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  1. Interesting to see the "Skin Colours" tab. Will this allow us to change the "purple" theme or will it just be colours for attributes like previous editions?
  2. Just read this, and a couple of good points: Will there be mod support In November, no. We’d like to in the future. We’re working with developers now to find the best way to do this. Steam partnership Great question! My PR guy will kill me...we’re always evaluating our options to make Stadia a better place for the gamers
  3. If FM/Stadia allow mods/graphics... it will be absolutely amazing and a game changer. Google have already announced Stadia can be launched on most device which operate a chrome browser!
  4. Totally agree, would be very helpful and useful!
  5. Offer to clubs > Place on Transfer List ticked option > Value LEAVE AS UNSPECIFIED. This will tell you what other clubs value your players at. Rather than placing an exact value, you get fielders and can negotiate! RE Free Transfers. I agree sometimes it's hard when on high wages. I would recommend loaning them out with the loaning club paying 100% of the wage.
  6. Totally agree, even worse in the lower leagues. You should see some of the free kicks. 5 games in a row, crisp precision!
  7. Really disappointed with FM19 at the moment. I'm in agreement with so many users. Obscene amounts of wonder goals and direct free kick goals - you don't need PKM's to know this, play the game it's obvious! As always, if I encounter issues I will create a thread. Created the below thread and since 4 updates have been released and still no fix or update? This aside if the issues are finally rectified, this game will still be the best of the series. I cannot however remember a Football Manager xx.2.1 with as many noticeable issues as this version.
  8. There would be so many more people buying FM every year instead of every 2 or 3 years if this feature was to happen. Is there no way in which FM could just export the database of a save game then import to the next version of FM. Surely this would be a lot easier than SI creating a cross compatible save game file?
  9. @niklas88 Can you post some regen screenshots of some of the top players in your game with their (CA/PA). It would be interesting to see the spread of stats in 2042 (relative to the leagues you've loaded)?
  10. Being honest with you, I never knew that feature was available (my friends have the IGE, going by what I was told) - thanks for the heads up. But do you not think there is a market or a business case for SI to perhaps create an independent scouting tool?
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