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  1. headshothitman

    Champions League fixtures 2022/23

    @axehan1 @fermcr1 Can I please ask - what date does your season (last game) finish in the 2022/23. I'm not that far into the game?
  2. headshothitman

    Team Screen: Landing Page Issue

    Hello, Can anyone from SI inform us of why this issue hasn't been resolved? Me and others took time out to raise this issue but it hasn't been resolved. The 19.2 update states UI fixes, this was placed "under review" weeks ago. Very annoying that this hasn't been rectified.
  3. headshothitman

    Team Screen: Landing Page Issue

    Just started with the 19.2 patch. This issue hasn't been resolved
  4. There would be so many more people buying FM every year instead of every 2 or 3 years if this feature was to happen. Is there no way in which FM could just export the database of a save game then import to the next version of FM. Surely this would be a lot easier than SI creating a cross compatible save game file?
  5. @niklas88 Can you post some regen screenshots of some of the top players in your game with their (CA/PA). It would be interesting to see the spread of stats in 2042 (relative to the leagues you've loaded)?
  6. headshothitman

    Official Scouting Tool - from SI

    Being honest with you, I never knew that feature was available (my friends have the IGE, going by what I was told) - thanks for the heads up. But do you not think there is a market or a business case for SI to perhaps create an independent scouting tool?
  7. headshothitman

    Official Scouting Tool - from SI

    I understand what you guys are saying but a new scouting tool could provide different dedicated filters (the current filters in the scouting screen would be only for players your club has knowledge of, not all in the game world). Check any third party scouting tool and see the easy of use to set parameters for all the players in the game. Granted CA/PA of players/staff is already accessible in the IGE but not predicted attributes (I know this is sceptic, nobody can predict a players future attributes) but surely SI could have a good understanding based on the current coaching, ambition, professionalism & determination of what the players stats COULD look like in the future?
  8. I know there have been numerous third party tools down the years which have given players the ability to edit in game attributes etc. SI then decided to release an official in game editor. I, like many players out there, have never used a tool which can directly change in game attributes. This doesn't interest me. I have however used a prevalent, popular third party scouting tool which allows users to see the CA/PA of players/staff, set filters as well as predicted attributes. This third party tool offers users a paid edition to remove advertising and other features etc. Has SI not considered creating another official tool besides the in game editor? An official scouting tool with a lot more features than any other third party would make for a strong business case as customers are already paying for similar tools and I also imagine it would be quite easy for SI to create this official tool.
  9. headshothitman

    Team Screen: Landing Page Issue

  10. headshothitman

    Team screen landing page resetting

    Hello @Connor Winks I also have this issue - I've raised a bug (only just seen this thread). This hasn't been addressed in 19.1.3?
  11. Hello Guys, I'm hoping you can help. I've noticed this issue since 19.1.2 and still in 19.1.3. The Landing page for Team Screen is "Profile". However every time I click on a team, it takes me to their squad. Really weird but when I go into preferences (the settings are correct not changed anything), I just click confirm and then the game is fine again. I've already tried clearing cache which works but problem reoccurs when restarting the game. I have to go into preferences every time the game is launched for the game to trigger the correct setting. Same problem on all my save games. Didn't happen before 19.1.1. Any help/advice please!?
  12. headshothitman

    Transfer offer variety

    I totally agree, takes the personality away from the clubs bidding. This has been the same since FM13.
  13. PSG - 1/10 Penalty conversions. Mbappe scored 1/5, Cavani 0/4 and Neymar 0/1.
  14. Game is running really well but one concern - is anybody getting consistent good performances from the AMC playmaking position? In a 4231 Dybala/Paqueta/Fekir struggling to really make an impact.
  15. headshothitman

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Unless I'm really missing something, it was widely reported Zidane turned down the oppourtunity to sign Kepa for circa £18m. 6 months later Chelsea spent £71m on him. I just don't understand why people are comparing him to other GK's after 10 games and claiming that GK is hence "overrated". The respective researchers have watched these players for a minimum of a complete season, not the odd highlight or the first 10 games of a Prem season. "He will reach the same level of De Gea after two years". "He is currently performing at the same level of Alisson Becker but his stats are underrated." Calm down, he's played 10 games in the PL.