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  1. There is an issue in the turkish league about league wins doesn´t get credited to the managers achivments. You can read more about this in the bugs forum, turkish league specific thread. SI is looking into this issue at the moment I belive for a possible fix soon, we hope.
  2. I want to say thank you to Olly Kenney that replied to us in the turkish league specific issues thread. His statement made me hopefull for a fix for this issue and he showed us that he and SI care about this and us. Thank you Olly and SI.
  3. Can we please not be ignored and get a decent answer about this issue. At least SI tell us why you couldn´t fix this, even if you said you will. We paid for this game and want to enjoy it fully. Now when we can´t enjoy to play this game, we at least deserve a good answer and responsible action from SI, I belive. Is this issue effecting gameplay seriously or is it just a cosmetic issue where the league wins can´t be seen in the manager achivments screen? Can you please tell us all about this so we can figure it out if it is worth to even play in the turkish league?
  4. Hello! I, along with many other FM fans (especially thoso who play in the turkish and greek league) was really happy when SI released a hotfix some days ago. We thought that the issues were solved and now we would really enjoy playing this game. BUT NOT! The turkish issue was like this; after the 1st season and further on no league wins was credited to the winning managers and players. The number of league wins didn´t increase for managers and players in their history and achivments sections. Also no news appared for your team for winning the league when the season was finished. And then the 12.2.1 patch arrived and finally we thought this issue was fixed. SI stated like this in the changelist for this latest patch; - Fixed issue where winning the Turkish Premier League is not credited Now, some days later and some tests after we can see that NOTHING has been fixed really. The issue are still there. You can follow those who have tested if this issue was fixed here in the bug forum, turkish league specific issues thread - > http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/276541-Turkey-(Official)-League-Specific-Issues One game-player has written --- " started a game and simmed ahead to 2016 and no "League wins" credited to any winning manager except in the first playoff season (and even then, nothing in the biography). As far as I can see there's been no fix. Quite odd. No green bar at the top of the league, and no C marker given to the team in 1st at the end of the season either" --- So now I wonder, why is this issue not fixed? Yet SI said it is but it is not! So what have you guys really fixed then as you have stated in the changelist? SI please tell us what is fixed and what is not, and why? With all my respect and regards. Thank you
  5. Hi guys. The turkish issue seems not to be fixed. Can you please tell us why? We ran some holiday games to see if it fixed, but still no records in the manager and player history and achivments. And still no news update when your team gets champions after 1st season.
  6. Thank you SI for the fixes. I knew you could fix these big issues if you wanted to and you guys did! You are great for not letting us FM fans down! Thank you
  7. The issue for the turksih league is there even when you start a new game. Hope for a fix.
  8. Turkish league has a foregin rule as 6+2+free i belive. You can have free amount of foreig players in the squad, but only 8 can be in the match squad and only 6 of them on the pitch at same time.
  9. Hello guys. Is there some good news about fixing the issues in the turkish and greek league?
  10. Okay mate, but your way of saying it isnt nice. I belive you understand that too. But it is ok anyway cheers.
  11. I play only the turkish league. I have done it in all FM versions. So you dont think I´ve got the same right as you to enjoy this game. I have paid as much as you have for this game, but you say that you can enjoy it fully and it is OK that I cant enjoy it at all? How can you say something like that it isnt a major issue? For me IT IS!
  12. I will look around about things that is said about the turkish problem, hera around and at the turksish research site. I will be back evening. I really trust and hope SI will do something.
  13. Neil from SI only told that he/they was looking into the bug yesterday. I HOPE for a fix really, and hope SI will be kind and to it for us. Along with other fixes. As you say, there is no idea of playing the turkish league this way it is.
  14. With major bugs that makes the game so much less enjoyful to play, it is a dissapointment to hear there are no coming patches. I am thinking of the bug in the turkish league. Thanks for answer anyway.
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