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  1. There are 30 fouls there. That’s 30 FK and opportunities to get the ball into the box. How did they score their goals? If they push more men up, you may have to drop more back into the box to defend set pieces. SUS is relatively simple (at least how I do it), drop player mentalities, waste time, regroup, gk slow pace down, stay on feet, play for set pieces etc. Of course, you can’t hang on for ages!
  2. I believe you should set yourself responsible for OI but do not use any as they affect the tactic. I also believe training is left to AM.
  3. It is on the Google Sheet. See first post in thread for link.
  4. @maxchaplin55 Hoping to add that when I get chance. You should search for ‘wwfan’ posts from years ago and the tactical theory frameworks that were published (I think it was 07 or 09). A lot has changed since then, but a lot is likely to still be the same under the hood. I’m (very) happy to be corrected by an ‘expert’ but I look simply at mentality and link it back to forward passes i.e. a player on a higher mentality will look to make forward passes more often. I guess this can be thought of as risk, if he is always looking to move the ball forward and risk losing possession, especially if there is no one in a good position to pass to. A player on a lower mentality will look to pass sideways and keep possession. With this simple idea, it is not hard to see why it can be hard to breakdown teams (Mourinho at Man Utd). I believe mentality also links back to vertical position on the pitch. You need to be higher up the pitch to break teams down who sit deep, but as always it is a balance against being caught out so keeping some players on a lower mentality to watch out for counters. Again, my views and happy to be corrected by an ‘expert’.
  5. Coincidentally I have been thinking about this recently and posted some thoughts and analysis here: https://randomfmstuff.wordpress.com/mentality/
  6. I’ve just noticed centre-back is taking throw-ins instead of right-back. (Been playing 25 years...everyone set up correctly)
  7. An area of the pitch is being highlighted incorrectly in my opinion. The tactic is symmetrical so see no reason why? Doesn't matter which players is in the role, but it is almost like DMRC is being ignored.
  8. I think this is related to the general team training, not individual. Happens to me as I usually use attacking team training. Switch to balanced/defensive and they’ll become happier.
  9. I usually play BPD (Defend) but switching one to vanilla CD (Cover) also helped me.
  10. I was surprised I did so well, started quite poorly but form improved as the season went on and steadily climbed the table and sneaked in play-offs. Lost to WBA who finished 3rd and miles ahead of 4th, so no great surprise. Just a simple 442. Started 2nd season well, Chong and Brewster are doing great. Gelherdt went about 10 hours without scoring, but has now started to score again. Don't like how small and weak my squad is though, poor management on my behalf, but the board not releasing the cash I've raised to strengthen has not helped! Finances are really poor and players approaching the end of contracts are wanting big rises. Imagine I'll have to sell Gelherdt (worth £12M but minimum fee of £25M and plenty Premiership clubs interested) but will be screwed as Brewster is only on loan and Kieffer Moore is rubbish (don't think Target Man works at all in FM20). In real-life we are in a bad position - seem to play well most games but as soon as we concede we collapse. Real lack of confidence. I think in FM-speak we lack determination and leadership!
  11. Will have another look, but don't think it is anything to do with the photo. The 3D avatar is fine and the 2D images have been fine in other games.
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