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  1. I tried downloading some of SIgames' challenges that were on the Steam Workshop. Whenever I press subscribe, it doesn't appear in the downloads section of the game menu or the actual challenges menu. How am I meant to get them?
  2. This is the first edition of my new challenge. The actual goal of the challenge is quite simple, but at the same time, absolutely impossible. If you accept this challenge, it will probably take you into FM16. This challenge is very simple. Use the database at the end of this post, don't use the editor, post screenshots every season and you must pick a team in the Mid-Sussex League Division 11 TO THE PREMIER LEAGUE. If this happened in real life, the manager would be considered a divine being, which is the story behind the title. I'm not really expecting anyone to actually complete this challenge. Prove me wrong. I'll keep track of the people who do this challenge in this space. Good luck. http://www.passion4fm.com/fm15-english-lower-leagues-level-24-database/
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