstanding. anyway, I have several friends who play FM and not see some bug "Inappropriate Offside" is already up review by you guys, they simply thought it was normal thing and that the judge was really bad, problems such as one-one goalkeeper, same thing, they thought that their strikers were bad or out of shape even going often, some players can not "see" that certain problems can be the fault of ME, that's what I meant.
  11. the vast majority of users are normal players, who's here, it's at least look critically, know the difference between a tactical or technical error. sometimes they seem exaggerated claims, but the truth is that sometimes we want a say is not as clear to you guys as it is for us (the complaint), mainly seemed to me as if we had boring you guys, but it's not.
  12. and what about Messi, who is not 100% for any role in the attack? this is right?
  13. it's funny that such a person does not have the ability to understand that if you criticize something may be because you like and want this thing gets even better. I agree with everything that the creator of tread wrote some problems are so obvious that we doesn't know because it has so long unsolved... I'm expecting a patch with changes already created several treads on similar problems if the game does not become "fun" that will be with great sadness my last FM
  14. it's also realized that Messi is not 100% in any function and about the lack of magic: I'm trying to explain it to the moderators since I created my thread, I think are not WHAT understanding we mean, we do not want magical goals every game, but WHAT we want to do at least one top player try to make magic moves, being successful or not, and not delay the move, or stop running toward the goal to make a pass, knowing that is 30 meters open field in front... anyway, I still have hope
  15. I've been saying this since the release of the full game. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/440931-After-update-the-game-back-to-FM15 Comments and help, I appreciate
  16. I tried to explain that Messi was poorly simulated in the game and the answers were not enlightening, He does not run in the game, rarely makes racing towards the opponent. impossible to see messi producing with this ME, goals and ass he has, but productivity in the games is hard to see if you want of a help, welcome http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/440931-After-update-the-game-back-to-FM15
  17. Yes, I sent PKMS matches with Goals that after the upgrade stopped from happening, because of lack of fluidity, I think... Question: where I post my tactic? Formation, Mentality, Team Shape, Roles, Duties, TIs and PIs? sorry, even noticing the problem for a long time is the first time I do it.
  18. I agree, but the game gets boring when a top player receives the ball with space and do not run toward the goal, the way he is walking instead of running, not explores the spaces of the pitch
  19. I am saying that after the update, players are not making fluid movements as before, they are slow, avoiding the defender, passing the ball instead of trying to dribble like before...
  20. this is not possible, I played 10 matches and my team has done quite different goals and my players do not move fluidly as before.
  21. come on!!! leaves the 3D engine as before, this patch left slow players on the field, do not move as before, or dribble, no speed, please, please, please ...
  22. come on!!! leaves the 3D engine as before, this patch left slow players on the field, do not move as before, or dribble, no speed, please, please, please ...
  23. come on!!! leaves the 3D engine as before, this patch left slow players on the field, do not move as before, or dribble, no speed, please, please, please ...:(
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