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  1. Hi there, I started a new game with the January update and have just had this occur again. Requested a stadium expansion around November time which the board agreed to (it was planned to finish ~September 2021. I have a save file that is directly before the board announce an overlapping stadium announcement, however when I try to upload the file here I am told that the file is too large even though it is below the max file size
  2. Noticed the same issue with my game too, disabled the first transfer window but noticed all teams making signings
  3. HI, It's been overwritten but I'll keep requesting things and it should happen again. It generally happens at the end of the season when the board are feeling generous - will attach here when I get it to happen again.
  4. This has been an issue for years now - I asked the board to expand the stadium at the start of the season (Old Trafford), which they agreed to. It was to be expanded to 85,000 seat capacity and finish completion in ~August 2020. The season has just finished and my board have just announced plans to expand Old Trafford by 16,000 seats. As the stadium was already being expanded, the capacity at the time they announced this expansion was reduced to 67,316, so the extra 16,000 seats they have just expanded by is actually 2,000 seats less than the original expansion. So now we are paying an additional £100 million for 2,000 less seats, as well as pushing the completion back to September 2021.
  5. Absolutely agree, this isn't some indie company or cut price release. The very least they should do is test it properly before release so they can release it without the major faults, the worst thing for me is the 'beta' period doesn't end with the release of the full game - it just rolls on until the new year when they fix the issues. I'd rather the game stay in development an extra couple of weeks and release in a stable and tuned state.
  6. I'm seeing the same issues, after 60 hours have given up playing as the state of this year's release is disgusting. Defensive AI is horrendous, no defenders seem to have the ability to read over the top balls and instead just stand square while the striker runs through the middle (and still misses 9/10 1v1s) In Man Utd v Schalke: Harry Maguire to A. Gomes in 43rd minute Oczipka 34th minute Jonjoe Kenny 47th minute In Man Utd v Watford: Perreyra 8th minute (X2) Perreyra 78th minute Doucoure 77th minute All of these with one defender on 'defend' duty and one defender on 'cover' duty. Have tried different tactics and different line heights and still see the same happening. Most of my chances in these games came from long balls, despite me playing a tika-taka tactic. I'm not saying these chances should never happen but it's far too frequent and effective and shows poor defensive AI. Man Utd v Schalke 04.pkm Watford v Man Utd.pkm
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