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  1. Ahhh, of course, you hero! Thought I was going insane then lol. Thanks.
  2. Hi all. Into my fourth season and i'm in the Championship. Had something really weird happen though as my season started 16th July and there are also no league games scheduled between 29th October and 26th December, a two month break? Did i miss an announcement about an extended winter break or is this a bug? Anyone else experienced this?
  3. Lol. It's a game man, surely you like the idea of a challenge (because I can guarantee real life management is NOT a walk in the park) rather than winning every game 5-0, that'd get boring very quickly. Chin up!
  4. I've not experienced anything like this, and I've created multiple formations . Each work a treat after a bit of tweaking
  5. Jake Kirby announced as Hull City manager TODAY, on this cold Thursday November evening, Jake Kirby has officially been named as new Hull City manager, replacing Steve Bruce after his two year reign. Faced with the task of balancing domestic football with continental football (Europa League), Kirby, who is new to management, had this to say about being given the job: Kirby: "Yano, I had my sights set on Hull from the very beginning. I mean, i'm a Hammer at heart West Ham through and through... but now, i'm Hull too. I'm a bit of a Tiger as a person... got a mean bite, and ruthless, yano. Europe... it's gonna be interesting. Hopefully the draw gives us a bunch of milkmen to play... would be nice, yano?" We then went on to ask Kirby about his current squad that he has invested and what the future of his players will be... Kirby: "Listen... i'm a reasonable geeza'. And yano, the squad is talented. There's a lot of good footballers in the squad. Everyone will have their chance to prove themselves to me. As for the staff, we have a meeting on Monday... so we'l;l take it from there, yano." Finally, we asked Kirby about what his predictions for the season were, being that Hull were in Europe and possessed a pretty decent side... Kirby: "I just want us to play football the right way, yano? I want fans to want to come see us. Tika take. Pass and move. bish, bash, bosh. I'm here for the long run, at least that's the plan. This season, if we can scrape top half, that would be great. Europe will be new ground for me and the side so hey, we'll take it one game at a time, yano?" It seems change is upon us at the KC Stadium... whether Kirby will be a hit or not though, is yet to be seen! Stay tuned!
  6. Was wondering the same as currently only have one code from them (beta one) and only that one listed on my GMG account.
  7. Will the match engine changes and all others take effect to a Game Save i started before the new update? Or will I need to start a new game up?
  8. Great work on the previews! Can't wait to get cracking
  9. Played through 6 months in a couple of saves... one with Forest, goals were insane in the Championship, obviously it's been noted. Then West Ham... had similar issues. However, i'm playing as Roma at the moment and the Italian league seems a lot more moderate for goals so far coming up to Christmas. I tend to check all of the results and the goals seem to be a lot lower than the English league... although still high in terms of Italian football seeing as Italian football is known for low scoring games. It almost seems like for me the Italian model is how the Premier League should be reflected. Enjoying it though, big time. Roma are fun.
  10. These issues have been reported and noted a number of times, and are being worked on as we speak I assume. It's a beta so problems like these are ironed out before release.
  11. May be a stupid question but will you be updating the Beta as the days go by ? Or will all issues only be patched for general release ? Yet to find any issues that haven't already been reported. Enjoying the game as a whole.
  12. To be honest I love the UI, I love everything about it so far the only thing that is bugging me is the huge amount of goals in games and goalkeepers by I know you guys are aware of that and I know it will be sorted soon. Great game. Well done SI.
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