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  1. Sorry for the late reply. You have a good point. Looking at other peoples screenshots isn't really something I do, so I never really gave that a thought, but I do understand what you mean. I would give my vote to having the same player attributes order for any language, so it would be non alphabetically of course. How it is now with an alphabetic order, you will still see different attributes order depending on the language, but I guess that English is the most common language being used, so it's not such a big problem.
  2. The order of player attributes changes depending on the game language. I'm used to the Norwegian player attributes order, but I will be playing with English language this year, but I find the player attributes to be kinda all over the place. I'm sure I could eventually get used to it, but it would be nice if we could: Click+hold, and drag player attributes vertically to change the order. I have wanted this for years, and I have previously tried to change from Norwegian game language to English, but I gave up after I couldn't get used to the English player attributes order. I also think that this feature would be easily implemented. If this gets implemented, I'm sure that it will feature in the full version of Football Manager, but as Touch user on PC, I would appreciate if this feature could also be implemented on Football Manager Touch for PC.
  3. Attributes is in alphabetic order and even though it has pretty much been the same always, I would really like to customize the order as I don't find the alphabetic too great. I don't think this would take too much time either. I would just love too be able to slide "finishing" up or down for example.
  4. Thanks for your answer. I think that is right. A friend of mine got it automatically after time.
  5. I have seen that it's possible in the normal version. In classic mode there is no option for that. I'm a low league club and I don't have any affiliated clubs. Other clubs do have it because they did already start with a affiliated club. It' a bit unfair that I can't have one, because the club I'mm manager in didn't start with one. Will did be added in a future patch maybe? I will also throw this is as a suggestion for the next patch.
  6. In normal mode you can see the training and mental attributes on a staff. In classic mode you can only see the training attributes since they are in black letters. The mental attributes is in white letter, and you cannot see them, since the background is white. this should been fixed in the hotfix patch. Patch it now please.
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