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  1. In my save, two Welsh teams played each other in the Europa League First Qualifying Round (Connah's Quay Nomads and Cefn Druids) Teams from the same association should not be able to play each other at this stage.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Do you have any more specific instructions for how to do this? One problem I am coming across is that the minimum number of teams in a stage must be 2, so if there is only one team eligible for promotion, then the stage cannot be created and therefore the team cannot be given the fate of being promoted. Also, I am not sure how to link the number of relegations from the top division to the number of promotions from the lower division.
  3. Traditionally, when you have a B team in a promotion spot (that cannot be promoted), the promotion spot is passed on to the next eligible team. However, i want to create a system so that instead of passing on the promotion spot, the highest ranked relegation team from the division above is given a reprieve from relegation. For example, lets say neither of the top 2 in the second division are B teams. Then, both of the top 2 teams are promoted, and the bottom two from the top division are relegated. If 1 of the top 2 finishers in the second division are B teams, then the other first team is promoted (whether they came 1st or 2nd), and the bottom team from the top division is relegated. If both of the top 2 finishers in the second division are B teams, then no teams are promoted, and no teams from the top division are relegated. I have tried stuff similar to what is mentioned in the 'Dynamic relegation thread' but I can't figure out a way to get this to work (to be honest, it is a completely different issue) Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. When I go to offer a contract, the staff member will want an under 20s role instead of the reserve role which they are already in. For instance, my reserve manager wants to be an under 20s manager. then, when I change the role to reserve manager and make it non-negotiable, he will just instantly reject and end negotiations. If I leave the role negotiable, he will demand new terms with the under 20s role again, and say it is my last chance to make an acceptable offer (with the orange text box). Either way, no-one in the world wants to be a member of staff in my reserve team unless they are recommended to me through my backroom staff, which is how I filled out all the staff in the reserve team.
  5. As far as I can tell, you can't edit the data analysis facilities of a club in either the pre-game or in-game editor. Seems like a pretty big oversight given that you can edit all the other facilities.
  6. So when I click on a name from staff search, and offer them a reserve team staff contract, literally no-one in the world will accept the contract, even when the game says that they are 'delighted' with the role I'm offering (I filtered by realistic reserve appointments). For some reason, when I was recommended reserve team staff by my backroom team, when I offered a contract to the ones they recommended they accepted. But now, when these contracts have expired, none of them want to renew, and if I offer reserve team staff contracts (non-negotiable), they will just say they've been backed into a corner by my conditions even though I'm offering the same role, with a higher wage, and they are 'delighted' with the role. It doesn't work if I make the staff role negotiable either. This screenshot is my Reserves Manager, who displayed this problem, but it applies to all reserve team staff members.
  7. In the in game editor you can't edit the colours for a team's skin. What's the point of changing a team's kit colours if the skin still has the old colours? Looks pretty awful.
  8. Ok so I have found LOTS of little issues, this time with the state championships. 1) So winning a competition is supposed to go down as a landmark for a club on their History Landmarks page. As far as I can tell, winning the state championships in Acre, Amapa or Piaui do not register on this page at all for some reason, even though the Competition history shows it correctly Atlos won the championship almost every season in the entire save, yet it never shows up in the landmarks. 2) Also, when you highlight a name on a club's Managers history, it shows that manager's career milestones, and the milestone registers on that manager's personal milestones. However, I have seen that for managers that win a number of different state championships, this doesn't show up for them at all, on the club page or their personal page. I have seen this occur in Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Espirito Santo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Para, Piaui, Rondonia, Roramia, Sergipe and Tocantins (So not just the previously mentioned competitions, but additional ones too) I think this has something to do with, although I really don't know, unplayable teams winning the state championship. However this has also occurred for Atlos (Pi) even when they were in the playable leagues. Atlos won the championship every year between 2053 and 2059, yet their manager does not have this achievement in their career milestones. 3) Another (tiny) thing is when a team from Rio Grande do Sul wins the state championship (e.g. Gremio), on the Manager History page for the club it unnecessarily says they were the 'Overall Table' champions in the career milestones. It should just say they were the 'Campeonato Gaucho Champions', especially since you actually can win the competition without topping the overall table. Screenshot below shows what I mean. I'm pretty sure these are league specific issues, but I can't guarantee that other competitions around the world don't display some of these same problems. I have uploaded the save at this point, it's called Brazil Simulation.fm Going through all this stuff helped me also find another bug but I think that one is not league specific, so I'll post it elsewhere.
