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  1. Was playing some fantasy draft and saw this on the player instructions: As you can see, the options that we can select are whited out, so we can't read them. When you choose an option, they become normal (the one you selected is green and the other one is red) Might be a thing as well on Touch, although I don't play that so I don't know.
  2. I keep seeing in many leagues teams are not playing any fixtures the weekend before the November international break. Here are some examples: As you can see, in early November they have a massive break. They should play a league fixture on Saturday 9th November or Sunday 10th November. This problem persists in future seasons as well. This problem applies to all teams in the affected leagues, not just those in European competitions (meaning teams not in Europe have a 3 week break - which is not true to reality) I have seen this problem in France, Italy, England and Spain. Might be an issue in other leagues as well.
  3. When viewing a list of players you can only select 50 at a time to scout. This seems like a completely unnecessary limitation since it's perfectly possible for us to select 50 and then another 50 immediately after. Why not just let us select and unlimited amount (or a much, much larger limit)
  4. Why is there that gap in the continental qualification in 10th place?
  5. There are no league sorting rules for Copa de la Superliga Group Stage. At least use Goal Difference and Goals Scored like the Superliga.
  6. In my save Australia has four teams in Asian Champions League, when it should only have three, at least in 2019 anyway. Western Sydney Wanderers were incorrectly in the playoff round.
  7. I've got another potential issue with European qualification. I'm not 100% sure if this is correct or not. So this was the league table: In addition to this: Manchester United won the Champions League and the Carabao Cup Manchester City won the FA Cup Arsenal won the Europa Conference League (3rd tier competition) In the next season, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham were all correctly in the Champions League. Then, Liverpool, Watford and Arsenal were all in the Europa League, and there was no participant in the Europa Conference League. I know that the winners of the Europa Conference League should qualify for the following season's Europa League, therefore Arsenal should definitely be where they are. However, I believe that Watford should have been made to play in the Europa Conference League instead of the Europa League. Can a top ranked nation really have 3 participants in the Europa League in the new format?
  8. As can be seen from this image, Man Utd's form in the last five games is being shown as LWDWL. Yet when you hover over the form, you see that their form was actually WLWWW (Which is correct)
  9. In my save (I holidayed into the future), Everton won the Carabao Cup but didn't get into Europe the next season. Here's exactly what happened: Premier League Table: In addition to this: Manchester United won both the Champions League and the FA Cup Watford won the Europa League (thus qualifying for the Champions League) Everton won the Carabao Cup In the next season, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Watford were all (correctly) in the Champions League. Arsenal and Tottenham were given the two Europa League spots and the Europa Conference League spot was vacated. In reality however, I think that Everton should have been in Europe and Tottenham should not have been. I think this is caused by the fact that the Carabao Cup only qualifies officially for the Europa Conference League. Therefore, when the Europa Conference League spot was vacated (as a result of Watford winning the Europa League but finishing outside the top 4) the game took away Everton's rightful European spot. To be honest, I'm not sure if the game should effectively 'promote' Everton to the Europa League or whether the game should instead vacate the spot in the Europa League. I suspect the former, rather than the latter. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is what would happen IRL in this scenario. I don't know for sure. But it seems unfair that winning the League Cup doesn't get you into Europe for this season because of circumstances out your control.
  10. I don't know if this is a licensing issue (if it is then please tell me). For the Champions League, the qualifying rounds should be in two paths - The Champions Path and the League Path. Currently in game, they are referred to as 'Champions' and 'Best Placed' which is based on the old names. In the Europa League AND Europa Conference League, the qualifying rounds should also be in two paths - The Champions Path and the Main Path Currently in game, they are referred to as 'Champions' and 'Best Placed' which is, again, incorrect.
