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  1. En effet je n'ai rien trouvé de la part de leipzig comme Upamecano pour le bayern par exemple, la seule chose que j'ai trouve c'est un article de l'équipe qui indique que c'est fait mais en effet sa blessure a peut être retardé l'officialisation et je comprends le point de vue de FM surtout qu'avant sa blessure il était annoncé par tous les médias à Milan. Merci pour les explications en tout cas
  2. Hello If I'm not mistaken Leipzig made official the coming of Simakan next summer and in the db he is not going to Leipzig at the end of the season Regards
  3. Thank you for the informations, for sampaoli yes of course it'll depend when it'll be official, hopefully before the deadline, we will see. Pour Larguet désolé je pensais qu'il n'était pas mis en intérim dans la bdd d'où mon interrogation mais s'il l'est (je n'ai pas eu le temps de re vérifier) c'est bon c'est top.
  4. Thank you for your reply, yes you have better sources as you said in france it's not easy to know about it but we know that most of the clubs are suffering financially because of the high salaries they give to average players. Alvaro earns 73k per month in my save I guess if IRL he earns 2.2m per year he should get the double in the game and I found a lot of examples like this. But again we are in a crisis due to tv rights and covid so maybe they agreed to lower their salaries. Yes for mandqmda I forgot that he extended his contract and reduced his salary you're right. I quickly che
  5. Hello, what a surprise to have seen the main winter update last night ! Thank you ! However I am concerned about some things, salaries seem to have been decreased a lot for many teams, like Monaco, Marseille and not for some other, same for some players and not some others, could you please explain this? Fr example in Marseille, Mandanda earns 130k / month, Milik is on load for free Napoli taking his salary for 2 years then buying option? no source here but i'm doubting that Marseille could take him 2 years for free Thauvin is the highest salary, Rongier second, and
  6. Hello, Thank you ! Ruffier, my point is not that he shouldn't play at all, it's FM not the reality, but his status in the team (maybe his contract?) is Starting Goalkeeper meanwhile Moulin is Substitute, I think he should at least be listed on transfer list to show that ASSE is trying to sell him (as Mitroglou in Marseille for example, he is listed on transfer list), but as you said this is tricky and hard to put in FM (the exact real situation) Pereira Lage, maybe it's because of when you start the season? maybe he should just have injury reduced Thanks for the rema
  7. Hello Ok thank you, but Henry you start a season he is in Zilina B team may it be corrected? Thank you
  8. Hello Thank you for your work ! Here are some missing for Armenia Armenia: Shirak loans were only for the europa league match, I think this should be removed or loan until august maybe? On 25 August, Shirak announced that Vsevolod Yermakov, Marko Prljević, Uroš Nenadović, Solomon Udo, Hrayr Mkoyan , Zhirayr Margaryan, Karen Muradyan, Edgar Malakyan and David Manoyan had all joined Shirak on a short-term contracts to aid Shirak in their UEFA Europa League qualifying game on 27 August.[4] https://www.facebook.com/SCShirak/photos/a.224887107584606/4279202212153055/?type=3&am
  9. Hello Thank you for the work , I think you haven't changed Vahan Bichakhchyan situation from previous FM He is now a key player of Zilina and has shown much much potential, could he get a raise of attricute and be in first team? https://www.transfermarkt.com/vahan-bichakhchyan/profil/spieler/399348 Thank you !
  10. Hello, Thank you about Clermont Foot, so it may not be corrected for the game release? but more likely for winter patch right? Here are some interrogations: -Ruffier is still a starting goalkeeper, but IRL he will not play I d'ont know if it's something you can correct because is the status based on current situation or contract signed? I think he should at least be listed on transfer list if this is possible for more realism - Ait Nouri, no proof here but i'm not sure Angers would loan a young player plus pay his wage to a Rich Premier League club - Pereira Lage, I wo
  11. Hello, I know this is subjective but i'd like you have a look about these players in Clermont Foot - Magnin --> he has become a key player for the team since the end of 2019, he is almost everytime in the starting eleven and has clearly made improvements, in the game he still has the same attributes than last FM and is clearly not a regular player in the game https://fr.soccerway.com/players/yohann-magnin/444898/ - Bayo --> After a very good loan in National last season he has replaced Tell very well so far this season, his ratings are okay but I think he might be u
  12. Please just always keep the 2D I love it and can play even without a new computer
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