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  1. Sorry for the late reply. You have a good point. Looking at other peoples screenshots isn't really something I do, so I never really gave that a thought, but I do understand what you mean. I would give my vote to having the same player attributes order for any language, so it would be non alphabetically of course. How it is now with an alphabetic order, you will still see different attributes order depending on the language, but I guess that English is the most common language being used, so it's not such a big problem.
  2. The order of player attributes changes depending on the game language. I'm used to the Norwegian player attributes order, but I will be playing with English language this year, but I find the player attributes to be kinda all over the place. I'm sure I could eventually get used to it, but it would be nice if we could: Click+hold, and drag player attributes vertically to change the order. I have wanted this for years, and I have previously tried to change from Norwegian game language to English, but I gave up after I couldn't get used to the English player attributes order. I also think that this feature would be easily implemented. If this gets implemented, I'm sure that it will feature in the full version of Football Manager, but as Touch user on PC, I would appreciate if this feature could also be implemented on Football Manager Touch for PC.
  3. It would indeed be nice to have something in between. Frankly, I thought FM Touch was something in between. I get that they need to trim things down to make it faster, and they did. They have trimmed the game a lot and that is fine, but I completely disagree on changing league rules. This is something that I though was standard. Sure, many things are trimmed but don't trim the actual league rules. That is just silly if you ask me, but fine. Yes, I hope that sometime in the future, it would be possible to enable/disable features yourself. I won't be going to normal mode because of this as I do thing normal is way more time consuming that I would like. But I really never expected the match rules to be removed and I was just disappointed when I found about it today. I never really knew even though I have found it odd why I could loan so many players and still use them. It's just that, I really never expected that league rules would be removed even though they need to trim the game. Trimming the game is a given for FM touch, but not rules IMO.
  4. Sorry for the delay on my part too. I keep forgetting to enable notifications. Yes, I play touch and I'm in year 2023 and play in Championship. I still have no farmer club.
  5. But that's the thing. How is league rules really effecting the streamline and quicker game play? Yeah, I'm debating with myself if I should get normal mode, but I did chose Touch because it's way less time consuming. There's a lot of things in normal I want to avoid and I have accepted the less features in Touch and I'm fine with them all. But for some reason, no league rules is bugging me because it makes no sense why anyone would remove that. It does not effect time consuming nor demand better graphics. It's not less or more advanced really with having league rules. So again, why is it removed? I don't believe it was removed from the game to make the game quicker.
  6. I'm not saying I want to remove more features. I'm saying that I want it as it should be. There's really no reason for why the rules are not there. I don't see how that would effect the speed of touch or how that could be more time consuming. The league rules should be as it is.
  7. But why not have match rules about loan? You can literally use as many loan players in leagues. I just don't get that. What is there to lose? Why remove that? Now I really feel like I'm playing a kids version of the game. I have accepted that it has less features and that it's less time consuming. I'm fine with that, but match/league rules? It doesn't actually make any sense. How can you change rules for a league?
  8. Apparently there are no match rules in FM touch. You can use as many loan players as possible in Championship, League 1, league 2 as far as I know. Probably in other leagues too. I know there is a loan rule too, but that pretty much allows you to loan as many players as possible with some exceptions. But in normal you can't use as many loan players as you want, but in Touch you can? Has this been forgotten to be added? Why not have it included? it would not make the Touch mode any more time consuming and I think it's just wrong to not include that.
  9. So randomly I went to my staff list on the left side, and I noticed I had 3 staff members in the same role. First thing, in touch mode you can only have 1 staff in each category so this was just weird. The extra staff that I did not hired is just random. They are not any good and it costs money to let them go. I fired two of them and kept the original one. 1 year later and I check the staff randomly again and I see the game hired another staff, and it's in the same role! It seems like the game ONLY hires head physio randomly. I haven't had other issues. Having 2 staff in same category shouldn't even be possible as far as I know.
  10. Attributes is in alphabetic order and even though it has pretty much been the same always, I would really like to customize the order as I don't find the alphabetic too great. I don't think this would take too much time either. I would just love too be able to slide "finishing" up or down for example.
  11. So I started in Vanarama North in England and now I'm in league 1. I still haven't gotten any offers to have a farmer club what so ever. I think it's about time that I can loan out players or at least loan players from a club in Championship that I'm connected too. This has never been an issue before, and it has never taken this long to get a farmer club. I'm Weston-Super-Mare if that helps with anything. I just find this a bit odd.
  12. kiickiii

    Media prediction heavily wrong

    To be fair, I don't think it' a bug. I just don't understand how it works. Some predictions is labeled in green or red color. Not sure how that works. A team on 23 place has also a prediction of 4th place with 3 games left. I mean how? I just don't get it. Like I said before, this is NOT a prediction from before the season as I was predicted to get 17th place and not 2nd as the table says now. The prediction from before the season and that prediction you see in the picture do not match at all.
  13. The media prediction inside the table seems to be a live prediction and not a prediction they did before the season start. In this case, I find that the media thinks a team on 8th place will win the league with 3 games left and 17 points behind. I mean, it's not even possible. I'm sure that this prediction is not an old prediction because I was predicted to get 17th place where the prediction now is 2nd since I lead and there is only 3 games left. Here are some pictures. What I don't understand is what the green and red color prediction means, so maybe I'm missing something.
  14. I'm in year 2019 and this has happened 3-4 times before. it happens rare and it's not really a problem but sometimes when I score an early goal, after I press pay they game doesn't show the goal. It just says 1-0. So after you have selected your lineup and press play, the next thing you will see is 1-0 without seeing the goal. It happens rarely and not a problem but it happens. Unless I have pass out for a few seconds and missed the goal
  15. So I have had several players that is unhappy with not getting enough playing time. Since I at the same time had long injures in those positions, I let those players play all the time for half a year. They still whine about not getting enough playing time. It just seems kinda stuck and they can't change their minds?