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  1. Hi Alex, thanks for getting back to me. No I've tried all that, thinking I was just being a bit of an idiot but it doesn't appear to be the case. I can right click on where the column should be & can remove it, but it doesn't actually show anything. The only way I can see the average rating column is if I delete all the other columns and then add it in. Once I click out of the tactic screen, however, the average rating column will have disappeared again. Have tried reinstalling with no luck. Cheers!
  2. Hey guys, Currently experiencing some bugs with my tactics screen. I normally have player status info, condition/match sharpness & average rating showing next to the players' names on the right hand side of the screen. However, they keep disappearing after each game & do not come up on the "insert column" here when I try to replace them. In addition, my Assistant Manager now only says to send the players out without saying anything extra during pre-match team talks. If you click this option though he will give a totally different team talk. This doesn't happen during half time or post-match talks. Cheers
  3. Over my last 5 matches, including playing against Arsenal at home and Shakhtar away, I've averaged 29 shots on goal per game. I'm playing with Ajax, and despite the fact that it shows I'm a fantastic manager, I feel it is highly unrealistic...Also, it seems as if all goalkeepers have forgotten how to play football and let in ridiculously easy goals.
  4. Good game, but some issues. I have bought FM since '05 and absolutely love it, but I've never experienced so many crazy scorelines before! I had one game finish 7-6 to Sc Cambuur against Ajax...with each team having 20+ shots during the game. If this is sorted out and maybe a few more realistic 1-0 or 0-0 then it would be really very good. One other issue I have is the tactics - much easier on FM14 to change a player's role by clicking underneath their name. Just my opinion though.
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