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  1. Thanks for your reply about phone support. On an unrelated note, this quote is a little worrying, because surely if the full 90 can be simulated then it can be displayed. This suggests to me that FMC 2015 matches are not generated as a continuous process but a series of highlights thrown together by the match engine based on a number of match variables. I don't ever watch any of my matches over 90 mins, but there is a big difference between a continuous game of which we can see highlights and a series of artificially generated events. Can we be sure that we are getting the full match even if we can't see it? Otherwise it looks very artificial.
  2. Anyone know how strict the device compatabilities are? In sure my Z3 compact phone has the hardware to run it looks, and is running Android 4.4, but it's not listed as a compatible device. I think Google 's refund service is only 15 mins so not enough time to download and try it!
  3. Playing right now and it seems to work great on Motorola Defy. The 30 season cap is a a bit of a problem for me, not that I very often get to 30 seasons but I don't like the idea that all those hours of work just hit a wall at a specified point in the future. There was talk in this thread of an editor, does anyone know of a way they could (unofficially) carry on past 30 seasons? perhaps the 30th season data could be exproted back into a new starting game - so the old stats and history are lost but at least you can take charge of your club again and carry on as usual? Minor gripe, great game so far, perfect balance between depth and mobile playability.
  4. Hey, shameless bump of previous question! Just can't work this out - and I am sure it is a stupid question and therefore very much on-topic! Thanks in advance
  5. Anyone know why my scouts are not able to scout certain countries some of the time? I know that they can go to these countries because I can see in their scouting history.. Is there an enforced minimum wait between scouting the same country twice? Cheers
  6. A very interesting post sir. First off, almost as an aside, it's good to see you got Paloschi - he's my star forward and I picked him up for 1.8m from a (Inter?) side who were happy to let him go. Cash back! I'm interested in your scenario number 2 - Villa increase their lead: You rightly say that Lucas is man marking and too tight at that, but then when the ball comes to his man he is not tight enough, despite the fact that (in my understanding) it is not possible to get much tighter than to tight man-mark. What did/do you do to get away from the fact that you're getting the worst of both worlds here: tight enough and man-focussed enough to pull him out of line, but not tight enough to be able to cut out the pass or stop his opposite man offloading it accurately? Cheers
  7. Hello all, I have a couple of stupid (FM11) questions actually – just one of the areas where I think a better manual or more communication from SI would not go amiss. It would be great if you could help me out with them. 1. The main one is the player role setting. I would like to know if this just assigns a set of slider (advanced) rules which try and tell the player to play a certain way, or does it define a style of play which is independent of these sliders? E.g. let’s say that for argument’s sake I have 2x identical MCs with identical stats and PPMs - If I set their sliders up exactly the same way but I set one to defensive midfielder and the other to advanced playmaker will they try and play those roles differently (because of the roles set) or identically (because the sliders override the ‘role’ set? 2. Forward runs. I have never quite got this. Does this mean that you are telling a player to join in an attack often/sometimes/rarely, as in they could potentially commit fully to an attack and be there, for example, to tap in a pass on the goal line? Or does it just mean to often/sometimes/rarely roam forward of his starting position on the pitch? One reason I ask is that so often I have many of my players take up advanced positions on the opposition’s defensive line as soon as I win possession. This often means I have few options to actually use to move the ball on and send the killer pass through to attacking players. In other words, they player has already made the run I wanted him to make as a response to a potential through ball and he is now being shackled by the opposition defence. Hope this makes sense! Cheers
  8. Thanks for the reply ham_aka_stam. I'm just hoping it will solve the problem I so often have which is 'defender waits for attacker to run half the pitch, then takes up a position at a 45 degree angle to the line the attacker wants to take to goal to cover the right foot, leaving an easy pass square to a supporting player and any return pass'. The defender in this scenario has successfully prevented the original attacker using his right foot but at the cost of yards of space and possible a goal. One thing that occurs to me is that show onto weaker foot may be more useful in lower leagues than in the Prem or equivalent because most top players have reasonable 'weak foot' skill, whereas there are players in the lower leagues who are hopelessly one-pegged.
