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  1. Well look Mr Sheep, we will have to agree to differ but I'm not sure that 'don't buy it' is a particularly helpful response from a mod. To be fair I love this FM, it's brilliant. I would just point out that no, not "Every piece of software has the same issue" - plenty of games issue Steam updates and improvements / fixes even years after they are released. SI can get away with a full price release yearly because there is no competition in this genre. Fair play to them but it doesn't mean we have to like it.
  2. I'm not complaining just making a point. Getting people to pay full price for a Beta, releasing a couple of patches that fix some of the problems they have highlighted and then saying 'okay that's it... you have to wait for the next full price version before anything else may or may not get fixed' just isn't acceptable. I can understand how that worked five years ago but hey FM have taken the buck and gone on Steam now where game updates are easy and frequent. That's the whole point... it's simple and you get an update as soon as it's released. I'm tired of hearing how complicated the FM ga
  3. Yes but we have to pay another 30 quid for that one. You would think SI might manage to fix some of the problems on their own before then.
  4. Why would anyone bother to do this when you have already made it clear that there isn't going to be another patch? Just asking. I'm quite happy with FM15
  5. So, some feedback on job interviews. I am offered a job interview at Bolton Wanderers just over half way through the season. The club are three points off the relegation zone in League 1 yet the Board expect a playoff place. During the interview I am only asked if I can achieve better than a promotion place, ie winning promotion or winning the League. Problem is I am expected to cut the wage bill in half, trim the backroom staff numbers and to add to that the club is in administration so I wouldn't be able to sign any players. Surely there should be an option to answer that a playoff place r
  6. The fact that there has been comparatively little feedback after the last patch indicates that most people are happily playing the game now instead of spending time here. I'm sure if more people adapted their tactics to the players they have at their disposal then they would get a lot more out of the game instead of just complaining that it must be broken because whatever they are doing isn't working. That's my experience anyway.
  7. Congratulations, the ME is a hundred times better after this patch, I'm loving it. It all felt a bit random before, like it didn't matter what you did as a manager it was just the same thing over and over with crosses and dodgy keepers. Now it plays a lot more like it should do and I actually feel I'm more in control. Not only that but I can play the tactics I want now instead of having to use the wing play, early cross win button. My defenders are useless (Conf North) so treating them as stupid really helps, in other words telling them to stay in position, giving them no creative freedom a
  8. There is nothing more annoying than people posting that XYZ doesn't happen in MY game therefore it obviously isn't a problem when hundreds of people say it is. I haven't seen the excessive injuries problem that some people are experiencing but I would never say that it doesn't exist. FYI the mods have cofirmed umpteen times that the high scoring is mostly a lower league problem. No, Premier League or even League 1 for that matter is not lower league.
  9. Don't take this the wrong way but take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paragraph It will make sure people can even be bothered to read your posts
  10. I was just trying to simplify it as customer service is the same no matter what the industry. Anyway I will leave it there as requested by the mod. FWIW I think this FM has the potential to be the best ever if only the obvious flaws with the ME can be fixed so I'm sure we are all really looking forward to the first patch.
  11. If I go to Tesco and buy an umbrella with a hole in it they will replace it as it doesn't do what it is intended to do. They don't ask for constructive criticism about why it had a hole and what effect it has on me staying dry. They don't tell me it will mostly keep you dry, use it for now and we'll put a patch on it when we are ready. It's called customer service. I do understand that SI are looking at the FM15 problems and will no doubt fix them at some point in the future that is unknown. Whether or not we all agree about them releasing a broken game as a full release is another topic but
  12. I understand the concept of 'constructive feedback' but to be fair this thread was always likely to descend into a moan-fest until SI get a patch out. I went to a real life Vanarama North match yesterday and I can assure you that neither team had David Beckham playing out wide to deliver crosses nor did the players just stand around motionless after making a tackle and the goalkeepers really were able to stand up faster than 3 or 4 seconds after making a save. It's hard to be 'constructive' about this. I mean SI must have had enough pkms about it by now and if not then surely they only have t
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