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  1. Your flanks won't necessarily be one-dimensional - that would depend on your FB roles.duties as well. As fr two Poachers - I am not too familiar with the role, but perhaps a P and an AF? Similar roles, but I always felt an AF was a bit more mobile across the line, wouldn't;t drop deep either.
  2. Marginal if anything. It's the Sports Scientists that work on injury prevention though - physios fix 'em, Sports Scientists stop them breaking in the first place.
  3. It's the full game with no restrictions, but just hasn't been through the full bug-testing cycle. It's an effective way for SI to get as many eyes / users as possible finding the final bugs. AFAIK it is available to those who pre-order the game and is available two weeks before full release.
  4. Me too - my graphics folder is HUGE Mind you I usually download and save all that stuff as I go along, over the course of a whole year. Facepacks especially, but as soon as the latest 2D/3D kits are made and available I switch t o them as well.
  5. I really hope this isn't sliding down the slippery slope into calls for the women's SL to be included?
  6. I once had 2 in the same save - was back in FM12 I think - I'm old and struggle to remember last week sorry. :-) A Central Defender I think his name was Michael Fournier (French if memory serves). Picked him up on free I think, at 17, for Altrincham early in the save (still non-league). He retired with Altrincham, a couple of Premier League medals and a CL winners medal at age 33-ish Same save I had a GK in that team, had him from 16 yrs old, was First Choice GK by 19 and stayed there until he was 36 or 38 I think. I play the game much differently now though and doubt I will ever have the same success.
  7. I don't know if it is correct or not, but I have always only worried the Physio attribute for Physios, but also look at the Physio + Man Management attributes for the Head Physio. Same for Scouts and Chief Scouts. My thinking being that the Head Physio is in control of a team of people, so MM attribute must/should count for something. The Physio attribute also because he will be 'signing off' on the treatments his team are applying to players as well. The Physio attribute as I understand it, goes towards the treatment given, effectiveness of said treatment and also the accuracy of estimated recovery time. JPA I don;t think comes into it for a physio.
  8. My player shortlists are: U18 U23/Reserves Backup First Team Default Scouted players that I want to shortlist/keep an eye on, are added to whichever list they fit according to CA and/or Age, and are added for a year. When I am in the market for a particular position/role I will add players to the Default list as well - which is populated for the tfr window - that becomes my 'wishlist' of players I am actively chasing. As players develop/get older, they get shuffled through the age groups until such time I buy them or decide they are no longer good enough fr me. Adding them for a year means I get the regular reminders to keep the lists updated. I find this way means that after a couple of seasons I am in a position whereby a sudden departure, injury or whatever leaves a hole in the squad, I don;t/shouldn't need to spend time scouting a replacement. My Staff lists I run a little different. Good staff are simply added to the list (Default) and when I need a hire, I use the filters to find suitable people within the list. This is only ever populated through the recommendation emails received, so I usually still end up trawling the unshortlisted staff as well.
  9. I would use tempo and pressing controls to lower intensity - Time Wasting for to long in a game I think tends to give the opposition a tad more possession. The tendency being for your players to let it run out of play for throw ins rather than chase it down - gifting opposition possession albeit in unthreatening areas. That, and it is also what it says on the Hints and Tips during rollovers. The last ten minutes rule of thumb is my own 'limit' to be fair.
  10. Be careful with the Time Wasting instruction - it can bite yer backside if used too early. My general rule of thumb is never select it before the 80th minute. I wish that when selected, as the 90th minute approaches, I could see my wide players take the ball to the corner flag and hold it there.
  11. You can set the squad availability through the player Development tab as well - I'm not sure if it would make a difference. From the player profile, select Development, and look at the 'Squad' drop-down. Your First Team squad should all be set to First Team. There is also an option in there under the Reserves/U23s/B-Team to 'Available for the Reserve Team' which enables you to keep players training with the firsts, but playing in he reserves. Might be worth going through your squad and checking whether they are selected as 'Available'. Another thing, although you don;t mention which nation you are playing in, some nations/leagues have a set-up where B-Teams are treated as separate entities - in which case, -players signed to the B-Team may be prioritised to play there regardless - I am not sure of these rules myself but it's something that came to mind.
