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  1. 49 minutes ago, Delvi said:

    I know that with the last patch  the teams are uptaded with new players already signed in the beginning of the season. Have you ever considered to change the system, having the players set with "future transfer" so that they will join the new teams in January instead of being already available in the beginning of the season?

    That would be nice, but, if the IRL agreement happens after data lock, and we have been playing the game since November, having bought Player A, who then moves to Arsenal because he had a 'future transfer' added to a patch, then it becomes complicated.

    Once you click 'Continue' the first time you enter a whole new parallel universe.


  2. Yes they are useful. You have control of the player development, position they play, role and duty as well as the individual training. With a high standard of facilities and coaches, then you wil generate a 'stock' of useful players for yourself. The matches themselves help kkep fitness levels up for the youth team players. I always have the 'Arrange friendly if no match during the week' option selected, and the u18s has a 22-player squad (2 per position) the u23s the same (plus a couple of first-teamers who need fitness).

    Keeping them at your facility will help them develop into players that fit your tactic, YOU can train them in the positions you use, focused on the attributes you value.

    Loaning them out DOES save you a bit on the wage bill, but you are essentially handing over the development of the player to someone else, who wants a slightly different player to fir their tactic. You can stipulate a position, role and duty in the loan agreement, but that's no guarantee he will be used that way and you are stuck with it until the next transfer window. He may also be training in lower facilities, with less effective coaches. However, the benefits are  that he is getting exposure to an appropriate level of football played in a highly competitive environment. (90mins in a FA Youth Cup match is nowhere near the as good as 90mins in an ACTUAL FA Cup match)

    There is a big financial commitment to having a youth structure at your club as well though. You have to decide whether it is worth the investment in the first place. My own approach, if I am at a level where the u23s or u18s are expected to play fixtures then I will develop the two squads, if I don;t have to have them, I may not.

    So, are the youth teams useful? Yes they are.  For developing young players, keeping everyone fit and building the club DNA. 

    Loans are very good for the right player, but a 20 yr old spending a season playing as a Poacher at Morecambe isn't going to easily slot into your tactic that needs a DLF at Leeds - even if you have saved a couple of hundred pounds a week.

  3. 16 hours ago, AytchMan said:

    Let me make one last try.  Take the simplest example imaginable:  flipping coins.  I think we can all agree that flipping coins is both random and fair.  Over the long haul, you're going to get extremely close to 50-50, right?  Now. let's say you flip 100 times, call heads every time and get heads 54 times.  That's a 54-46 win.  Now you flip another 100 times and again call heads every time.  But this time you lose -- it's 45-55.  But how could you lose?  You used the exact same strategy and the coin is exactly the same.  As is the probabilistic mathematics.  Well, that's the essence of FM, a long and involved series of (essentially) coin flips.  Thus, a player in a given situation can make one decision one time and a completely different one the next.  And the match can go in a completely different direction.

    Many coin-flips a second I believe the match engine calculates. 

  4. It is possible, and yes you can dominate possession in lower leagues like that as it is relative to the opposition. However, you may not see your guys keeping the ball for as long as you might in higher levels.


    For eg: If Barca can keep the ball for 15-20 passes playing Tiki-Taka, Stevenage may manage to keep the ball for 5-7 passes playing a similar tactic.  So more turnover of possession but if you can win it back quickly then you will get higher possession stats.

  5. The compensation often shows up in the scout report if you are looking at a youngster - there will be '0' transfer fee but '50k' compensation for example. That's if you are te buying cub.

    I haven't taken any notice of it with my own players t be honest - if they are that good I t them up in a contract as quickly as possible. Any compensation I always assumed went into other budgets rather than the transfer budget as it technically isn't a transfer fee.

    I'm not sure on the game mechanics around this to be fair.

  6. My understanding is the compensation 'rule' was brought in to compensate the developing club. If he is 20 yrs old, presumably your club has invested time, money and resource into his development, and the 'buying' club should reimburse you. At least, that was the simple version, I think, of the Ings case.

    The Bosman rule, is about employment rights, within Europe specifically, and also impacted the Player Registration rules in the game - Bosman was out of contract but his club wouldn't release his playing registration for free to play for another club (which was in another EU country) and the freedom to work kicked in in that case.

  7. I believe the priority is Player Traits first, then PIs then the TIs. 

    So there is more likelihood the player will follow his natural trait.

    However, this is not a binary thing, all it does is make more likely  to happen - no guarantees it will happen.

    The Traits are one of the first things I look for when developing a tactic.

  8. On 06/12/2019 at 08:53, Renyy said:

    Once again, reject all offers is not an option due to player morale tanking. Players that would only want to leave to *one* specific club, might get an offer for 40m from 1 club, and 3m from the club he wants to go to. Telling him finances weren't right won't do anything in this situation because he and the game simultaneously thinks 3m and 40m is a fair price. 

