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  1. Had a decent start on the football side of things, 7th at the winter break, Beister has been amazing for us, however financially this is really difficult. Board has decreased wage budget in January 2015 from 765k per week to 635k a week. Can't even afford a loan deal in the January window. Any advice on the finances? Does it get better?
  2. Oh, I'm sure in previous versions of FM, they've been called Schalke not Gelsenkirchen... must just be my memory!
  3. Probably been covered elsewhere, but why are Schalke 04 called Gelsenkirchen of Fm15? Did SI lose the rights?
  4. Started a file on 15.1.1 at the weekend, does the file automatically switch to 15.1.3 or do I have to start a new file?
  5. Some positives about game, but far too many goals. In the Conference as Lincoln getting loads of crazy scorelines 6-4, 4-4, 5-3. Kept one clean sheet in the past 15 games, the scorelines seem a bit over the top in all leagues tbh
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