  12. If I am defending a reasonable lead, I don't move my DL further back - don;t want to invite them into the area if I can help it. If they are pushing on for a goal then it will get pushed back anyway. My technique is basically to 'slow-down'. Lower the Tempo, shorten the passing, tuck a bit narrower in possession and Lower the LoE - try and play a bit of 'keep-ball'. rather than allow the opposition possession. GK can Slow the Pace Down, Play for Set Pieces and Shoot on Sight also eats up the minutes. Plus, of course, the obvious 'Time Wasting' on high if it's the last ten minutes. I tend to find that a lower block, and defensive mentality more often than not ends up with me conceding one. I would rather get the ball and keep it - higher up the pitch. Play for corners and free kicks and blast it into Row Z if you get chance.
  13. Nope - you can still negotiate. If you are offering a player to clubs, add it to the offer, THEN 'Remove and Exclude' before sending the offer out. If a club approaches you with an offer that has it locked in already, Reject the offer, then offer player back to that specific club using the technique above. You will need or should expect an adjustment on the transfer fee to allow for the extra cost the transfer will involve for the buying club though. Haven't ever sold a player on and continued to pay a salary.
  14. It was a pretend bomb to be fair - it had been left there by the counter-terrorism experts during a drill a few days before. Don't think that was a final-day fixture though. All 10 PL games played on the final day, should all kick off at the same time unless in exceptional circumstances - such Police advice for safety.
  15. Scarily similar - shop in Iceland to find the bargains, buy in bulk, then have to wait for them to defrost before the taste/performance comes back, before realising it was actually crap in the first place but looked promising in the cold. Other than that, I hand the Financial Director my cheque (transfer fee) and she gives me back 5%. Sp yeah, pretty much like real life.
  16. You can remove and exclude it from negotiations remember. ALso, if it is a rival in the bidding, you don't have to accept the offer with the wage contribution. If at all.
  17. Use the 'Rest' option and give them a day or two off training between games. Sub them off when you are well in front and comfortable. Simply manage the demand on them, keep them fit and healthy as possible.
  18. Not sure if it works with players out on loan, but there is a tab you can see a graph of attribute changes that shows the two-decimal-place increments. Using the example above, a player with Anticipation 10 on his profile screen could be anywhere between 9.5 and 10.4. Through the Development/Training/Attribute change.
  19. With the 4231 I would always have my DLP on Defend - unless I was throwing caution to the wind. He tends to hold position a little better and doesn't leave the gaps in the middle. Pretty much any 'runner' as a partner worked pretty well with him, although I tend to be more cautious with the midfield pair in a 4231 - you already have four players up front, i liked the two CMs to play behind them. In a 4141DM- Wide, I would have a DLP in either the DM or the CM strata - the DM would be a Defend duty and a CM either Def or Support depending on how cautious I wanted to be.
  20. I find it far more common in friendlies and early qualification for Europa League games. Not so much in league pr more competitive fixtures. Does seem worse with subs that come on though, but that could be perception bias
  21. Maybe we misunderstood each other - when you said 'feet off the ground' I read it as distance between the feet/boots and the floor when the payer jumped.
  22. Not if you compare a 6 foot 6 inch defender who gets his feet 12 inches off the ground, to a 5 foot 8 inch attacker who also gets his feet 12 inches off the ground. If the ball is anything higher than 6'8" the attacker can't reach it. Whereas the defender can reach a ball that is 7'6" high. Yet both are jumping with their feet 12 inches off the ground. JR in the game, if both are equal, they will both be able to reach the same ball at their highest jump regardless of how far their feet are off the ground. EDIT: Apologies for using feet and inches - showing my age :-)
  23. There are two ways to measure it - your way, from the bottom - how far off the ground the feet are. The in-game way, is from the top - how high the head gets. I suspect that this is down to the fact that a lot of aerial challenges in the game are between big defenders and small (er) strikers. Imagine a corner or cross delivered into the box - the defender is having to execute almost a standing jump, whereas the attacker is likely getting a run-up for a running jump. Ultimately, who wins the header is down to who can get their head high enough - whether the feet need to leave the ground or not. (Yes, I know there are more factors to consider, but this is the simplified version - assume all other attributes are equal). In the midfield, from say a Goal Kick, the defender has the opportunity to 'step-in' to the jump whereas the attacker is 'backing into' the jump. Hence, the Defender usually has the advantage and wins the majority of these challenges.
  24. How far intot he season porper are you? If you leave the AssMan to it, he will schedule pre-season training which ids more physical focused than anything else.
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