    I have never had this turn into an issue. Turn down the first one, enter the conversation with the player, tell him the finances weren't right and you get a negotiation to set the price. Agree the asking price, set in in his transfer status and set to reject anything less than that. You will get a lot of emails telling you bids were rejected but the player won't complain because that is what he agreed. I'm not even sure the player is aware of the bid.


  9. It can be so frustrating when your guys don;t have the ball but you can approach this in a number of ways but firstly, you need to understand the opposition approach to help guide you.

    Are they actually playing Tiki-Taka or are they simply not very aggressive in attack?

    If they ARE playing tiki-taka then I might consider just letting them. Accept that they dominate possession, but try and control where they have that possession. Re-group, close all the space and cut off forward passes for them. Let them have the ball as long as it is around the half-way line. 


    Or, you can try and stop them having the ball - which means an aggressive defence from the front, potentially a lack of shape and potentially space opening up for them to exploit. This CAN be effective against some teams.

     - Identify the key players in the opposition, (pass combinations) and target them specifically - Close Down, Tackle Hard or Man Mark or a combination of OIs

    - Disrupt their strategy, chase, close down, hassle the ball carrier, close down passing lanes, defend the space

    - Concede possession. Let them play with it, but defend your final third. Structure, bodies behind the ball. Then hit them on the break.

    So many variables in your question it is impossible to give more than an overall strategy I'm afraid.

  10. My DoF is not much more than a glorified, highly paid scout to be fair.

    When the Agent asks for your opening offer, then yeah, the negotiations are usually pretty short. However, I always offer the low-end of the scout report suggestion for wage. A three year deal and leave everything else blank.

    They come back with a higher wage, and a list of clauses. I then decide which ones to accept., to reduce or remove (I always remove the yearly wage raise - never a problem) and try again. I always base it on what  I am prepared to pay for this particular player though. 

    I don't know whether the promises and pathways offered make a difference to the contract, I am guessing they do, but I generally remove any promises without a problem - which could potentially up the acceptable level of contract.

  11. Surely it's not about whether or not it is monetised, or whether or not someone is earning revenue from click, it's about who owns the Intellectual Property isn't it.

    8 hours ago, Smurf said:


    But it's not up to individuals to decide morally - they are just availing of a service that someone else is providing.


    If I was to use someone else's property for whatever then yes, I would have to make some kind of decision on whether it was an acceptable or appropriate thing to do. Whether it be the car, the wife, or a shirt of another person.

    Same with logos and kits, the image and design of which is someone else's property, In many cases, the owners have been quite clear about  the use of said designs and, as these designs do hold value for the owners, they have every right to limit their use because they are losing a potential revenue stream and it may de-value their property and impact the brand - that is how these things are moneterised.

    Simply 'availing of a service someone else is providing' is no defence if you are aware that the service is illegal or in breach of Copyright. A guy I went to school with, many moons ago, was adept at acquiring motor vehicles. If you wanted a BMW, you could pay him a fee and within a week or so, he would deliver a late-model BMW.  Usually in the colour, with the specs you wanted. But you can't defend yourself by saying he was providing a service and 'I never stole a car your honour'.


    'Everyone does it'/ 'We've always done it' is no defence either. Same with music, you pay for a CD, or a download, and you are buying the right to store it and play it and the licence to make ONE digital copy of it. 


    I have no issue paying a small fee for a logo pack, or kit pack, or face pack, but 'morally', I need to know I am buying it from the person who actually OWNS what I am paying for.


  12. I'm not sure what the issue is. If you have an Asking Price set, you will get offers from other clubs. They will always low-ball it to unsettle the player.

    Set an asking price to a level where it would deter other clubs, or to a point that you would accept then, select 'Reject any offers below asking price' and carry on with the game. You won;t get hassled, offers are binned immediately and if the player speaks to you about it, tell him the finances weren't right.

    I suspect you have the Asking Process set at a point low enough to trigger a high number of offers. I have never had to deal with the number of offers you mention.

  13. Not sure what the promise is from that screen sorry.

    Overall though, it looks OK. You only have one unhappy player. What's his personality like? Might be worth considering selling him to be honest if he is going to be problem.

    Most others are 'Content' so as long as you are getting results you should be fine.


    You have a squad of very different personalities, varying degrees of professionalism and your reputation is lower than most of the players - that last screenie actually looks pretty positive if I am honest. It wil ltake time for you win them all around to get behind you, but keep doing what you are doing would be my advice.



  14. There should be. If you have a suitable sized image.

    I think (and I am going from memory here) you navigate to the Documents> Sports Interactive > Football Manager 20 folder and open the 'Graphics' folder. There you should find the folder that holds the mini-stadium pack. Open it to check the image size/file format etc.

    THEN: From within FM, Preferences, make sure you have hte 'Show screen ID' (or something similar) checked. When you navigate to the profile screen where you expect to see the image, have a look at the club's unique ID (in the top bar).

    Copy-paste the image to  the folder wit hall the rest and name the file, using the same format as the rest, with the unique ID number.

    Do the usual clear cache/reload skin (or you may need to restart the game I don't remember) and it should load in.

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