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  1. aha, you could have a point there! I'll have a look when I get back from work.
  2. This has just happened to me, Got a couple of spanish youngsters, a czech 19year old superstar and portugese. All developed over 4 seasons and now in the championship and gathering interest, to stop bigger teams buying I renewed contracts but all them had WPs denied. However! I wasn't unable to stop the contract going through when I knew they would fail, now half way through my season and I have 4 first teamers who can't play for at least 120 days! Crazy!
  3. Hi all, Weird one really, with ebbsfleet and promoted finally to the championship and every year the board says it wants an under 23s team and I accept however there are never any.fixtures. do you know I get added to a league if ever? Thanks!
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