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  1. Hi Ross, Are you still generating these in the same way as you did in 2016 through the editor? cheers
  2. Just started my first save in spain. Got some good youngsters in the b team. Is it best to to move them over to my u19s or leave them where they are? Cheers
  3. do these changes apply to my saves from before the update?cheers
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Where can i download the fix for the German team names and get the team logos in too? I managed to find one for fm15 but cant for 16. cheers
  5. how we getting on with dartford? can u upload yet?
  6. Money to invest in the youth!! Look forward to it.
  7. how are you playing as these when they're not yet in vanarama?
  8. ive had about 3/4 tycoon takeovers fail now. is there any other attributes of the chairman that can be edited to make them more useful for the takeover?? the most common reason seems to be the tycoon is disappointed that documents have not been provided.
  9. I've just logged on to ask that question!! Having had a quick look at top club finances it doesn't look like it to me. I think China means business and it would be fun to play a save there if the finances were updated to reflect this.
  10. Yeh. Keep trying but no luck so far.
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