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  1. I've taken to only buying the 'new' game every other season or so now and will certainly never ever buy a beta version again. I would rather lick my wheelie bin clean than go through the angst of waiting for updates to make the game playable. The main reason is that I get quite into a long term save and I don't want to give it up when the changes between one version of the game and the next are comparatively minor. I say 'comparatively' because I appreciate there is a lot of work put into each update and I don't want that comment to be interpreted as a knock at SI but from the user end it's not such a huge impact on the game as a whole moving from one year to the next. I wouldn't want to give up my save just so I can play 'Sims' with my manager character so unless the yearly updates become save game compatible (and I understand why they are not) or there is some huge and impressive feature added that fundamentally changes the game then it's no longer an automatic yearly buy for me.
  2. Player interactions are THE worst part of FM15. For example I have a player complaining about lack of first team football so I tell him I will sell him. I offer him to clubs for free and don't get any interest. As it happens I then get some injuries so he becomes a regular starter but I still get the reminder that I promised to sell him. I still can't get any interest so as suggested I place him on the transfer list. Next day he comes to me demanding to know why he has been transfer listed!! What???? OK fine but there is no option to tell him "because you say you want to leave". It really is a nonsensical part of the game.
  3. So an agent offers me a player "widely tipped as the next Michael Owen". His stats are rubbish but my scouts give him a five star potential even though some of them are black stars. This is quite exciting as managing Stockport I have never been offered a player with such potential that is actually prepared to come and play here. Even though it's only October I don't want to miss out on this gem so I stump up the £2.9 million for this £30K valued player and look forward to the January transfer window. I can only think that the AI Agents then get together in a room and say "if you want to get rid of a donkey just send him over to Stockport and tell that idiot of a manager he's the next Michael Owen" as between October and January I get offered another THREE 'next Michael Owens'. The AI is much much cleverer than you think!
  4. Preferences -> Match - and in the 'Processing' section change 'Allow matches to be moved for TV broadcast' to one of the other choices. I haven't tried it but surely that would work?
  5. They are all televised games. Can't you just go into preferences and change the match scheduling options?
  6. The black and red hooped shirts are only for Wrexhams centenary season 2014/15. After that they go back to the usual plain red.
  7. Well look Mr Sheep, we will have to agree to differ but I'm not sure that 'don't buy it' is a particularly helpful response from a mod. To be fair I love this FM, it's brilliant. I would just point out that no, not "Every piece of software has the same issue" - plenty of games issue Steam updates and improvements / fixes even years after they are released. SI can get away with a full price release yearly because there is no competition in this genre. Fair play to them but it doesn't mean we have to like it.
  8. I'm not complaining just making a point. Getting people to pay full price for a Beta, releasing a couple of patches that fix some of the problems they have highlighted and then saying 'okay that's it... you have to wait for the next full price version before anything else may or may not get fixed' just isn't acceptable. I can understand how that worked five years ago but hey FM have taken the buck and gone on Steam now where game updates are easy and frequent. That's the whole point... it's simple and you get an update as soon as it's released. I'm tired of hearing how complicated the FM game code is. If it's that complicated then it obviously isn't being re-written every year, just modified yet we still get charged as a new full price game each time. SI can't have it both ways.
  9. Yes but we have to pay another 30 quid for that one. You would think SI might manage to fix some of the problems on their own before then.
  10. Why would anyone bother to do this when you have already made it clear that there isn't going to be another patch? Just asking. I'm quite happy with FM15
  11. You've been given what is probably the most detailed explanation from someone who has actually looked at your game I have ever seen yet still so angry? Why don't you just terminate their contracts? It's no different to paying 100% of their loan wages. If the Board don't like that then just stick them in the U-21s and forget about them until their contracts wind down. I'm struggling to see why it's such a problem.
  12. Goodness, I haven't seen a 'fixed that for you' for many years. It wasn't clever or funny back then either
  13. I really don't think it's anything to do with my team talk, that's just a red herring. It's not as if it was the first time I had used the 'relax, go and play your game and the result will come' (or whatever it is) talk. I use it very regularly, the players react positively (green reaction) so I really cannot see that being the cause. Nobody is suggesting that the game generates a random number which determines results and nothing you do will change what happens. What is more likely is that each time you start up the game afresh certain parameters that are used to simulate 'randomness' or 'chance' are re-set. Most times it would make no noticeable difference but there may be occasions when 'the random number', for want of a better phrase, was re-set from one end of the scale to the other and that WOULD make a noticeable difference. That would make more sense and does tie in with the actual experiences that people have had. It doesn't break the game, FM15 is the best so far in my opinion.
  14. Okay thxs for ur input. I'm still not ever gonna close the game down again when I'm on a winning streak heh
  15. Okay Thanks wwfan. I will just put it down to coincidence that I had an awful result after restarting. I really don't think its down to perception bias though... six games in after restarting from a 22 match unbeaten run I can't buy a win. It must be my tactics but I've told my players I'm restarting the game so they will hopefully all come back as world beaters again
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