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  1. What a great thread! Is this the same legendary Rashidi who used to make awesome tactics way back in the day? ??
  2. I'm just curious because when you set a league to view only, the number of players in the database is reduced - so are less players fully generated and, if so, how can you still sign them???
  3. Hi, I haven't played for the last couple of years and was wondering what the optimal settings to use might be. I've started a game with England (down to Skrill Premier) and the top leagues from Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Argentina playable. The game speed is 3.5 stars as a result on medium database size. I notice that if I switch a league to viewable only the number of players is drastically reduced. So does that mean that if I can't manage in a league, I can't sign players from that league either (as they are not fully generated)? What leagues/settings and performance do you guys play on? Thanks.
  4. I wanted the inclusion of elephants and was disappointed by their continued absence. Maybe next year.
  5. I'm enjoying the preview videos. Game is looking good already.
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