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  1. Do any of these updates fix the google play store saying our Huawei T3 8 tablet is not compatible with the game? thats been my issue and nothing stated in these forums about this?
  2. Guess they only want to take our money but not reply or ensure the game works on specified tablet before release?
  3. I went on to the FM website to check the compatibility of my Huawei media pad t3 8 which says its compatible. So I go to buy it from Google play store and it says that my tablet is not compatible can sigames/FM themselves give me an explanation or sort this out!
  4. there might not have been any changes with the new patch doesn't mean that it doesn't need to be looked at though!
  5. same thing with injuries I currently got 5 players out on long term injuries with no way in getting players back from loans to cover think they need to patch so many injuries.
  6. my advice is check out the sticky at the top of this forum Rashidi has a 12 step guide and it helped me massively with my Chelsea save.
  7. hi everyone, every year I struggle with set pieces in FM is anyone able to help or point me in the right directions for this as I want to create my own but need some help doing so. thanks in advanced.
  8. i was wondering there is going to be an update to teams before the full release as in my chelsea save ruben loftus-ceek is part of the chelsea first team and was last season but has been missed out again on fm touch this year?
  9. As the question above States I want to play my saved game on the move from my main computer Apple Mac on my apple iPad is there away to do it or hasn't it been implemented yet? Would also like to know if there are any plans to enforce this on any other football manager release?
  10. well guys used what you said in my last game against Newcastle and this is what i done: changed F.Luis to CWB/A, changed E.Hazard to IF/S and put D.Costa as F9/S the results are we demolitioned them 5-2 with D.Costa scoring 2 by half time, E.Hazard scoring 2 after the break, M.Salah scoring 1 on 90 minutes.
  11. Thanks guys just needed a fresh pair of eyes on my squad as its all started to look like gibberish on the screen.
  12. My strikers are: Deigo Costa who has not scored in 16 hours worth of games Didier Drogba who has not scored in 10 hours worth of games Loic Remy who has not scored in 6 hours worth of games is there something im overlooking or being dumb about it, I cant seem to work it out, i got at least 10 years worth of football manager game series experience.
  13. GK - P.CECH- GK/D DL - F.LUIS - FB/AUTO DR - AZPILICUETA - FB/AUTO DC - G.CAHILL - CD/D DC - K.ZOUMA - LD/D DM - N.MATIC - DLP/D MC - WILLIAN - AP/A MC - J.MARTINEZ - B TO B AMR - OSCAR - W/A AML - E.HAZARD - W/A ST - D.COSTA - AF/A My formation is 4.5.1 with a DM Mentality is Standard Team shape is Structured Team instructions are as follows: - retain possession - short passing - pass into space - work ball into box
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