  9. Just wanted to share a tip on something which I have stumbled upon and which has made a big difference to the way that my team has played in the couple of games I have tried it. The disclaimer is just that - I have tried this with my mid-table West Ham side in two matches, home and away against similar standard of opposition with great effect so far, but it may of course just be a fluke. I will keep you posted with developments and it would be really interesting if any managers out there who are desperate to try anything to improve their results would try it and see if it has an effect. Here’s the reasoning (as scientifically put as possible!) Observation I traditionally set up my teams to show any player who shows any preference towards a particular foot onto the weaker one. My reasoning was ‘why not’ – it’s an option that’s there to be used and if a player is marked/tackled in a uniform way then surely it could only be an advantage if his end product is limited by having to use his weaker foot to shoot, pass, cross etc. No matter how much I set up my teams however I struggle defensively, as my players seem to want to give the opposition forwards in particular time and space to bring the ball down and run at them. This seems to be the case regardless of my closing down instructions, defensive line, mentality and ‘robustness’ of tacking. Hypothesis Having run out of ideas I have started to ask what if ‘show onto weaker foot’ does not simply restrict the options available for the attacker’s final ball but actually governs the whole approach a defender takes when managing an attacker who is either on the ball or just about to take up possession. My idea was that ‘show onto weaker foot’ is the equivalent of a manager saying ‘let him take possession and move into space as long as you don’t give him a chance on his right foot, because he is so poor on his left that when he tries to do anything he will probably mess it up’. Application I decided to look at the opposition players and only apply ‘show onto weaker foot’ in really specific circumstances, like strongly left footed opposition wingers playing on the right with poor dribbling skills where showing them onto the wrong foot either leads them to the corner flag or forces them to attempt a poor wrong-footed cross. Everyone else is left on ‘no specific instructions’. The way I see this is a bit like a manager saying ‘assume that he’ll give you a hard time on either foot so get the block or tackle in or at least get goalside as quick as possible’. Results In the (only) two games I have tried this I have bossed possession and marked opposition forwards almost out of the game. I beat Bolton 3-0 away, but I’m even more impressed with a 1-1 thrashing ( I know – super keeper) of Stoke at home. In this game I had 65% of possession and limited Stoke to 3 shots whilst I enjoyed 22 myself, 11 on target. I don’t remember Kenwyne Jones getting on the ball once in a threatening position. I conceded from a goalmouth scramble following a corner. These things happen! Conclusion Try treating ‘show onto weaker foot’ less as an afterthought and more as a meaningful and powerful instruction to your players. Only use it when there is a clear tactical need or your players will become obsessed with the instruction and fail to take more obvious steps to break up an attack like getting an early tackle in. Let me know how it goes!
  10. Being something of a minimalist.... ............................................. ............................................... ____________........................ |.........../....O|........................ |.......>--@ /..|........................ |...........\../...|______________ ............../............................. ............./............................. ........O../............................... .......-|-/................................. ........|\.................................. ............................................. .............O............................. ............\|/............................. .............|.............O............... ............/.\...........\|/.............. ............................|............... .........................../.\............. This is Junior Hoilett scoring against Petr Cech in my West Ham side's narrow 2-1 defeat to Chelsea in the FA cup Semi-Final. In the fore and middle ground can be seen Jordi Gomez and Mark Noble celebrating wildly. Note the sense of movement captured by the artist, as well as the anguish in the 'despairing dive' made by the beaten goalkeeper. Breathtaking stuff, as I am sure you will agree... The dots are rain. It was raining. If any West Ham fans would like this image as a special commemorative print, my rates are very reasonable.
  11. Hi Fredisred, can I ask - how do you get the photos in the backgroud. Is it a custom skin? Thanks!
  12. Had a really satisfying first season considering I had not played since FM07. Only made a couple of signings, mainly hopeful talents, and managed to offload LBM for 1m and Benni Mac for 750k. Had to keep Dyer unfortunately. Finished 8th in the end, helped in no small part by a storming first 1/3 of the season. Won all my home games almost until the end of November and picked up many points away. Beat Man City home and away 3-1! I also developed my own 4-1-3-2 tactic which I adapted from my FM07 career and it seems to be working well. I'd recommend signing Hoilett on loan from Blackburn and playing him as a poacher with lots of run with ball. Played him as a winger for half the season with little success but he caught fire when I moved him up front. He always seems to get on the end of through balls and bang them in. Signed him for 8m at the end of the season as he's only 20 and I think he'll be a star, he got much more than 1 in 2 when played as a striker. Anyone had any success in signing Neymar? My scouts think he'd come to the club but I've had a bid of 14m rejected.
  13. A bit of advice for anyone starting out with Blackburn: Hoilett is an average winger, but a pretty darn good striker. I loaned him in for my West Ham team because my first season budget was dire. I played him as a rotation winger before switching him to striker with a poacher role when my strikers got injured/lost form. Hoilett turned out as a bit of a surprise revalation in this position. He bagged himself considerably better than 1 in 2 and makes himself at least 2 1v1 cccs in every match due to his ability to beat the offside trap and skin defenders with his pace and dribbling. Also bagged my first and only hat trick (albeit at home v Blackpool) in my first season and helped me to a creditable 8th place, when I was expected to be in a relegation fight. I just gladly shelled out 8 Mil for the lad, he's only 20 after all and can only improve. His all round stats may not be amazing but he has an eye for goal and is brilliant as part of a counterattacking strategy. He has that combo of pace and dribbling I have looked out for since I first met the beast that was Andri Sigporsson in CM99/00!
  14. Hey I'm very surprised by that, but fair enough! My understanding was that dedicated graphics is pretty much a must for any 3D rendering, though I guess those in FM may not be glossy enough to really test modern processors, especially the I series... EDIT: however, cannot agree about what you say about the Vaio. I spend about 3 months researching laptops in the spring/summer before plumping for a I5, 4Gb system with 1Gb Mobility Radeon 5650 graphics card. This cost about £600 including VAT. At the time, in my price range, that honestly was the best value system I could find on the market, especially the E series. Other systems may look better value but if you look closely they have a weak or no graphics card. Or they advertise a 1gb gfx card for example but it is an old 4000 series Mobility Radeon that has no DirectX11 support. Vaio may seem slighly (and only slightly) higher priced but they don't seem to cut corners with any components. Yes the battery life is not amazing but there are many power saving tricks, and using a game like FM will drain battery anyway - you're going to want to be plugged in most of the time.
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