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  1. I think it does happen sometimes - was a few years ago now FM17 or 16 I think when i took a job but finished the season before taking up the role.
  2. If you click on the column heading 'Position Role/Duty' it will sort into the order u see in the screenshot. Not sure about the unselected players though sorry.
  3. Any or all 4 of @FMunderachiever suggestions. If you have a pacy DC you could play one on Cover duty - but Offside Trap doesn't work with s Cover.
  4. If they have a manager or caretaker in place you are more likely to be able to take it up once the season is over. If they are looking for a manger straight away then they won't want it IF there are other managers in the running. Ultimately it comes down to how much they want YOU
  5. It would be the next full release as it isn't a 'patch' - also is the actual format and schedule confirmed in time?
  6. I agree with herne79 you already know how to beat it. It is worth remembering that, IRL the 4231 was developed as a formation to work AGAINST the 442 which was prevalent at the time (I think I got that from "Inverting the Pyramid") and works by using the space between the lines of a 442 with an AMC in particular. So, if you want to beat the 4231 with a 442 that's where I would suggest looking first - how can you control the space between the back four and midfield four? Your screenshots show the space behind the MCs as a relative weak point in all three.
  7. In the new features announced the muddy pitch and puddles are coming back in FM20!
  8. Some of it does feel like a 'next stage' in some modules.
  9. Well, I love what I am reading so far. The Development Centre is massive - I can't wait to jump in there am really looking forward to that one. I like the idea of being able to see the youth before the intake, and being more involved in selection however I will wait to see how it actually plays out. The Playing Time Pathway is another, as has been mentioned, it could be 'gamed' by some, but the damage it could do to the squad dynamic might b huge. If it works similar to player promises etc, it could end up being a shackle for some gamers. The Board and Vision idea I do really like as well, as long as it is negotiable enough without limiting the 'job opportunities' available. My tendency is for attacking football, if the board are looking to consolidate and be more conservative, how easy is it to convince them my vision is achievable? Or should I accept the board's thinking and then work to change it over the seasons? Interesting challenge. Still, I have really high hopes for this release now - the pitch degradation is back! One of the things that always annoyed me for the last couple of iterations was the lack of damage to the pitch - a little thing I know - but hey, how about a massive knee-slide celebration that leaves a ploughed furrow on the wet pitch that later in the match causes a bad-bounce that results in a goal? Can't wait for it now.........
  10. My understanding is that if it is officially happening in the real world, and confirmed as such before the data is locked for release at SI, then it will be coded into the game to happen as per real life. As long as it is confirmed as actually happening in time to be added to the game before data lock.
  11. Yep. All the top three being youth players seems strange. Unless you are playing in Belgium? Just found this: Belgian Golden Shoe, awarded to the best football player in Belgian Pro League, as voted by press and football personalities
  12. Yes, I believe it does - but more with the ball physics than player performance itself, other than perhaps the GK handling. I haven;t noticed more rain tan earlier versions but have heard a few people saying there is. There used to be a 'muddy pitch' develop as well - which impacted the game but that has disappeared in the last couple of versions.
  13. In which fixtures did he score the 23 goals?\ I'm not certain, but the Golden Shoe (rather than Golden Boot) goes to a youngster anyway doesn't it? The one who scores the most goals in recognised competitions - in this case it would UEFA competitions. 2nd and 3rd are 19 and 20 yrs old.
  14. I think the weather still has the same effect, it's just not being shown in the graphics like it used to be. The last couple (few) iterations of the game it was noticed and there have been a few threads about it as well - the degradation of the pitch doesn't show up in the 3d graphics any more.
  15. Your AP and the BWM are both 'roamers' - especially on Support. What are the PIs for those two? Can you get them to hold position a bit better?
  16. Yeah, in terms of player numbers the game will auto-generate those required and they will appear as 'grey' names in the squad list. - it is possible to offer these players a contract if you want to keep the numbers up. Not sure how it impacts the development of your high potential guys though - I always like to see my age-group sides competing for silverware because I think (probably wrongly) that bigger, important competitive matches count for more. Having a squad were your best potential aren't really being challenged goes against my ideas on their development. Get them training and playing with and against better players!
  17. Thanks @FrazT you said what I meant in far fewer words.
  18. I might consider de-training the 'Runs with ball' trait for this guy. As a PM I want him receiving the ball and then picking a pass out - he has the Vision, Technique and Passing ability but also, if going the B2B route, I don;t really want him running with the ball - I would like to see him play it out from Midfield then make a run to the box without the ball. He could develop into a really useful 'utility player for your midfield, although my own preference would be to develop him as a Playmaker (he can become Natural in both a DLP and AP role). With those attributes already, he would already be in my U23 squad an getting bench time with the first team. Easing him into first team games over a season but would strongly be considering selling off the 2nd/3rd choice in his position to make room for him coming through.
  19. Seconded. @RoversRob does the same as I do. Never get a complaint when 'rotated' but once I get the memo from staff (or notice the icon) I speak to the player, and never had a negative response. Well-managed squad rotation and I maybe get it once or twice over four seasons in my current save.
  20. I'm guessing, and I'm not sure exactly how the process works but, here's how I read your situation. The post being ticked as 'reviewed' simply means that the post has been reviewed - somebody has looked at the post and deemed it 'dealt with' so, a few days ago somebody posted about different hair types, the team have looked in the forum seen the post and gone "Ah, different hair types - wait a minute, we got a request in June, it's still on the list to get through from June so the hair type thing is under control for the moment . I'll just tick this post as sorted. Essentially, the recent request is closed because there is already a similar request 'in the system' which has been left open on the forum until the team have had chance to look at the feature properly (they may well be doing that as we speak), busy creating different hair styles but only leaving one of the feature requests open in the forum until the process has completed. No point having multiple open requests in there all about the same feature.
  21. I do it when I get the Scout and Data report on next opposition - that's when I am planning the team and the tactic to use. I also sometimes shuffle players around when I get the youth team coach asking for players that are available.
  22. There should be an option to 'Arrange Friendly if no fixture in the week" is that the one you are talking about? I have that checked and my u23s ans u18s all have at least one game a week.
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