  9. It's interesting because this issue also exists for Europe, as many have posted. On the qualification places screen, every nation has one more berth in the Copa Libertadores Group Stage than they actually do. The qualification system works properly in game, it's purely a visual representation issue. As far as I can tell, it's only the continents of South America and Europe that have this problem.
  10. Similarly, there are many records you could easily fill in for the European Championship. Lowest Attendance - 3,869 - Hungary vs Denmark - 20 June 1964 Most matches won in a row - 5 - France, Netherlands, or Czech Republic Most matches lost in a row - 6 - Yugoslavia Most matches without scoring - 5 - Ukraine Most team goals - 14 - France (1984) Most team conceded - 13 - Yugoslavia (2000) Don't really understand why they wouldn't be in the game. You might want to look into other major tournaments as well.
  11. Didn't exactly know where to put this since there is no 'world' thread for data issues, so here it is. Surely it can't be that hard to put in real records for the WORLD CUP Most team goals - Hungary - 27 (1954) Most team conceded - South Korea - 16 (1954) Most goals by player in one tournament - Just Fontaine (France) - 13 (1958) Most assists by player in one tournament - Pele (Brazil) - 7 (1970) Most clean sheets by player in one tournament - (NOT 100% SURE) - Walter Zenga (Italy) - 5 (1990)
  12. Umm... pretty sure East Germany no longer exists. Yet apparently their U20 team came second in the U20 Elite League in 2018? IRL England finished second.
  13. The file is BrazilStatuses.fm It's at end of league season, should have lots of statuses. Also, side note. In the game Argentina haven't had a manager for a year and a half, which strikes me as odd, since they were playing world cup qualifiers and confederations cup. I have simulated further into the world cup and they still didn't get a manager, so this is definitely an issue, and I will probably make a separate post about it.
  14. Another thing I want to mention. I have already posted about the incorrect colour coding on the league table under UI issues. (Should be initially Top 6 Green and 7-12 Blue) However, I am just wondering if it could be possible to add continental qualification status in the INF column on the League table. For instance, in European leagues, when you guarantee qualification for the Champions League, you get 'ECC' in the INF column, and when you guarantee qualification for the Europa League you get a 'EC'. So for Brazil, you could have 'LIB' and 'SUD' to indicate guaranteed qualification for the Libertadores and Sudamericana. This should also take into account when a team wins the Copa do Brasil, the Copa Libertadores or the Copa Sudamericana. I know you can do it because in the season preview page it has 'Lib' and 'Sud' to indicate the participants for the current season, and because you have done it in European leagues! It would also be cool if the game could correctly adjust the colour coding on the league table as the season goes on to represent changes in what is needed to qualify for various competitions. For instance, positions 7 to 9 might or might not be enough for Libertadores qualification depending on winners of the Copa do Brasil, Copa Sudamericana and Copa Libertadores. Similarly, positions 13 to 15 might or might not be enough for Copa Sudamerircana qualification depending on the winners of those competitions as well. The game does this in European Leagues for when teams win cups and stuff, and I really hope that this isn't just a Europe-centric game. I believe other leagues in South America also don't have these features, although I understand most of them have weird two season per year structures + playoffs so maybe it wouldn't work. Little touches like this are what makes the game that much more fun, immersive, and easy to understand. The screenshot below shows that the game only does 'C' for champions and 'R' for relegation.
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