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  1. I uploaded the save to your services. Name of the save is Thomas Massot-WP.fm The same event occur again on the 2nd of January ( For some others minor issues I simultated on my own so you are on the 31 of december 2022.) Thank you for the hard work on all those things ! Best regards, Tom
  2. Hi @Ben Kenney I have a save in the end of october 2022 so I guess I just put the holiday thing to go to december. Any special date required ?
  3. Hi @Ben Kenney As this thread is talking about WP, I will add my story here. I have a Slovenian striker Jan Mlakar, playing for my FC Metz side ( French 1st division). Happy new year 2023 and... tadam this player need a WP. He is european, in european country. Am I missing something ? Do you need anything from me to investigate this ? or is there a rule that I'm not aware of ? Best regards,
  4. Hi, I don't know if it's a bug or a normal situation but it appears on my save that regens from South america aren't coming every year. On 2020 I had some argentinians on the 18/10/2020, and from 22/09/2021 to 25/09/2021 I had some brazilians. I'm now on the 16th of november of 2022, and no regens came frome those countries. Also not even 1 USA guy from 2020 to 2022. Usa not available on my save. But I have some australian guys but Australia is also not playable. Sorry per advance, if it's a normal situation. I think that at least some of those countries should from time
  5. De zerbi isn't at the club when I started it. and he should be assistant manager. Cabit is injured for 7 weeks in the beta. But we still don't know if he will play football again ( pretty much same **** was with kevin Anin from Nice) Contract of Caillard (GK) says " gardien titulaire" "s'attend à débuter les matchs les plus importants". But it wasn't the way he was signed. Maybe you could set him as " remplaçant" or " joueur de rotation"
  6. Hi, For the FC Metz side, Niane is injured for at least 6 months. IG he is not. Same goes for Manuel Cabit. Name of "Kiki" is Boubakar Kouyaté or "Kiki" Kouyaté. Caillard is not a " Joueur titulaire" he signed a contract to be 2nd GK, but no proof on it just it's the way the move was done. Adama Traoré isn't new at the club. So when you want to sell him, it shouldn't be said that he just signed in for the club. Jean-Marie De Zerbi is again at the club. Sorry if everything doesn't fit in this section. If not message me or tell me what should go where, I hesitated anyway. Good l
  7. As I follow everyday the football news, something came up to my mind. We negociate in the game our contracts and wages. IRL, agents as Minola or Bernès, negociate manager's contract. It could be interesting, with the manager's wages, to spend it to get a more or less good agent to negociate our contracts with national federations or clubs. You all know that a powerfull agent, with many big players in his side can do such great things. Imagine the game with a good agent, tells the chairman when your quite low in the league, " ok give more time to the manager", or when you wanna sign a real star
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