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  1. So today we tried a different laptop but without success. First we took his "normal" gaming computer. Fine at start and at some point after about 50 minutes speed for him was gone. Game very slow and opening messages really slow. We tried to switch to laptop but same problem there. Internet speed constand at around 20mbits. Not huge, but by far enough. So what have both options incommon?Steam and fm itself...any ideas???
  2. We will try a different laptop today and are keen to see whether it maybe works better. We play fm since 2014 and online since 2017. It's the first year we have that huge problems. Interesting the third guy (as well in Germany) has no problems at all. Games for the guy in switzerland take far longer than ours and loading times of news in postpox take up to minutes. Yesterday we played against each other and the game was partly freezing for up to 15-30 seconds. Thanks for your tips and effort.
  3. So I started an online game yesterday, and the game runs smooth as butter for me (host), but for the other person, the game has very bad load speeds, the actual matches run incredibly slow, and there seems to be a delay in inputs. Normally, his computer doesn't have any issues on FM, so we're very unsure what the issue is. My internet speeds are 100 MB/S download 8MB/S Upload. Any ideas? (We are 3 guys, it's smooth for the other one in the same country as the host as well)
  4. Same here. Ridiculous not testing this guys...
  5. Let us know how you get on?!Serious!?It sucks and you know it!
  6. Same here, no chance. Servers appearing seem random with any refresh. But joining any server is impossible. Absolutely unacceptable Job you did there!!!Ridiculous
  7. Or why doesn''t anyone take care of the hugest problems in the game this year?? Any response to start a discussion would be welcome!!!
  8. Hey CJ Ramson, thanks for the reply...My opinion: One on Ones still fail very very often, even when players are 5-10m central on goal they often hit the keeper. No improvement there (could give plenty of savegames). Otherhand there are too many one on ones anyway (Up to 10per dame in total). Of course it's a simulation and depends on tactics. I'd wish more chances/goals come from elsewhere. The offside thing is (of course) still a problem for the "thrill" of the game. The shots from wingers got a lot better. still not at its best as "intelligence" for crosses is still a bi
  9. and maybe another thing to add...balls deflecting from the bar are often extremely unrealistic. So in the first highlight of this game. FC St Pauli – Borussia Dortmund.pkm
  10. Hello Ramson, thanks for your feedback. After several more games I take back that it is as worse as on beta. Some more score 1 vs 1, but I feel it's like 25% now maybe. It should be 50 in my feeling (personnal opinion of course. What annoys me since fm 18 is the disallowed goal thing. I attached Bochum St Pauli for this, disallowed goal near the end. You see that Bochum players all walk backwards. So you know it's disallowed no matter VAR is needed or not. Other way round, if they walk "normal" you immediately know goal stands, no matter again whether VAR is needed. This is
  11. Full release is nothing to be proud of this time I'm sorry. Like at start of beta 1 on 1 absolutely always is shot directly on the goalkeeper. The issue of players walking backwards after goals that (will be) disallowed is never taken care of. stupid penalties from defenders and stupid clearances to corners (where it would be easily possible to clear to throw in). I hope all those things are fixed soo.
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