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  1. The issue I have found is that the scottish cups use Previous Season standings to determine who is in what cup. Therefore, after the first season, it sorts itself out. I can live with one season
  2. However I want the Scottish System to still stand.
  3. I've moved the 42 Scottish clubs (plus 6 other Scottish teams) into the Level 10 database, adding two leagues which all works fine. The issue I have is that the Scottish teams in England will be in both the FA Cup and the Scottish FA Cup. Any ideas how to take them out of the Scottish one? Each Scottish side has Nation - England Based Nation - Scotland (To preserve the Scottish players coming through) Continental Nation - England I have moved the next best Scottish clubs up so that the Scottish Leagues continue, with an expected decline in the rankings.
  4. I have created a League 3 and a League 4 to the English Football League by duplicating League 2 directly below and then altering Division Status etc. The issue I am having is that when I put play offs in, I get a mismatch of teams going up to the teams coming down. I.e the team in the play offs, doesn't get picked up in the editor. Does anyone know a way of doing the play offs?
  5. Yeah same here for me lol Called and complained as the "Introductory Offer" stated it ended on 12th April but they are saying it's just the 3 year guarantee that is the offer! Emailed as well hoping to get something out of them!
  6. Cheers again guys and cheers jomo, you've even saved me a bit of money there (every little helps)
  7. This it? http://www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-ideapad-500-laptop-intel-core-i7-8gb-ram-1tb-15-6-/p2595201 So what difference does the 4gb memory make?
  8. Ok brilliant, cheers again! I reckon I'll go with the first one then!
  9. Cheers for the feedback you two, PC world do have another one for £100 more (also discounted by £100), however the only difference I see is that the processor is i7 rather than i5. Would the higher processor be worth the extra £100? http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/lenovo-ideapad-500-15-6-laptop-white-10137915-pdt.html
  10. Cheers for your reply. So would you say that my needs don't need the PC Specialist laptop then? Or is there not much between the two? Sorry for all the questions, I'm not hot with laptops and want to make sure I get one that will last a while like my current one that also provides a bit better FM capabilities
  11. How much hard drive space does your current laptop have & how much are you using? Local disk says 240gb free of 421gb. Lenovo disk free 27gb of 28.9gb. Do you already make use of cloud storage? I haven't as of yet but may consider that going forward. Although I don't feel I need that yet. Is ultra lightweight design a key factor for you? Ultra lightweight isn't a key factor but then again I'm not keen on one being bulky and heavy. Somewhere in the middle will be fine. Are you okay with waiting a couple of weeks before getting the new laptop? No problems with that at all.
  12. Cheers, although I'm a little lost when it comes to choosing exact specifications! Would you go with what the article says?
  13. Hi Guys, I'm looking to get a new laptop after having my Lenovo Z570 i3 for 4 years and had no problems, however it's started to slow up in recent months so fancy a change. The one I have I use for general internet browsing, a bit of college work and FM. With FM, the laptop can probably stretch to maybe Full English and Scottish leagues, and then top 2 leagues for Spain and Germany and still be pretty decent (although the 3d mode can sometimes be jumpy when background bits are going on). I also like to sim forward a few years to start in the future. When I get a new laptop, I'd kind of like to be able to add more leagues and still get fast processing using 3d mode. My budget is really around £500.00 but if you lot think a bit more might need to be spent, I could stretch it a bit further. I have found this, simply because I like Lenovo laptops, would it be any good? http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/lenovo-ideapad-500-15-6-laptop-white-10137914-pdt.html
  14. Yeah I did that with the L2N/L2S. I managed to sort it with no play offs so it was just 3 up 3 down from each league. The play offs were the bit causing a headache. But I didn't like that the play offs were'n there. The main reason why I didn't want to start from scratch was because I wanted to keep all the TV deals, solidarity payments etc still in there. I have given up now
  15. But you can't add a second division to League 2 and Vanarama National League
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