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  1. For some reason, I will always receive the training week in review email for my B team even though I have the staff responsibility set so that I do not receive training emails with regards to the B team. This responsibility setting seems to work correctly for all squads except the B team. It's probably something to do with the fact that the B team is actually a separate affiliate, as opposed to just a youth squad, which seems to cause all sorts of issues in football manager.
  2. I'm an idiot because I have already advanced too far ahead and I know I should have kept an old save because I know they're super helpful for investigating issues but I forgot. Sorry! I will update on this situation though just fyi. So at the end of the season the game automatically renewed the B team manager's contract. I was actually fuming lmao. Anyway, I fixed it for myself by doing something I had somehow not thought of before. I just used the in-game editor to put my desired (realistic) B team manager in the role and thankfully that worked. If the issue comes up again I will remember. Honestly though, the entirety of B team staff just seems dodgy in general in this game.
  3. It really annoys me that I can't control the tactics of my B team. It makes no sense that the first team, U23 team, and U19 team would all use my main tactics, but my B team would not. The best we can do at the moment is hire a manager with a relatively similar preferred formation and tactical style, but this often limits us to very poor managers, and even then the tactic is not that close to what I want.
  4. So I am managing in Portugal, I am in the top tier, and I have a B team in the 3rd tier. I want to get a better manager for the B team and to do so I need to terminate the current manager's contract. However, I have tried doing this in a multitude of ways but it's completely broken. So first I offered mutual termination which he ACCEPTED, but despite this, he was still in the role even after I got an inbox message saying his contract was terminated. Then i tried to select the 'Terminate contract' and nothing happened for some reason. So then what I thought I'd do is hire his replacement which would force the game to sack him. So I hired a new B team manager and he accepted the contract, and then I got a news item saying that his transfer was blocked because I already had a staff member in the role (despite repeatedly trying to sack him). Nevertheless, I thought the issue would be over because I got the option to replace him within that news item, which I of course said yes to. However, despite this, the next day the original B team manager was STILL IN HIS ROLE!!! The new one I had hired was in my transfers section and it said (Confirmation). I advanced a bit more in the game and nothing happened. Then I tried to use the IN-GAME EDITOR to terminate his contract and guess what... nothing happened. This guy is still in his role as B team manager. The only thing left I can think of which I don't want to (and shouldn't have to) try is to move the manager to another club using the in-game editor, however, I don't want to unnaturally affect the game in such a way. I also tried sacking some of my other B team staff (coaches) after all of this and it worked perfectly fine so yeah, no idea what the issue is here. By the way, I have all the responsibilities with regards to hiring and renewing contracts of B team staff set to be in my control. I think I'll have to wait until the end of the season to finally get rid of him, because his contract will expire. This is honestly so annoying because my current B team manager is absolutely awful and I want the B team to be promoted but I don't think it will happen now.
  5. Please allow us to edit team names (including Short Name and Six Letter Name) in the ingame editor.
  6. This is very specific but would be great to implement for me. When you create a league with groups in the advanced editor, under 'Group Settings' you can select the 'Rules' which are the rules on how teams are allocated to various groups. One option which is very helpful is the 'North to South regional groups' because this eliminates the need for painstaking setting up of regions which never fully work. However, there is no option for East to West regional groups which in some cases I want to do. This should be implemented.
  7. Was playing some fantasy draft and saw this on the player instructions: As you can see, the options that we can select are whited out, so we can't read them. When you choose an option, they become normal (the one you selected is green and the other one is red) Might be a thing as well on Touch, although I don't play that so I don't know.
  8. I keep seeing in many leagues teams are not playing any fixtures the weekend before the November international break. Here are some examples: As you can see, in early November they have a massive break. They should play a league fixture on Saturday 9th November or Sunday 10th November. This problem persists in future seasons as well. This problem applies to all teams in the affected leagues, not just those in European competitions (meaning teams not in Europe have a 3 week break - which is not true to reality) I have seen this problem in France, Italy, England and Spain. Might be an issue in other leagues as well.
  9. When viewing a list of players you can only select 50 at a time to scout. This seems like a completely unnecessary limitation since it's perfectly possible for us to select 50 and then another 50 immediately after. Why not just let us select and unlimited amount (or a much, much larger limit)
  10. Why is there that gap in the continental qualification in 10th place?
  11. There are no league sorting rules for Copa de la Superliga Group Stage. At least use Goal Difference and Goals Scored like the Superliga.
  12. In my save Australia has four teams in Asian Champions League, when it should only have three, at least in 2019 anyway. Western Sydney Wanderers were incorrectly in the playoff round.
  13. I've got another potential issue with European qualification. I'm not 100% sure if this is correct or not. So this was the league table: In addition to this: Manchester United won the Champions League and the Carabao Cup Manchester City won the FA Cup Arsenal won the Europa Conference League (3rd tier competition) In the next season, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham were all correctly in the Champions League. Then, Liverpool, Watford and Arsenal were all in the Europa League, and there was no participant in the Europa Conference League. I know that the winners of the Europa Conference League should qualify for the following season's Europa League, therefore Arsenal should definitely be where they are. However, I believe that Watford should have been made to play in the Europa Conference League instead of the Europa League. Can a top ranked nation really have 3 participants in the Europa League in the new format?
  14. In my save (I holidayed into the future), Everton won the Carabao Cup but didn't get into Europe the next season. Here's exactly what happened: Premier League Table: In addition to this: Manchester United won both the Champions League and the FA Cup Watford won the Europa League (thus qualifying for the Champions League) Everton won the Carabao Cup In the next season, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Watford were all (correctly) in the Champions League. Arsenal and Tottenham were given the two Europa League spots and the Europa Conference League spot was vacated. In reality however, I think that Everton should have been in Europe and Tottenham should not have been. I think this is caused by the fact that the Carabao Cup only qualifies officially for the Europa Conference League. Therefore, when the Europa Conference League spot was vacated (as a result of Watford winning the Europa League but finishing outside the top 4) the game took away Everton's rightful European spot. To be honest, I'm not sure if the game should effectively 'promote' Everton to the Europa League or whether the game should instead vacate the spot in the Europa League. I suspect the former, rather than the latter. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is what would happen IRL in this scenario. I don't know for sure. But it seems unfair that winning the League Cup doesn't get you into Europe for this season because of circumstances out your control.
  15. I don't know if this is a licensing issue (if it is then please tell me). For the Champions League, the qualifying rounds should be in two paths - The Champions Path and the League Path. Currently in game, they are referred to as 'Champions' and 'Best Placed' which is based on the old names. In the Europa League AND Europa Conference League, the qualifying rounds should also be in two paths - The Champions Path and the Main Path Currently in game, they are referred to as 'Champions' and 'Best Placed' which is, again, incorrect.
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