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  1. Your tactic looks really good TrollMeme!Would you share it? Struggling myself to create a good one for underdogs... @ Knap: your work is good and tactics work well with ManU, Arsenal etc...but not with underdog teams mostly.
  2. Sadly no big changes. Most goals come from either through balls over the defence (still) or from set pieces (and opponent have many including many cards for my team) On the other hand they just can't score.
  3. Although my players all suit there roles quite perfect, my results usually look like this: Any help really appreciated...stats always look amazing, but opponent scores with every shot on target. Could post far more stats like this. Doesn't matter whether I'm favourite or underdog.
  4. I would love to have contract talks more realistic if possible. Like in real life you cannot suggest something to a player and he answers immediately... Contract talks take time, sometimes a week, sometimes more weeks or even month. But I guess that is hard to handle?
  5. Hey together, I would like to bring up some tactic issue. To me it's a bit sad (watching all the forums) only finding successful/OP tactics which are quite unrealistic in real life. These tactics are either without striker and 3 AMC or with 3 central strikers. Both tactics don't really exist in real football life. But with these above you get results like 4-0 / 5-1 every week...Can this be "fixed" somehow? What are your personal experiences? I tried a lot of "normal" tactics like 4-2-3-1 (2 DM as the one with 2CM is not that realistic as well) or 4-4-1-1 or even 4-4-2 But all are far less powerful. I'd love fm to be realistic in this really important issue with the talent of the players being the main decisive factor and not ONLY the tactic. (like beating beating Real Madrid with Eibar 4-0 just due to tactics...) I miss some balance there and good defensive tactics which are really hard to break down. Best regards
  6. what helped last time was not actively going into the inbox after joining but continue only - as long as you get into the inbox automatically. Then it works, still we don't know why
  7. We had this issue now twice as well, seems to happen more frequently now... Even loading a two weeks older save leads to the same crash from the connecting client
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