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  1. Is there an ME patch coming up that i've missed information on?
  2. Hi all, 2 Questions i was hoping you could help me out on. If i get promoted from Champ to Prem, at what stage does the AI realise I am in the prem? Seems a silly question but sometimes I try to sign a player when i get promoted and the transfer window opens and he won't talk to me, but then when the leagues update during pre season and I am in the prem, he will suddenly talk to me.. Is it when pre season starts? Also, with tactics, when I give a player a personalized role in a certain position, for example if my AMR is always an IF but one player is changed to Winger instead, when he plays there and then i change someone else for the next game, my tactics screen changes the default role to the personalized role that my player had in the last game, even though he isn't picked. Is this a bug or how do i change this? Thanks all
  3. I am trying to put old logo packs from fm18 into the FM19 folder, but i cant find it anywhere in my documents? Does the beta not allow you to add graphics etc or has the directory moved?
  4. Thanks, I do exactly what you've said there already so seems like I'll carry on. I'm developing some absolute worldies so we're all good!
  5. Let me set the story - I am Boavista, I have gone down the route of trying to create the best youth academy in the world. We have many many 16-20 year olds from all over spread across the club. Boavista have a senior squad, a B team, an U19 team and an U18 team. My first team coaching staff are world class, my youth team coaching staff have all 4*+. The U19 use the U18 coaching staff. I have 5* facilities for youth and training. My question is, if I am not actively using a player, but I do not yet wish to send them on loan (maybe I am tutoring or developing a certain role with them), where is the best place to put them? At the moment if they are eligble for the U18s, I keep them in there and trust my youth setup to develop him. If they are not able to be there, I have them in my senior squad, but have them set to 'available for U19s for 90 mins'. Is this the best way for me to develop them? Are they being put in the squad that develops them the best? Is there anything extra or different I should be doing?
  6. Okay but this is done at 0:00 and half time, as opposed to what you see on the pitch in real time? (Eg a 50/50 or 1on1)
  7. Not sure if reading wrong but doesn’t your edit contradict the original reply? If calculations are made every second in real time how does the game know what will happen when you press start?
  8. A quick question regarding the match engine: If when you play on key highlights, the game then starts showing you highights based on the fact a CCC is coming up, the game must know that it is going to happen in the future. Does this not mean that unless you make any more changes to the game after half time, the full time result is pre determined at half time (barring any tactical changes/subs). I say this because if the game knows to show you a highlight in the 63rd minute because they know there will be a key highlight early in the 64th minute, what’s to stop the Game knowing about that highlight at half time? (Again, barring any changes). Basically what I’m saying is, if either manager was to make no changes, is the result pre determined at the beginning of the game, rather than each duel/shot being calculated in real time based on the stats of those involved.
  9. I tried Schmidt's Leverkusen here, and it got a great discussion going, take a look if you want
  10. Hey man, this is a fantastic thread. I will absolutely love it if you would do a tactical write up either on here or the tactics forum. With the 'hipster' roles you have, the tactical forum would welcome this system with open arms. Also i'd love to see how you make it work, the ins and outs . Keep it up mate, great work
  11. No problem, you mean discussed on this thread? will have a long read through if so
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