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  1. Hi guys, apologies if this has been posted before - I'm having some trouble viewing the data on my tactics screen. Columns are disappearing after clicking away from the screen & also when you click "replace column" nothing happens. Also huge disparity in the width of the columns too. Anyone else having similar issues? Cheers!
  2. Over my last 5 matches, including playing against Arsenal at home and Shakhtar away, I've averaged 29 shots on goal per game. I'm playing with Ajax, and despite the fact that it shows I'm a fantastic manager, I feel it is highly unrealistic...Also, it seems as if all goalkeepers have forgotten how to play football and let in ridiculously easy goals.
  3. Good game, but some issues. I have bought FM since '05 and absolutely love it, but I've never experienced so many crazy scorelines before! I had one game finish 7-6 to Sc Cambuur against Ajax...with each team having 20+ shots during the game. If this is sorted out and maybe a few more realistic 1-0 or 0-0 then it would be really very good. One other issue I have is the tactics - much easier on FM14 to change a player's role by clicking underneath their name. Just my opinion though.
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