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  1. Hello, I have a question, in rules of Ligue 1 in game I see that Serbia belongs to nations with UE status but when you buy a serbian player he counts as an extra communautaire, IRL I Don't know about it, is it normal in game? I know that Serbia recently acquired this UE status Thank you for your answer
  2. Little bug in Nantes Nates has buying option for Kara of 22M in game but IRL it seems to be 2M https://www.ouest-france.fr/sport/football/fc-nantes/fc-nantes-kara-mbodji-officiellement-prete-chez-les-canaris-5942658 Can you please also verify ? I, Don't have sources for Miazga 11m seems realistic but 28 for Bischilia seems a bit high maybe
  3. Hello Remy Descamps contract in PSG is until 2021 not 2019 he extended befre going to Clermont on loan https://www.transfermarkt.fr/remy-descamps/profil/spieler/282028
  4. I have the same issue, for me the real problem except amount of injuries is that it occurs in match and this is not realistic to have at least one change to make because of injury and sometimes 3 or 4, In january with Chelsea i could never put m best starting 11
  5. Hello I think Vahan Bichakchyan is a bit underrated, he is one of the best youngster of Armena and performs well with Zilina B , would it be possible to raise his PA?
  6. Hello, I didn't check on this fm yet but in previous opus when you played with national team the fitness for a 2nd match 3 days after the first one was really terrible and impossible to keep the same starting 11 for 2 consecutive games. But in club it's easily possible.. same while playing world cup or international competition, it happened to me to play final or semi final with subs because of fitness or with players starting 80% their game... They should keep the same recuperation and rythm and fitness as with their club which means 90-95 after playing 3 days ago Will it be checked and corrected for this fm? Thank you
  7. Hello Kondogbia should be eligible for Centrafrica now, as chosen country since he played officail match for them now https://www.transfermarkt.fr/geoffrey-kondogbia/profil/spieler/127189
  8. Hello, Emmanuel Odemis is missing in game https://www.transfermarkt.fr/emmanuel-odemis/profil/spieler/537827
  9. Hello, In my save, Nantes has send on loan to Trabzonspor Lucas Lima, I think if he has ever to leave FCN it shoud be for a good transfer since he was rumored to go to Zenit, and is really a key player there.
  10. Ok thank you ! Ah yes i'll see for Bichakhchyan there , Actually for Voynov according to transfermrkt he played more often LM, in my opinion he should be able to play well on both sides https://www.transfermarkt.fr/denis-voynov/leistungsdaten/spieler/70231/plus/0?saison=ges
  11. Petros Avetisyan is a key player in Pyunik so needs to be upgraded and he also has been called for NT (although did not play against Gibraltar and Macedonia), his natural role should be in AMC, he almost Always play this position https://www.transfermarkt.fr/petros-avetisyan/leistungsdaten/spieler/309676/plus/0?saison=ges Vahagn Hayrapetyan is a key player today in Talalaev system, he has been captain of U21 from times to times, I think he deserves a better potential or even little increase of CA (Always difficult to judge in comparaison from level in general in game) https://www.transfermarkt.fr/vahagn-hayrapetyan/nationalmannschaft/spieler/270975 Arthur Kartashyan CA seems good, he was announced as one of the best younsgter but seems to stay at the same level currently, has a little margin of increasment IRL, a key player of Armenia U21 and close to NT IRL Eric Vardanyan should be a key player in Pyunik and with a good potential, he was supposed to sign in Leganes stayed one month there but the deal did not appear, also made a trial in Sion but has been refused because of lack of physic condtion, but he is one of the best youngster in Armenia, scores often, a solid LW, his potential should be high and maybe a little more technic for CA https://www.transfermarkt.fr/erik-vardanyan/transfers/spieler/403080 Denis Voynov in Pyunik should have his natural postion as RM RW and not as LM LW https://www.transfermarkt.fr/denis-voynov/leistungsdaten/spieler/70231 Artak Yedigaryan, should be able to play LM and should be really more offensive he has finished twice best scorer of Armenian League, while playing LM or LB in game he only has 5 for finishing, https://www.transfermarkt.fr/artak-yedigaryan/torenachminute/spieler/119433 Vahan Bichakhchyan should have a very good potential, he plays so far in Zilina B but his one of the best youngster for armenia, scored in Europa Legaue when he was 16 https://www.transfermarkt.fr/vahan-bichakhchyan/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/399348 he should also be able to play LW Henri Avagyan is a layer of Alashket IRL he is free in game https://www.transfermarkt.fr/henri-avagyan/nationalmannschaft/spieler/249671 Emmanuel Odemis is missing in game https://www.transfermarkt.fr/emmanuel-odemis/nationalmannschaft/spieler/537827
  12. Pour le problème de Lopez président et propriétaire , Kita c’est pareil non? dans le staff il est juste président dans le jeu, Aulas à Lyon ? ça devrait être faisable avec Lopez aussi je pense
  13. Great news it would be really amazing if their CA / PA is upgraded ! I'd like to if you can tell me in what can I be useful? For me in previous FM there were issues with transfers but seems to be ok now , maybe some positions modifications sometimes but here too seems good (it's just exploring DB in previous opus postions were random from one save to another) For this FM if actual CA for Avetisyan Vardanyan can be upgraded it would be great and also a bit their potential as well as the potential of Bichakchyan who went to Zilina and is so far one of the best youngster in Armenian football
  14. Yes i knis that the closing for the beta is late September but if no one tells it sometimes it is not corrected. Yes you have made a good job on transfers I did not check all yet but everything seems ok. Especially since the country is not developed in football it's hard to know or even to care about it because most of people won't look at this league which is not even playable exempts if you modify the db. Vardanyan did not sign i dont know why and got injured tbis month but it was to show his potemtial he has passes trials there. But it would be really good if you can improve potentials for the quoted players since they are key players Avetisyan Vardanyan Arakelyan are the best players in pyunik and they all 3 have substitute role with very low potential it's 3 fm it's like this and it's a pity that their ratings is not reviewed every year... if you can check it and correct a bit for these players it would be really perfect. I can help for armenia if you need Informations or such things
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