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  1. Hi I also have this issue and I have uploaded a save game called "Aston Villa.fm" It should be just before my match against Tottenham. After the match I got 2 'pre-match' questions in the tunnel interview (and no post-match questions). One was a question regarding the impact of missing John McGinn, who is injured for the upcoming game (which I had just played) and the other was about the bad weather and the impact that would have on the upcoming game (that I had just played) Thanks
  2. The shortened names for clubs on the scoreboard are absolutely terrible for most clubs. We want the match to have more of a TV feel but then the teams have ridiculous shortened names. For instance, Hoffenheim are listed as "TSG 18". What kind of abbreviation is that? I would prefer the scoreboard to be a bit larger and just have the short name (as opposed to 6-letter name). Alternatively, someone needs to painstakingly go through every single club in the game and fix these 6-letter names.
  3. Weird how some of the gameplay has that horrible grass texture as others have pointed out. However this was also shown in the same trailer: That looks perfectly fine (this is a pretty poor quality screenshot) and certainly not the regression that is being posited by some. Not entirely sure what's going on with this to be honest. All that being said, it's probably not enough of a step forward for my personal liking, but to be honest the way it plays is much more important than the pure graphics. I'm sure they will come out with a video about the match engine soon.
  4. It really annoys me that I can't control the tactics of my B team. It makes no sense that the first team, U23 team, and U19 team would all use my main tactics, but my B team would not. The best we can do at the moment is hire a manager with a relatively similar preferred formation and tactical style, but this often limits us to very poor managers, and even then the tactic is not that close to what I want.
  5. Please allow us to edit team names (including Short Name and Six Letter Name) in the ingame editor.
  6. This is very specific but would be great to implement for me. When you create a league with groups in the advanced editor, under 'Group Settings' you can select the 'Rules' which are the rules on how teams are allocated to various groups. One option which is very helpful is the 'North to South regional groups' because this eliminates the need for painstaking setting up of regions which never fully work. However, there is no option for East to West regional groups which in some cases I want to do. This should be implemented.
  7. When viewing a list of players you can only select 50 at a time to scout. This seems like a completely unnecessary limitation since it's perfectly possible for us to select 50 and then another 50 immediately after. Why not just let us select and unlimited amount (or a much, much larger limit)
  8. Update: On the stream, Miles confirmed that the Europa Conference League WILL be in the game, so that's fantastic. They also said on the stream that any changes to rules and competitions will be reflected in the game, so hopefully this suggests that the new Club World Cup (and Nations League) format will be implemented, although there has been no specific confirmation of these particular changes yet.
  9. dpt8544

    Stage Names

    The Last 8 of the FA Cup is officially referred to as the Quarter Finals - NOT the Sixth Round as it is currently in game. Look at these sources for proof: http://www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/more/fa-cup-round-dates https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4234656/FA-Cup-sixth-round-officially-renamed-quarter-finals.html Also, for the Champions League, the qualifying rounds should be in two paths - The Champions Path and the League Path. Currently in game, they are referred to as 'Champions' and 'Best Placed' which is based on the old names. In the Europa League,
  10. Does anyone know if the quadrennial 24 team club world cup will be in FM20? The format is known. The slot allocation I think was also confirmed. Also what about the new UEFA reforms, like the Europa Conference League (Plus streamlined Europa League) + Nations League changes. The formats for these are known. For me these competitions are fresh and new so I really want them in the game. SI can use a little artistic license if they need to in my opinion to implement them.
  11. Currently when using the basic editor, when adding playoffs to a league, you have the option for a champions playoff, a promotion playoff, and a relegation playoff. However, when you add a champions playoff, the editor prevents you from also adding a separate promotion playoff in the same league. Similarly, if you add a promotion playoff, the editor prevents you from also adding a separate champions playoff in the same league. I think it would be great if we could add both types of playoff to a league in the basic editor. For instance, I want to create a league with two groups of teams. The
  12. Thanks for the reply. Do you have any more specific instructions for how to do this? One problem I am coming across is that the minimum number of teams in a stage must be 2, so if there is only one team eligible for promotion, then the stage cannot be created and therefore the team cannot be given the fate of being promoted. Also, I am not sure how to link the number of relegations from the top division to the number of promotions from the lower division.
  13. Traditionally, when you have a B team in a promotion spot (that cannot be promoted), the promotion spot is passed on to the next eligible team. However, i want to create a system so that instead of passing on the promotion spot, the highest ranked relegation team from the division above is given a reprieve from relegation. For example, lets say neither of the top 2 in the second division are B teams. Then, both of the top 2 teams are promoted, and the bottom two from the top division are relegated. If 1 of the top 2 finishers in the second division are B teams, then the other first t
  14. As far as I can tell, you can't edit the data analysis facilities of a club in either the pre-game or in-game editor. Seems like a pretty big oversight given that you can edit all the other facilities.
  15. In the in game editor you can't edit the colours for a team's skin. What's the point of changing a team's kit colours if the skin still has the old colours? Looks pretty awful.
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