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  1. top video man, we could think of Highly Structured TI and IP: IF / S with stay wider and Get Further Forward?
  2. okay, "Sometimes subjectivity Affects perception" I swear I'm working on it, I will keep doing tests and try to change the ways I see things, especially about Messi. thanks for reply...
  3. let me get this right: for Messi does "Messi's things" my Barça need to play more fluid without control,"forgets" the ball possession, with creative freedom in excess. In other words, i choose who will play well, Messi or my team? Why Neymar Neymar does so many individual plays with these same IT and Messi is locked in field?
  4. Hello guys! I have a problem with Messi, oddly enough, he always takes the easiest decision, almost never makes any dribres, alwaysalways tries the short pass, never try long shots, never enters the area to get the ball. they play AP-A from AMR position, and sometimes as IF, Neymar on the other hand, any Roles I lay it does not lose its characteristics, runs, dribbles, kicks away, enters the area dribbling ... Messi is with a media 6.8, does not appear in the game ... someone is going through or went through this problem? any hint regarding Roles, PIs, and individual interactions are welcome.
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