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  1. Any member of the tech team care to guide me please?
  2. Is it possible to change kick off times for the premier leagues, for example instead of the usuall 3pm kicks change them to 7.45pm kick offs.
  3. I mean my own games. You didn't understand my question, in the premier league most teams kick off at 3pm where as in Spain most teams have a 7.45pm kick off. I wanted to know if it's possible to make the premier league games kick off at 7.45pm on the editor.
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to change fixtures from afternoon games to evening games. I prefer to watch games that are in the evening like the Spanish games on 3d match engine. Can this be done on the editor for the premier league?
  5. I would like this. For a long time now I have noticed big clubs that have bigger squads that compete in all competitions have a lot of players moan about playing time far to often. Even if you play them but rotate them after few games they Don't be content. I understand some players need to play every game but this is crazy if you want to have decent team for competing. Players get unhappy to much, eventually cutting a team of 30 players to mybe 15, and Iv had to do that to keep players from being unhappy! This is not very realistic for being champions and maintaining a strong squad. Even players with squad status of rotation don't accept being rotated. In real life you see big clubs like Man city or Chelsea have huge squads but not many will want to leave them with in 10 matches in as it is expected to have a bigger team in which you can't play week in week out. I would like to see some tweaks for higher competing teams to have less players being unhappy about playing time specially if it's on rotation. Mainly if the team is competing in every competition. I don't want to work with 15 players that are happy due to playing 40 odd matches. Surely big clubs need big squads and fighting for places. Can't be the same level as a relegation team, but this game sees it as the same. If my team is in CL the players still feel the same as if I'm in the bottom 3.
  6. Yeh i have seen tries trick too, but not seen it do any really in the 3D engine. Would be nice to see more visuals on individuals.
  7. Recently I played Pes Manager 15 on my Iphone, I was actually blown away by some of the gameplay on a hand device. Mainly the 3D gamplay. One of the features that really made me think what Fm really should have is the Training Skills for players that is used in Match engine just like Pes Manager for example teach Faints, Marseille turn, Rabona and Knucle shoot. This is a step forward from th PPM for me. Seeing Players learn tricks and molded in a certain way would be a nice addition. FM match engine is pretty nice when it comes to playing how you want but needs more skills and flair just like what we see these days in the modern game.
  8. everymatch no matter what you play is long ball over the top, the finesse shots have gone, where they would place is nicely onto corner of net. Now all shots go wide and shots look like fm 2013. Wish i didnt let it update. Game play is awful now. out of 20 shots 2 be on target come on. Aint playing again untill updated!
  9. I have noticed a lot a bugs, wanted to know if there will be an update today before the realease of the full game. Surely the full game should be a lot better than the beta.
  10. Fix the condition of 3d pitches!!!! Wheres the fm 14 pitch that was smooth and natural
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