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  1. Pierwsze do poprawienia, drugie jest poprawne formalnie, choć rzadko używane w tym akurat kontekście. Dzięki.
  2. This should be translated in the next release.
  3. 1. Re: Mitchell - The English text has "run of clean sheets" there, which I have always taken to mean "consecutive"; web search largely (with exceptions) confirms this, so I need to bounce this upstairs. 2. Re: "Reżimyy" - this made its way into the game after translation close as far as I can tell; I have fixed it for the next patch, whenever that may be, and if not, for the next version. 3. Re: "stanową" - thanks, will be fixed. I spend a few days each day on a spell-check of the entire text, but this obviously would be missed there. Found another instance of the same, by the way. As to the qualifications thing: The English version is "We've done okay, that was the qualification campaign we expected, let's push on from here now and exceed expectations next time". I would say that (i) it is absolutely unclear that "next time" refers to the World Cup (ii) the translation adequately reflects that ambiguity.
  4. #1 & #2 - These are game issues, not translation ones, in English it's the same situation, "Concerns raised after England Confederations cup exit", etc. Lines like these are not sensitive to what the 1st stage of a tournament is. You might want to post this in the appropriate bugs subforum. This only shows how worthless the Confederations Cup is :P
  5. Thank you for these. 1. not my fault, but I'll fix it of course, no savegame needed; 2. this one's for the coders - this is an old line #248409, originally used as "opracowanie" in the credits screen (as in "development of the game"), but apparently recycled now to mean "rozwój" (as in "development of the technical skills"); they need two separate entries in the database; 3. there's no name in the English text either, so this one's for SI coders as well. @Woodg SI - could you please follow up on #2 and #3 here?
  6. I would be afraid to touch anything here as the line seems like at least possibly introducing the full Team of the Week as well. I see your point though, and we'll try to come up with something better.
  7. Many things could sound better. The problem however is that names of competitions (clubs, persons, cities, etc.) in the database cannot be inflected and are fed into the text in the nominative. Your suggestion would result in "znaleźli się w Jedenastka Tygodnia Vananarama South", and there is absolutely no practical way round it. Trust me, every year we perform syntactic acrobatics with the text to make it at least acceptable, if not stylistically perfect.
  8. Thanx, will be fixed in the next lng patch.
  9. Thanx, must be something that went into the game too late for us to translate; will be fixed in the next lng patch.
  10. The English versions are fine, as far as I can tell (cities and clubs at least); something went phut in the Polish translation field. The weird thing is I have checked the FM 2018 database and everything seems to be ok there. Anyways, will be fixed with the next data update (which I guess will be once the winter transfer window has closed).
  11. 1. That's because you have the same game :P This will be fixed with the next translation patch. 2. This question is for the Polish research team I guess. 3. Thanks for this, we'll see if a change is possible (i.e. if the entry is used only in this place and changing it won't mess up anything else). ETA: No, it's not, as the column is the same, so it's name needs to work in all views.
  12. Thank you, this is an intentional decision taken for a number of technical reasons.
  13. In my DB Celuloza most certainly has "ń" in Kostrzyn in the English field, in both the long and short names.
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