  11. I have simulated about 10 years into the future to see how the expanded Club World Cup format works in game. I am delighted it is included of course, but I have concerns about the way teams are allocated to the tournament, Firstly, the correct process for qualification for the 2021 edition can be seen in this article.: https://apnews.com/9604791fe91547db96ce19ed5b97012b This should be implemented correctly. (I don't believe it is currently) However, this process only works for 2021. There is no official process for 2025 onward, so I will suggest what I believe is the most realistic process for qualification from 2025 onward. EUROPE: (8) From what I have gathered, in the game, qualification from Europe goes to the Champions League winners of the previous 4 years and then the next best teams in the coefficient list are added to fill up the eight slots. In reality however, I have seen that the Champions League and Europa League winners of the past 4 years will be used. In cases where there are teams winning multiple titles within the four year period, the free slots should go to the most recent Champions League runner up, and then the runners up before that, and so on (up to 4 years). If going through this still doesn't yield the full 8 teams, then going to the coefficient table for the next best teams may be appropriate. SOUTH AMERICA: (6) From what I have gathered in South America, in the game, qualification is first determined by the winners in the past 4 years of the Copa Libertadores, and then the final two slots are given to the two South American teams with the highest reputation. In reality, the Copa Sudamericana is being also used to help determine the six participants. The six slots should go to the four previous winners of the Copa Libertadores, and then the last two slots going to two winners of a playoff between the four most recent Copa Sudamericana winners. Again, adjustments may have to be made in the case of teams that win multiple titles. For instance, if only 2 different teams have won the Copa Libertadores over the past 4 seasons, then all 4 Copa Sudamericana winners from the past 4 years will qualify. Similarly, if one team wins the Copa Sudamericana twice during the time period, then they should not have to playoff against teams that have won it only once. AFRICA, ASIA, NORTH AMERICA: (3 each) As far as I can tell, in the game, for these continents, it will simply take the first three winners of the continental competition since the last Club World Cup (i.e. it will ignore the most recent winners of the continental competition unless there is a repeat winner at some point). This is highly unfair to the most recent winners of the continental competition. I believe there should instead be playoffs between the last four winners in each continent to determine the three teams that qualify. Again, there may need to be changes if there are repeat winners of the continental competitions. For instance, if there are only 3 unique champions in the last four years, then simply qualify all three to the tournament. If there have been only 2 unique champions, then maybe the most recent runner up should qualify (similar to Europe). OCEANIA: (0-1) In the game, the winners of the OFC Champions League directly after the Club World Cup will qualify for the next tournament. For instance, the winners of the 2022 OFC Champions League are qualifying for the 2025 Club World Cup. This creates the unfair situation that the 2023, 2024 and 2025 OFC Champions League tournaments are not at all relevant for qualification. In my save, Team Wellington had won three of the last four Champions Leagues and yet didn't qualify for the CWC because they didn't win the right one out the four most recent editions to qualify. I think that the team that wins the most titles over the last 4 years should be Oceania's qualifier. If two or four teams have won the same amount of titles in the last four years, then playoffs should be played to determine Oceania's representative, similar to other confederations. However, to mimic reality, Oceania's representative should have to playoff against the current champions of the Host Nation (as will occur in 2021) to reach the proper competition. It should be considered when creating this format that it may be possible for the host nation representative to have already qualified via their confederation, and so the host nation's slot may be passed down to the runner up (or potentially even futher down the table) of the most recent domestic season. Additionally, there is a lot of evidence that there will be a limit of 2 participants from a certain country in this competition. This is confirmed for the Asia, North America and Africa regions. This should also be attempted to be put in the game as well. It could potentially be the case in Europe as well but there is no solid confirmation of this so you don't need to do this. Finally, FIFA have confirmed that the 2021 CWC will be in China, NOT Qatar as it is in my game. I have noticed that the host nation of the CWC is always the same as the host nation of the upcoming World Cup. This is perhaps understandable why you would think that, since the tournament is effectively replacing the Confederations Cup which always was hosted in the same country as the World Cup. However, we can clearly see that it is not going to follow this pattern, so the host selection from the CWC should be separate from the host selection of the World Cup. Thanks for reading this behemoth of a post
  12. Are teams from the same nation supposed to be able to face each other in the first knockout round? (PSG and Marseille) + (Dynamo and Shakhtar) Genuinely don't know with the new format.
  13. I can't claim to be super familiar with the Mexican leagues but this seems wrong to me... The league isn't loaded in this save (not sure if this will happen if loaded). This issue also showing up on the winning clubs' history pages. (Giving the closing stage winners an extra title they shouldn't have) . I have checked Colombia which I knew also had two stage leagues and it was fine...
  14. Quarter Finals of the FA Cup are called the Quarter Finals, NOT the Sixth Round. It's changed. Proof: http://www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/more/fa-cup-round-dates https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4234656/FA-Cup-sixth-round-officially-renamed-quarter-finals.html
  15. Quarter Finals of the FA Cup are called the Quarter Finals, NOT the Sixth Round. It's changed. Proof: http://www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/more/fa-cup-round-dateshttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4234656/FA-Cup-sixth-round-officially-renamed-quarter-finals.html
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