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  1. Hello, The save ued was created during the beta, I only deleted files to have correct Germany national team and added corrective patch for brazilian names and real competitions names But creating a new save now Payet has the correct birthdate so it may have been a problem during beta or I don't know
  2. Hello In my save (started on the beta with the 20.1.0 database, it seems Payet has wrong birth date and is 1 year older On wikipedia + OM website he was born on 29/3/1987 https://www.om.fr/fr/effectif/5073/5186/milieu/14641-dimitri-payet Could you please check ? I'm surprised it hasn't been reported yet
  3. Please just always keep the 2D I love it and can play even without a new computer
  4. Hello in game Tonali extends his contract with Brescia with release clause always too low (16-18M€) is it possible to fix it ? he is seen as one of future best midfelder in world and his price should be high especially in modern football
  5. This can be subjective but when I try to buy Henrichs from Monaco they only ask 5M€ it seems really low even if he doesn't perform well currently Gouiri left Lyon for only 8M€ here too I doubt Lyon would sell him for only 8M€ I don't know what you think about it and if it is considerred as data issue
  6. Marcus Coco is not injured, well if injuries have been stopped before beginning of championship that's ok but it would not shock me if he is injured since he played only 8 minutes with Nantes on 1st match
  7. Hello This is a bit personal point of view but for me Thauvin should be out around 6 months and not only 2-3 months from June, he has made a come back yes but has received surgery to heal the same injury, it's not like he came back and got another new injury. Is it possible to make him injured for a longer time? https://www.lfp.fr/ligue1/article/om-operation-fixee-pour-thauvin.htm Pietro Pellegri should be injured https://www.transfermarkt.com/pietro-pellegri/verletzungen/spieler/364133 I have absolutely no information about it but I doubt that Benavente is getting 260k / month as salary, could you please check? It seems really overpaid for FC Nantes Something that isn't missing but can be add for the final release, Verratti has just extended his contract with PSG https://www.transfermarkt.com/marco-verratti/profil/spieler/102558 Adrian Grbic kit number should be 9 instead of 8 and his status should not be "prospect" because he joined Clermont to be number 1 striker, so maybe important player or key player instead https://www.transfermarkt.fr/adrian-grbic/rueckennummern/spieler/167342 There is clauses missing for future trandfert about Ayé, Shaefer has said that there is a big % for future transfer for Clermont and same with Pereira Lage https://www.lamontagne.fr/clermont-ferrand-63000/sports/schaefer-jaurais-aime-voir-julien-laporte-face-a-cristiano-ronaldo_13602026/#refresh « Disons que la vente est satisfaisante pour nous. Et il y a un pourcentage derrière qui est important. Florian Ayé sera titulaire à Brescia et s’il est performant, la prochaine fourchette de prix débutera à 35 millions d’euros. Dont une bonne partie pour le Clermont Foot. » https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Transferts-mathias-pereira-lage-clermont-a-un-pas-d-angers/1044303
  8. I have the same issue, for me the real problem except amount of injuries is that it occurs in match and this is not realistic to have at least one change to make because of injury and sometimes 3 or 4, In january with Chelsea i could never put m best starting 11
  9. Hello, I didn't check on this fm yet but in previous opus when you played with national team the fitness for a 2nd match 3 days after the first one was really terrible and impossible to keep the same starting 11 for 2 consecutive games. But in club it's easily possible.. same while playing world cup or international competition, it happened to me to play final or semi final with subs because of fitness or with players starting 80% their game... They should keep the same recuperation and rythm and fitness as with their club which means 90-95 after playing 3 days ago Will it be checked and corrected for this fm? Thank you
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